The Microsoft Band-supported inKin fitness service is working on a Windows app

inKin wants to link up family, friends and co-workers up to its fitness-themed social service. Naturally, it is working on apps for iOS and Android, and in an email to users it revealed it is working on a Windows-based app as well.

Unfortunately, that's all we know about the Windows app; the email did not state if it will be just for PC users, Windows 10 Mobile owners or both. It also didn't include a list of features, nor a specific release date.

So what is inKin, exactly? Here's what its official website says:

"inKin Social Fitness Platform is a free service that allows you to connect with friends, relatives and coworkers with different fitness devices and apps.""We created inKin because we realized that people who use fitness trackers couldn't view each other's results and achievements, and challenge and compete with each other. Users would have to either buy fitness wearables that his or her friends were already using, or convince them to switch to the preferred brand, which is even harder."

InKin supports a number of different fitness devices from companies like Fitbit, Jawbone. Misfit and others. It recently added support for both versions of the Microsoft Band device.

Thanks to Chuck for the tip!

John Callaham
  • Is it possible to show data from fitbit in microsoft health with this app?
  • No, it doesn't make your data from one platform show in another ones app, but it allows you to see through their website(or app soon) what your friends with fitbit/jawbone etc are doing.
  • Sounds like a good idea for my family. My 3 teenage daughters have Fitbits, wife has Apple watch and I have Microsoft Band 2.
  • Ink in is great. We use it in our family as I have a band 2, wife had a charge hr and my son has my old surge and we have a Fitbit scales.
    The only downside so far is that in kin doesn't pull activities from the band but does from the Fitbit.
  • Hows the fitbit scales working with the band 2?
  • I tipped this a week ago to you guys haha. Glad to see your covering it now though
  • Sorry to steal your thunder :/
  • Ink in is great and there is an windows phone app in the making. I know as they are sending me the beta app as soon as its ready :)
  • Good news. They should change their name though, sound too much like LinkedIn.
  • Sweet
  • Microsoft is back with the KIN, eh?
  • I replied to my beta invite that I am a WM user and will wait to test the app when it comes out, just got a reply  " Thanks for your reply. I will notify you when it's ready"