Infinite Game Stream, a Windows Phone 8 client for

Infinite Game Stream is a straightforward Windows Phone 8 client app for (opens in new tab).  What is you ask?  Twitch is a leading video platform and community for gamers. provides content on gaming strategy, development and industry news.

Infinite Game Stream brings all the goodness of Twitch to your Windows Phone 8 device with the ability to stream videos and join chat rooms on your favorite video games.  Infinite Game Stream is a nicely laid out app but a few performance bugs holds this app back.

Infinite Game Stream's Main Pages

The main pages for Infinite Game Stream include:

  • Game Page that sorts content by gaming title
  • Streams Page that appears to list the most current content
  • Twitter feed page for @TwitchTV
  • Settings Page

You do need to register at Twitch to make the most of Infinite Game Stream.  It is best to register through Twitch’s website because the account set-up within Infinite Game Stream asks for a correct phrase in the Captcha (opens in new tab) fields (verification) but fails to display the Captcha fields.

Once registered and logged in through Infinite Game Stream you can stream videos on the latest games, view podcasts, and chat with other gamers.  Video streams with chat rooms can be maximized to full screen if you don’t care too much about the chatter going on.

Infinite Game Stream Streaming Content

I did experience a few issues in using Infinite Game Stream.  While streaming content loaded promptly from the Streams Page, I could not get content from the Game Page to load.  I am not sure if it is an issue of blocking the content or a bug in the app.  Then there is the issue preventing you from creating a Twitch account from within the app.  While you can work around the latter, the inability to pull up content from the Game Page is rather frustrating.

Infinite Game Stream is not an app that will appeal to everyone.  For those who frequent, I can see the app coming in handy but until the bugs can be ironed out many will find the app more on the frustrating side.  Hopefully the issues can be resolved with a simple app update.

Infinite Game Stream is a free app that is available for Windows Phone 8 devices.  You can find Infinite Game Stream here (opens in new tab) in the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Infinite Game Stream

George Ponder

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • Twitch has a great X1 app, I don't know why they won't port it over to W8.1 and WP8, can't be that difficult. Oh well third party apps it is for now, at least my Surface can just use the website.
  • Probably not enough demand for it on WP8 or W8?
  • So which is better this or livegaming app?
  • Livegaming is much better by far, this has nowhere near the same amount of features. Hopefully itll improve though!
  • I don't think so, LG is very buggy and slow, always saying "ofline" when the truth is that it's online, slow charging videos too.
  • so the api replying that the mobile stream is not available is the apps fault. makes sense
  • lol. yea livegaming much better. best twitch app imo for wp
  • Greatly done will consider it. At first glance LG app seems more functional.
  • -_- LG ... I thought LG (Life's Good) released a twitch TV app...
  • Haha, no, was talking about Live Gaming app.
  • 'Game Streams' is great for the Surface if anyone's looking for a Twitch client on RT. They launched in December and have already updated it multiple times to include features I requested. 
  • Thanks for the headsup didn know about that app at all.
  • Hi ! Thanks for your feedbacks ! All these bugs are already fixed, the update is coming soon !
  • Hi ! Why can't we have VOD support on wp twitch apps ? I just want to watch GSL everywhere =(
  • That's great to hear! Any new features being added? I can think of a few that would be good!
  • I thought it is Skyforce game !! Because skyforce publisher's first name is Infinite. It is "infinite dreams".
  • This app has potential, needs some bug fixes and a few new features before it'll be on par with livegaming however
  • Please, send me your ideas and suggestions at ! Thanks :)
  • Livegaming is better imo
  • Just downloaded. Maybe I can watch my cousin and his team play now.
  • games tv is way better then all, they have a favorite list, that lets you save your favorite games. so dont have to go to games category to find the game your looking for again.
  • prefer livegaming by a lot