inXile Entertainment expanding by 30 percent, working on another unannounced game

Wasteland 3
Wasteland 3

At X018 in Mexico City, Microsoft announced that it had acquired inXile Entertainment and Obsidian Entertainment. The company's first-party portfolio has been severely lacking in recent years compared to Nintendo and Sony. While these companies have released stellar exclusives like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, and God of War, Microsoft has only managed to break into the elusive "90" Metacritic club with Forza Horizon 3 and Forza Horizon 4. Hopefully inXile and Obsidian will be able to release quality role-playing games in the near future.

In an interview between inXile's Brian Fargo and Eurogamer, the former discussed what the Microsoft acquisition meant, hiring more people, and plans for other games. Fargo said the following.

In the short-term we talk about increasing it thirty percent or so. We're not trying to become multi-hundred-person teams, but just filling the holes we've been desperately wanting to... a full-time audio person... a full-time lighting person... a cinematics person... They were interested in us because we are a self-sufficient company that can do good product without hand-holding which they could see, with a little extra resource, could really be pushed up a notch... we've had a project in development for some time we haven't announced that they're quite keen on, so we'll be looking at that... Evaluating how we could make it better.

It's great to see that inXile has another project in development aside from Wasteland 3. The future is definitely looking like an interesting time for Microsoft's first-party line-up. Hopefully the teams can deliver incredible titles like those produced by the competition.

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  • I hope some of these studios have some work in progress titles that will be ready within the next couple of years. No point buying all these studios if it's going to be 5 years plus before we see any fruits of all these acquisitions.
  • If you look up the pace at which Inxile pumps out games, they should be fine. Obsidian is on a two year cycle normally. Inxile seems like they do multiple a year. It's Compulsion and Undead Labs that I'm worried about. Compulsion has only put out one game. And Undead Labs has only put out two, with years inbetween them.
  • It's spelled "InXile" guys. Come on.
  • Hm? That's how they capitalize it on their site :)
  • In a few places it autocorrected to in Exile. I fixed it. It's just inXile which Microsoft Word has a hard time understanding.
  • LOL another blunder by this author.
  • I would love to see someone crank out another decent Space RTS like Sins of a Solar Empire. Something that isn't turn or card based either.
  • Exactly. I want a first-person open world role-playing game to be honest. But then again, I think that Obsidian would be better for that.
  • That'd be rad.