State Bank of India launches much-awaited State Bank Anywhere on Windows Phone

India's largest government-owned commercial bank — State Bank of India — has finally made its State Bank Anywhere app available on Windows Phone. The service allows SBI customers to access their banking accounts on the go, allowing a wealth of functionality such as funds transfer to internal and external bank accounts, IMPS fund transfer, credit card, bill and DTH payments along with mobile recharges.

To sync your banking account with the Windows Phone app, you have to go to the SBI's website and activate the handset. That is done by navigating to, logging in to your account, heading to the Account Summary tab and clicking on Windows App Registration.

Version of State Bank Anywhere has the following features, per the changelog on the Windows Phone Store:

My Accounts

  • Show case overview of 4 account variant (Transaction / Deposit /Loan / PPF)
  • Selection of account number
  • Detailed account information
  • Mini Statement (Last 10 transactions)


  • Funds Transfer (Own A/c)
  • Intra-Bank (Within SBI) Transfer
  • Inter-Bank (Other Bank) Transfer (NEFT/State Bank Group Transfer)
  • Credit Card (VISA) Transfer
  • IMPS Transfer (Person to Person/Person to Account)
  • Fixed Deposit
  • Recurring Deposit
  • ATM Card Blocking
  • Cheque Book Request
  • Call Us

Bill Payments

  • With Bill
  • Without Bill
  • View Biller
  • Scheduled Bill

Top-up and Recharge

  • Mobile Top-up
  • DTH Recharge
  • Transaction Enquiry

With the launch of State Bank Anywhere, SBI has a full-fledged suite of services available on Windows Phone. Download State Bank Anywhere from the link below, and share your thoughts on how you like the app in the comments.

Download State Bank Anywhere for Windows Phone 8 (free)

QR: State Bank Anywhere

Thanks for the tip Aniruddh!

  • Way to go Indian banks!
  • Finally after repeated mails to SBI they made it.... But I can't see m-passbook feature.
  • SBI had their banking app earlier too .!! Will try this one too it seems more promising and better
  • Sbi freedom was there. But this offers all the features of internet banking unlike previous one.
  • Okkkk thnx for d info :) but can u tell whts more specifically funds transfer mobile topup etc. Was there in previous app too .?? Handling demat acc. Too supported and that app has a better UI too
  • Yes I agree that UI is better for freedom, but this a ported app from android. we can access more than one account here. Fixed and RD deposit, check book request, loan and PPF account all not there in previous app.
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  • With Denim update DBS and Citibank work well with IE now.
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  • Same in the US
  • Hey I'm from Singapore too. Very frustrating. However Maybank does have an app.
  • I will download just to show support... It's good to have as many bank apps as possible. Cos that's essential for our platform
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  • +520 and 1st thing i m going to do is to give this app 5 star.. No matter how it performs
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  • Potential Future Updates.
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  • I love this news.
  • SBI good job
  • It's useful. Indians are more happier than rest of the world.
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  • Lol!! It's only yesterday i saw the registration link in my account and wondered what it was for.. :p
  • It was there since last two to three weeks.
  • While banks in the US are withdrawing their apps, support for WP is growing in India... It's high time MS stop with the US exclusives & move global
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  • In UK all major banks have WP apps as well.
    What's wrong with US?
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  • Exactly. They also added SBI card app for credit cards.
  • I really hope banks here in PH put out Windows Apps
  • BDO should make one.
  • I've even made on online petition on for bpi express online. But nah, we have only less than 200 sign ins. Please like and share it #WeNeedPhilippineBasedBankingApps
  • One question about the article. How many central banks does India have?
    I was of the opinion that a country has just one central bank.
  • Guessing he means largest bank under the control of Central Government of India
  • Only one i.e. RBI(Reserve Bank of India). State Bank is one of the nationalized(Govt of India undertaking) bank.
  • The State Bank of India is a government-owned commercial bank, not a central bank.
  • That's true. Changed the wording to reflect that. Thanks!
  • Gonna be of great help for me! :)
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  • Life is more easier now
  • Excellent UI and its very fast too
  • The ICICI app is pretty useful too. Btw I couldn't find an banking app for ICICI on android, did WP beat android to it?
  • HDFC rocks. Best bank ever.
  • Of late, I am unable to log in using ICICI wp app
  • ICICI apps are by the title iMobile...
  • Finally...... Great news as being a SBI customer.
  • Good.. Now waiting for the their Trading app... SBI smart..
  • Nice to get this app finally. Downloaded and is working fine. But it is a iPhone apps clone. Would like to see it updated to become a native WP app!!
  • Axis Bank's app is the best i feel among all banks' all platforms
  • Their service sucks hard. Really even the employees. The employee blindly stamped on the check which she shouldn't have done.
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  • Atlast... Sbi listened!!! I'm happy both my banks (Axis & SBI) have their dedicated and useful apps now. :)
  • App icon is so cheap otherwise perfect app.
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  • Well!!! Has anybody tried it yet? Is it working? I logged-in to my SBI account online and notice a 'Windows registration' tab on the left side of the site. It asked for a One-Time password from where I have no idea to get that from. I installed the app in my phone and it asked for my banking username and password, but it tells me try later.  Is the app still in work progress?   
  • I am using it successfully. First activate the application login from website, then simply use the app. App is very much impressive in its first version. All the basic functionality are available and working fine.
    Few days back State bank also launched SBI card app.
  • Must be nice to have banks support on Windows phones :) Sen from my Windows 10 TP phone. NL1520
  • You don't have to LOL to bring it to India. ..... Btw, India is perhaps making history as far as Windows Phone is concerned. Do you have any problem with it ?
  • Nice app. To use. But I dint find option to see the ac statement and transaction history. I gues its missing in this app.
  • I have a woeful relationship with SBI. But that wouldn't stop me from using this app as it gives me access to all of their internet banking anywhere. Cheers SBI for bringing albeit late.