Solve math equations and more with Office Mobile app updates for Windows 10 Insiders

Microsoft has released new updates for the Word, Excel, and OneNote Office Mobile apps for Windows 10 on tablets and phones as part of the Windows and Office Insider programs.

The Insider update has the version number of 17.7167. If you are a member of both the Windows and Office Insider programs, here's a quick look at the major new additions for the Office Mobile apps:

  • Format cells as special data types in Excel Mobile - Improve readability by formatting numbers as zip code, phone number, or Social Security number. (This feature is available in EN-US only.)
  • Math made easy with OneNote on Windows tablet - Write out an equation, and OneNote will help you solve it step-by-step. It's like having your own Math coach.
  • Editable ink for all your OneNote needs on Windows tablet - Change your ink's thickness and color even after the ink has dried.

A full list of what's new and improved with the apps can be found on the Office Insider website:

Download Word from Windows Store

QR: Word

Download Excel from Windows Store

QR: Excel

Download PowerPoint from Windows Store

QR: PowerPoint

Download OneNote from Windows Store

QR: OneNote

John Callaham