Instagram is bringing live video to Stories

It's been teased before, but Instagram has now officially announced that live video streaming is coming to the popular photo-sharing app. Instagram made things official in a blog post, stating that you'll be able to start broadcasting video right from Instagram Stories.

From Instagram:

It's easy to go live — just swipe right from feed to open the camera, tap the "Start Live Video" button and start sharing for up to an hour. Your friends may get a notification when you go live so they can tune in. While you're live, you can pin a comment for everyone to see or turn comments off altogether.

Once you go live, your people who follows you will see the word "Live" underneath your profile picture up in the Stories bar. From there, they can tap to tune in and start commenting and showering you with likes.

On top of live video, Instagram has also announced it's taking a step closer to Snapchat territory with disappearing photos and videos in Instagram Direct. You'll now be able to snap a photo or video, mark it up and send it off to a friend (or group of friends) where it will disappear after they view it. Of course, like Snapchat, you'll get a notification if a friend replays or screenshots what you send them.

Instagram says that live video will start rolling out over "the net few weeks," while disappearing messages will start rolling out now. There's no word on whether the Windows app will see the updates (or when), but it seems likely. We'll update you if and when the features do start rolling out to the Windows app.

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  • Hopefully the Windows app gets updated as quickly as the Apple and Android version.
    Otherwise it would seem like developers are not interested in the platform and all the haters will cry out loud.
  • W10M/WP Heading for 0% marketshare, why exactly would developers be interested again?
  • So when they do, you'll come back and say you were wrong?
  • Oh please stop.
  • Even IF W10M went to 0% (which I doubt), Instagram is still a UWP very present on Windows 10 Desktop (present in 23% of all computers and growing). Live video from the desktop to Instagram sounds like a great way to go, and I think Instagram probably thinks the same way. 
  • Interesting to see how Facebook/ Instagram is picking off Snapchat features one by one. I have many more friends connected on Instagram and Facebook than Snapchat so I'm more inclined to use their version.
  • I, a Windows Phone user haven't tried Snapchat. It's Coool that Facebook and Instagram do that.
  • I'm still waiting on live video for's on pc already bring it to mobile wtf... Oh yea RIP Snapchat
  • Exactly!! It's as if they don't realize it's not on mobile.
  • Hey sepd can we private msg about the Alcatel@ or tweet me @cestnoelito
  • Sure send me a message on here or @sedp23
  • I go so hot and cold with the 'gram. I like the photo sharing aspect of it, and I hope these other features don't become a distraction. 
  • "Instagram Live" W10M app will be greatly appreciated, since we can't seem to get the "Live" feature on Facebook mobile app. I also love the fact that they're giving an hour time limit.
  • If they would copy the video filters that Snapchat uses, then Snapchat would die in a matter of weeks! Everyone uses the dog tongue, lizard tongue, and flower filters to post the vids on Instagram anyway.
  • That is AwwwwwwFUL
  • Whoa there cowgirl lets not plan for funerals just yet, snap is about to go public
  • I've updated Instagram and I can't see the live video feature...
  • Read the last paragraph. Feature isn't rolled out yet.
  • It's not out yet read the article
  • Cant even upload a video in this app. Not recorded using Instagrams camera but the windows camera.
  • Hopefully the Instagram Direct disappearing text/photos are an option for a Direct Message and not the new standard.
  • I'm getting old. I don't see the point in Instagram and Snapchat. All these features are so useless.
  • Good for you :)
  • Death to Snapchat! ;)