Instagram hits 300 million monthly active users, adds verified accounts

Instagram has crossed the 300 million active monthly users line and is today adding support for verified users to the square photo social network. That 300 million threshold actually puts Instagram as having a larger monthly audience than Twitter, certainly explaining why Facebook was willing to pay $1 billion for the service.

But those verified accounts? It's all about being sure that who you're following is really who you're following:

People ask, 'When it comes to public figures and brands, how do I know that the people I discover on Instagram are really who they say they are? How do I know that this person really is Tony Hawk?'Today, we're excited to announce verified badges for celebrities, athletes and brands, making it easier for you to connect with the authentic accounts you're looking for. These badges will start rolling out over the coming days.

Additionally, Instagram has been going through and purging spammy accounts "on an ongoing basis," including deactivating and deleting such accounts (so you might see a dip in your follower count if you happen to be followed by a lot, and Instagram will send you a notification to that effect).

Source: Instagram

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Derek Kessler

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  • And yet WP app still in beta
  • And 6tag is still the best instagram app on all platforms...
  • I was thinking the same thing. When will this be out of Beta?? So so slow progress is on WP. And why no video or direct messages like 6Tag can do??  
  • I want to be able to upload vids from the camera roll... :(
  • I upload my videos from camera roll using movie maker Windows Phone and buy plugin upload instagram
  • And more than a year without an update
  • Instagram imma let you finish But 6tag is the best app for instagram on Windows phone
  • So, there's an update? Finally? (I don't use instagram)
  • I wouldn't count on it.
  • Last update was seven months ago.Don't hold your breath on any update coming anytime soon.Instagram doesn't even show the app on their website.
  • Last update was almost 9 months ago, and it was a simply bug fix. Basically, the app hasn't been updated in a year.
  • Yep,went to the store and last update was March 22 2014.Wonder if Microsoft will pull this app in three months due to their new store policy.
  • Microsoft technically should but it wouldn't be smart
  • First get this app off beta, then we will talk
  • but in WP app still in beta....
  • I hate to be the "complainer"
    But Rudy Huyn > The entire Instagram team.
  • Why do u hate complaining?? Complaining is all we people do at windows central!!! Its great fun to indulge in:) or else where would wp be in the future if not for us 'complainers'
  • The official app works well, for the few features it has
  • 6tag >>>>>>>>> all official instagram clients...
  • 6tag is still better
  • Much better. Beating instagram at their own game.
  • 6tag isn't that good. I never get any notifications from the app. I have to open the app to see new notifications if any.
  • Maybe you need to check your settings because I get a nice little ring whenever someone likes or starts to follow.
  • I definitely prefer it, but I also have notifications turned off. I dont want to see them except when I'm in the app.
  • That's BC it only notifies every 30 min. 6tag has issues posting large png files as well. The official app is still better than 6tag by a long shot, better image quality and waaaay better notifications.
  • 6tag isn't even optimized for 8.1 .It runs like crap on my phone.Instagram Beta is better.
  • Please update this app! IOS and Android received an update every week...
  • Language!
  • Sorry...
  • Instagram 'BETA'
  • I'd like some updates and feature parity we are the third largest platform and growing
  • Third largest cus there is not any other OS market right now? Well yeah then.
  • 2.7% hardly qualifies as a platform when compared to the 70+% of android. And since not all WP users will use instagram in reality we are talking about an even lower number. Hardly surprising they dont bother with their WP app.
  • get out of beta, plz
  • If Microsoft can't convince developers to make a WP version I'll say goodbye to Windows Phone for an iPhone and I'll get every app sooner than WP. (even Microsoft apps)
  • Lol, what a threat, you tell them!
  • You need to understand that many feel the same way. WP market share went down from last year.
  • We should Riot!! Or maybe have Microsoft agree to release updates for their own apps on their own platforms maybe around 1 month before they release the update elsewhere!
  • Enjoy a crappy boring OS then.
  • Or enjoy Microsoft's fluid OS with beta and awful apps.
  • OS>Apps. that's why I'm on WP
  • OS = Apps ; you just have to know how much you need of each.
  • OS +apps then its ccol
    Currently we are OS not too much apps but many of the apps are there nd much better in use than other platforms or atleast we have substitute better than original ;)
  • OS is good even great in some cases. It's the apps which need fixing.BTW android apps aren't better in every way than WP apps. There are a lot of unnecessary, malicious, malware and lagging apps in Google play.
  • There are a lot of unnecessary and fake apps on WP store too and MS don't want to delete them because they want to increase number of apps not quality of apps!
  • I think the current apps is quite good(some are 10x better than Android OS n IOS) but WP platform really lack of good games. Besides that , lack of support form developer are also the major problems. Microsoft can't compete with Android OS n IOS unless they work 100x harder for WP OS.
  • Your right about that.WP store also has many unnecessary apps too but not as much as android store.
  • I also found out that some apps are ridiculous(fail).
  • Me too. Some apps are as ridiculous as if they do nothing.
  • @mrz95. Need one say any more?
  • Informative article.WP store shouldn't become like the malware and scam infested android store.
  • There is more than 1500 junk apps on the WP store. Still there is thousands of junk apps on the store.
  • Good bye, but go out soon please.
  • @mrz95 sorry to see you go but the door is wide open for you to go. Bye now LOL!
  • Don't worry I'm not going anywhere until Microsoft releases Windows 10.
    Still I hope Microsoft will fix this!
  • Me too. I still have faith in Windows Phone OS. Lol. But I planning to buy an Android phone, Nexus 6 maybe. Using dual OS. Hehe. WP OS n Android OS. IPhone is too premium at their price.
  • Great news no ambiguity over who you're following anymore, about time
  • Without Rudy , no one carrying a WP device will use instagram ... They are shit (instagram team) ! Why our app is still in beta and is sooooo far behind android and IOS version Thanks again Rudy you're awesome !
  • Rudy starting to become a celebrity.
  • Will he receive a badge?
  • I really don't care about such thing,if the official app is still in beta or you can that crap is outdated,like any other official apps on WP.
  • The reason why I'm holding windows phone is waiting for windows 10 , If it was shit and no official apps came to WP store , ill be breaking my 820 to shreds!
  • Please give it to me, instead of breaking it.
  • Same here, I'll switch to android if nothing's gonna happen
  • @yahin_malkawi @sanjayt_17 goodbye then to both of you!
  • Awesome.  I hate the fact that I have spam junky followers.  There is no way to make then unfollow you, so hopefully IG cleans that up for me. 
  • +1. I report all such followers right away, and block them too.
  • Are they good at removing these spam accounts after you report them?
  • Dude just block them
  • I do block them.  But they are not removed from my list of followers.  Because I am on Instagram as a business, I need to have somewhat reliable data on how many people I am engaging.  These fake spam accounts screw up data analysis.  While most people don't mind having an inflated follower count, many businesses don't.  They ONLY care about RELEVANT followers. 
  • Why not make your account private? Everyone is private on IG
  • Different people have different needs.  I am on Instagram mainly for marketing and engagement for my business.  Going private hurts that goal.  I need to have people be able to look at my IG feed instantly with no barriers. 
  • No offense... and I know this goes against "common wisdom," but holding your business hostage to any social media is a poor strategy. You yourself are now testifying about one of the many problems it presents. Social Media is a game. Not a tool. Or not the proper tool for the job. Your "free" marketing now has a higher cost in your attention, time and intellectual resources which could be better applied elsewhere. You have to sort the wheat from the chaff each and every day. You have to struggle to keep your message pure through an ever constant onslaught of banality, SPAM and sophomoric attempts at humor. The Social Media service you use will never sublimate their goals to your needs. I have no idea what your business is and if Social Media is your marketing strategy I won't ever find out. You won't reach people in that venue who are of a mindset to receive your message. The users of such services are by and large focused on other matters than "discovering" your services. Might as well paint some billboards on the sides of circus wagons.
  • I'm fully aware of the pitfalls and challenges of social media marketing.  It really isn't an area I put too much focus in, but my presence needs to be there.  I'm in the business of professional photography.  Instagram is relevant to me because photography is the foundation of Instragram.  I'll tell you now, I totally hate IG, Twitter, and Facebook, but I cannot ignore them when they are bringing in a significant percentage of my bookings.  I've been hired overseas many times because of people finding me on social media.  These are places that I do not optimize my website for.  My website is bringing in local commissions, but social media is giving me access to an entire pool of clients I didn't otherwise have.  That being said, I personally think 99% of Social Media is a bunch of attention-seeking nonsense that people use to try and make themselves feel better about themselves, but realy ends up making people less satisfied with their own lives.  If I could send a missle to blow up all social media in the world, I would. 
  • That last bit made me literally Laugh Out Loud and made my day. Best of luck and here's hoping you get everything sorted.
  • Beta !
  • ..crappy beta too
  • Their app is still in beta on Windows Phone. Seems they aren't even bothered about it.
  • Yeah , at least we have 6tag...
  • As long as 6tag is here Idk about it , but I want calling feature on Facebook Messenger!!
  • Still Mofos won't update its wp app.
  • I use instagram that much but it sounds like a good update.
  • Make it official ingstagram
  • For a company that was bought out for $1b, WP app is an embarrassment.
  • And the official app still sucks
  • Yet there is no update since its release! :/
  • All I need for Christmas is instagram, twitter, we heart it, official facebook app & denim update
  • We have the official FB app. MS works together with Facebook to do this app.
  • Nothing official about the Facebook app.It's third party made by Microsoft with permission from Facebook.Facebook is third party, instagram is a crappy beta, and no YouTube coming anytime soon.It's tuff being a WP user :/
  • Of course it is tough, that's why we are complaining about it on windows central.
  • @Chad08er.
    Well forget the "official" youtube client at present it will forever stuck as a webwrapper, no thanks to Google.
    There are other better 3rd party Youtube apps out there.
  • Guessing you have never used the Android or IOS version,because it blows every third party YouTube app we have out of the water.
  • The beta doesn't even suck that bad. It may not have the features of the other two OS but for what it can do, it does well enough. I prefer 6tag but us windows phone users whine too much over the same topic. Now vine, however, is awful. Thank god for Rudy's 6sec.
  • What the hell are your talking about? Vine is a million times better and more capable than IG beta! People are complaining because the app is severely handicapped and a total piece of shit
  • Both are terrible when you compare them to ios. Every week or so when I update my ios versions (I have an iPad), I realise the gap is getting bigger and bigger. Neither even seem willing to acknowledge they have windows phone apps. I've been shocked by them both totally ignoring WP users, including yours truly, who have tried to get in touch.
  • Maybe everyone on windows central, should flood their inbox daily. That should get their attention :P.
  • Instagram beta sucks.I am fed up of this shitty app.6tag is good but is doesn't have all access to APIs .we need official apps but they treat us like we are lepers.Instagram you suck thumbs down for you
  • Who cares about Windows Central... Im playing the crud out of this!!
  • Ok great, but where is the update? The live tile and improved and feature? Trap and hold menu features for photos already uploaded?...
  • I think 6tag is better.i don't know maybe because it seems faster to me than Instagram beta.
  • Ask a friend with Android or iOS and after say to me if 6tag is better.
  • I said that "I Think"6tag is better, not what other people think.i maybe don't use every single feature. It's enough for me.
  • 6tag is easily better than Instagram Beta...but not better than Instagram on ios. I always thought of it as merely a temporary patch until we got the official app. When that came, 6tag was then the temporary patch until the official came out of beta...its been over a year now. Still waiting with these two apps...neither of which are as feature rich as the ios/android versions. I love 6tag...but it should never be left to one guy to create unofficial apps for the big names. Shame on facebook (instagram) and twitter (vine) for their poor treatment.
  • hhahah I tough Rubino will make a post about this... Let the game begins!!! I think WP users are in a position that there is no we can do to try change this. If we stop to use Instagram the monthly users number will not make a change... If we complain about the lack of support they will say: "you are a few user base. Deal with we already make. Is more than you deserve, MS almost forced us to make this app for this such crap SO". And I think Rudy will not have time to make 6tag on pair again with the official app. 6tag already lacks a lot of personalization that is possible on iOS and Android.
  • This app never updates and they never give a **** for WP users... My question is: Why post any news about them?
  • Because regardless, a lot of windows phone users use the service... So like it or not, this news affects a lot of WP users.
  • Any love on Instagram for Windows Phone (Beta)?
  • Who is developer of instagram to spam them like Thomas Nigro? :P
  • whatthafaq are we suppose to do with this buggy WP version of instagram? #f***insta :/
  • Even with so many users still beta no video support. What are the developers doing.
  • But still it doesn't have the official app for wp! -_-
  • Inclusion with Windows 10; I strongly believe that's when things will finally start looking up. That's all we can hope for at this point.
  • 100% agree with you there. I'm sticking it out for another year and will make a decision once we see if Win 10 catches on.
  • Yeah, it was suppose to happen with WP8 and that didn't happen.We are 8 months out from W10 and WP10.Let's see what happens,but it's very likely that little will happen with Dev attitude's towards WP.
  • Even after W10 it still will take some time to get it bug free for windows phone. Something similar to what some users were experiencing when they updated to windows 8.1 on WP.
  • I'm switching to blackberry..used to be a die hard fan of windows stuck from 2years..will be back when new windows hits the shelf
  • LOL
    ...really, BlackBerry?
  • Yep z10..atleast they have apps and I'm kind of like experiencing a new os..and it has features too which are quite impressive
  • Don't laugh.  In addition to their native BB10 apps, they will also run the vast majority of Android apps.
  • Yes, most of them - in an emulated environment :P.
  • Lol atleast better than the wp apps..and better check out 10.3.1..If people get to know what they're offering they'll not laugh just like I used to
  • wow.. and Windows Phone should be happy?? Na-uh!
  • Instagram TEAM DO SOMTHING!!! make new full version for windows...not for hangroid OS
  • Instagram Beta for windows phone is so ancient.
  • 300 million active users, and developers that aren't the sharpest tools in the shed because they lack the knowledge and ability to get the Windows Phone app out of beta.
  • This feature is sure great, but you need a great app as well. So, for me nothing changes.
  • I'm confused. Normally, I expect to see news relating to windows or windows phones here, or at a minimum, Microsoft related news. This has nothing to do with Microsoft in any way. At least, until the instagram team decide to do something about the beta tag on their app...still good to know that android and ios users will be able to see the new features while we hope instagram just hire Rudy to do the job for them or something.
  • This isn't a new feature in the app. This is a new feature in their whole social media which will affect WP users just as much as anyone else.
  • Still on Beta, still don't care. Bastards, I hate this shit about no apps, or eternal Beta state.
  • Out of beta? An update? Integrated into the people hub? No?.......Good work WP Instagram team
  • Some of those are BETA subscribers since instagram has yet to take the Windows phone app out of BETA.. Pretty pathetic, don't you think?
  • No DM .... No video upload..... Pathetic
  • Instagram will keep us in beta version for many years... #ThisAppSucks
  • Instagram and vine. Both very quick to answer me on twitter when I have a problem on their ios apps. When I so much as mention their windows phone app, they just ignore me. Instagram also stopped following me when I mentioned it.
  • That's not enough to invest in some devs that can get it out of beta?