Inateck Bluetooth Weatherproof Headphones, solid sound at a budget-friendly price

Bluetooth headphones offer a level of convenience and safety making them a popular accessory for your Windows Phone or PC. Inateck offers a weatherproof set of headphones that offer quality sound at a budget-friendly price.

The Inateck Bluetooth Weatherproof Stereo Headphones (model BH1001) provides APT-X sound technology in an ergonomically designed package. The stereo headphones also sport noise cancellation technology, sweatproof design and a core set of hands-free calling features.

Priced at $29.99 through, the headphones are an appealing option to consider and well suited for the gym, around the house or while you are out and about.

The design of the Inateck Bluetooth Weatherproof Stereo Headphones has the two earbuds connected by a 21-inch cable. A few inches down the wire, from the right earbud, you will find a control panel that holds a multi-function button, volume/directional buttons, an LED indicator and a microphone.

Inateck Weatherproof Headphones

The earbuds are a little on the large size but lightweight and comfortable to wear. A micro-USB port is on the right earbud to accommodate charging. The finish on the earbuds is a metallic gray that does look good but is a fingerprint magnet.

Speaking of magnets, the tips of each earbud with the Inateck Bluetooth Weatherproof Stereo Headphones to allow them to connect to one another. When worn, this creates a headphone necklace of sorts to create a convenient carry method when the headphones are not in use. This is similar to what we found with the Mpow Magneto headphones, except the magnetic connection with the Inateck has no functionality beyond being a handy carry method (the Mpow would answer a call when separated).

Inateck Weatherproof Headphones

As far as fit and feel are concerned, the Inateck headphones were a bit on the bulky side but did not weigh me down. The wide backing is likely due to the size of the magnets. The headphones' fit is secure enough for walking around town or hitting the treadmill.

The Inateck headphones come packaged with a few rubber earplugs of varying sizes, a micro-USB charging cable, a user manual and a zipper carrying case.

The control panel on the headphones controls all of the functionality that includes:

  • Powering up or down the headphones
  • Start/Pause audio playback
  • Answer/End/Reject Calls
  • Advance or replay songs
  • Initiate Bluetooth pairing

Pairing is initiated by pressing the multi-function button until the LED indicator flashes red and blue. From there you simply complete the pairing steps from your Windows Phone or PC. Answering calls can be accomplished by tapping the multi-function button or by answering the call from your phone. Audio playback is paused for incoming calls.

Inateck Weatherproof Headphones

Sound quality was good and par with your average set of headphones. The quality won't knock your socks off but won't make you regret the purchase either. Call quality was equally nice with callers hearing me fine through the microphone using a normal tone and volume.

The Inateck sports a 100mAH battery that is rated at 200 hours of standby time and 8 hours of talk time. My test of the Inateck spanned about three days, with moderate use, and I did not see the LED indicator alert me of a low battery.

The "weatherproof" status allows the headphones to survive light rain or sweat, as opposed to hurricane conditions. The Inateck headphones are not submergible, and it may have been more accurate to describe them as 'sports headphones" instead of "weatherproof headphones".

Inateck Weatherproof Headphones

At the end of the day, the Inateck headphones are an economical accessory to consider for those looking for a basic set of Bluetooth headphones. The headphone features are a bit on the primary side and lack traditional options such as last number redial or connecting to Cortana. I did like the magnetic catch of the Inateck headphones. I made them convenient to carry while on standby in situations such as driving, grabbing a bite to eat, after hitting the treadmill or just walking around town.

The Inateck Bluetooth Weatherproof Stereo Headphones are currently priced at $29.99 and are available through

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