Instagram spotted in Windows Phone advertisement, soon to be available? Probably not.

We've had an interesting image sent in from a reader, showing what appears to be an Instagram logo on the home screen of a Lumia 620 being advertised. The promotional material shows the Windows Phone in Portugal listed for 170 euro with a coupled package, but what's interesting about the device is definitely the mysterious use of the Instagram logo. Could this be a sign of what's to come, or is the app being falsely advertised?

While we could imagine certain apps being displayed to help attract the customer's attention, "Oh, look Mary. That Windows Phone has Instagram!", but we can't see Instagram being added to a Lumia advertisement. But if one does a search for "Instagram" in the Windows Phone Store, there are a number of third-party apps that make use of the Instagram logo, which could then be selected and pinned to the home screen.

We then have to look at Molome founder, Sittiphol Phanvilai, and his recent meeting with Nokia CEO Stephen Elop. Would the company be focusing on Instagram as well as checking out alternatives like Molome? We're not too sure. What we're sure about is that if Instagram was heading to Windows Phone (or Lumia handsets with a limited exclusivity deal) then Nokia would have shouted about it at Mobile World Congress.

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We've previously looked at Instagram heading to Blackberry 10, but not Windows Phone, further worsening the issue with popular apps not coming to Microsoft's mobile platform. While we personally may feel indifferent about complaints being made about Facebook and its image sharing app, consumers clearly enjoy using the service, and Windows Phone owners would like to see it available.

It's certainly wishful thinking, but we can't see this advertisement revealing Instagram in any way. Sorry, folks.

Thanks, joaoseabra35, for the image!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Looks like "Instagram Tweets" app
  • ^^
  • Man, that icon is ugly. Kill it! Kill it with fire :)
  • The developer was lazy enough not to bother making the background transparent instead of white... That's really sad =P
  • I doubt you can make them transparent, if you could it would ruin WP's style.
  • On Windows Phone, transparent is replaced by the accent color.
  • Don't forget fuel to burn it with!
  • Looks like instagram blog app to me.
  • All my friends use Instagram, but five minutes ago, I deleted my account. If they released a REAL app to WP, I might've not deleted it.
  • May be time to make some new friends . .
  • You judge friends based on their interests in social networks?
  • *might have / might've
  • Stupid me!! I always try not to make those silly mistakes...
  • I used to work in the production department for a company that sent out coupons in the mail. These types of things happen intentionally all the time. We were a lot less free to slip in things like this, but it was fun to see what little things we could slip through!
  • Hopefully after selling off Atlas to Facebook, it'll bring Instagram a little closer to Windows Phone. MS should start tacking on little deals such as Facebook to put Instagram on WP. They alread sold off some AOL patents to Facebook last year and Facebook is still being a little dick when it comes to bringing Instagram.
    I can't wait for the day that Fhotoroom releases on iPhone and Android and becomes the default photo sharing app. Looking at those crappy instagram squares hurts my eyes. Fhotoroom gives you the whole image you uploaded and has better filters to boot.
  • Yeah, it seemed like kind of a bargain for what they sold it for, I expect Facebook to scratch Microsoft's back soon.
  • Yes! I have both an Instagram & a Fhotoroom account and there is no comparison. Fhotoroom is head & shoulders above Instagram. I also post on Instagram with a Windows Phone & Fhotoroom hashtag.
  • But fotoroom don't have the hoes. All y'all say forget instagram, bit for me its all about the ladies. They take some of the most promiscuous photos on there and u can tell them all about your feelings on them. I just use my kindle fire hd for now. Waiting for wp8. Its a very important app for most because its just like Facebook, but without the drama and negativity
  • I agree Fhotoroom is a quality app and I have an account with both. Personally, Fhotoroom just falls short because of no one I know even knows what a Fhotoroom is. And while this sounds ridiculous and trivial, no celebs.
  • Way to miss the whole point of Instagram - it's a social network for photo sharing! The photo filters and sharing to other social networks is just an extra on top of the main thing. Fhotoroom hasn't got a slightest chance.
  • Fhotoroom is also a social network. What am I missing?
  • 100000000 of existing Instagram users.
  • So what's your point? They are both social photo sharing networks. I never questioned how many users Instagram has and it's popularity. Instagram would definitely benefit WP, but if they don't try to be on more platforms, someone else will make an app that will and maybe steal instagram's 5 minutes of fame.
  • I don't understand what the big deal is to write a app.
  • Well, the conspiracy theory is that the co-founder of Instagram loathes Microsoft, hence why it's not coming. I personally don't buy that explanation. I mean, he may not like Microsoft but to let something like that cloud a business decision...
  • Wow now thts s**** journalism steam could have gone with windows 8 but decided not too. Why because their founder hated Microsoft so obviously he's was waiting for a chance to ditch them. But lol now their using Linux too bad most Linux users only do hard stuff like hacking programing and work stuf but not games as most !!
  • Like Google?
  • Admit you made a mistake :P
  • I think it's not that much of a conspiracy theory at all. When you have independent developers creating fricking awesome stuff on WP with close to zero budget, it's surprising how companies making money can't invest a week (at best) of dev time to have their app on WP. Microsoft makes it dead easy to move from IOS to Android, guys like Telerik have great premade controls, WP8 now supports native C... You've gotta be STUPID to think Nokia is not a big enough market to make apps for, ffs.
  • He no longer owns the company, so that won't be the reason now.
    If that survey last month about social network use in the US is correct and Instagram is almost tied with Twitter, it really is a big issue even if some of us don't care about that app at all
  • Or at least allow third party apps full api access.
  • That's a separate issue though. They don't want to repeat Twitter's mistake: open up the API then try to recapture brand identity by locking down the API and homogenizing third party apps. I don't like that they have locked APIs, but I respect their business decision to control their content/experience.
  • Was that for me ?? :/
  • No he rightfully ignored your stupid comment.
  • Being honest, I wasn't aware that Twitter went through such a crisis. Twitter have shown they're keen to get on board all platforms and have a solid foundation as a website. I'm surprised they opted to open up the API as a result.
  • Twitter has been changing their API terms of use with restrictions that basically kill 3rd party apps that are successful, It's what happened to tweetro on Win8
  • Yea but then u will soon end up like android I don't like it either but I'll rather want to surfe without the fear of malware or someone hacking my phone thts PC sh**** not mobile ;)
  • Phones are App blenders same as tablets! Windows Phone 8 is different because it has a bigger foot hold from Microsoft's huge desktop shebang!
  • Why is WP the black sheep to major developers? No plans on a WP app, instagram, Pandora taking forever etc. Blackberry launches and these folks run to it.
  • It's simple: resources. Now BB10 is getting the same treatment...we covered a few apps here recently as "coming to Windows Phone" but the devs say "no plans for BB10 yet" in the same breath.
  • Potential revenue streams, of course. There just isn't as big of a reason to spend time and money and resources (read: people) on an app for an OS with 3% marketshare.
  • Some devs - especially Californian app start up devs - are on a REALLY high horse when it comes to support anything but iPhone. It is the same mindset that prevents people from getting jobs there who did not enjoy an ivy league education.
    Sorry, but true. You would have to board a plane to SFO, visit them devs with a clue bat, and then you may possibly get high profile apps on Windows Phone.
  • What he said is so freaking true for a lot of companies in california! They just see only want to build apps for an iPhone and at times build them for android after the iPhone app but think anything else is beneath their standard! They need to get off that high horse! I worked for a couple of those companies -__-
  • Blackberry didn't fail as bad as Windows Mobile. Microsoft's image is still tarnished with that.
  • Im afraid BB is in trouble  too...Most big app developers are not making native apps for the OS, just android ports.  In the case for Instagram, it is coming to BB10...but as an Android port.  AND if you've have had any development background you would know that this is bad...very bad at least for the OS. 
  • Instagram is a native Android and iPhone app so its impossible to make an Android port.
  • Any of these apps that BB10 gets are all through Android ports...
    BB10 has a major problem from where I see it as outside of Canada, there seems to be little native app building for major apps...even Skype will be an android app....sad for BB...I share their pain being a WP8 guy
  • Religious warfare
  • Why are they going to blackberry 10 and not windows, is it because u can port android apps to blackberry??
  • Probably...if so they'll have it on Windows 8 too with that AMD hub thing... =/
  • Yup. I think a grand majority of the apps available for BB10 are essentially ported Android apps.
  • Its not possible to port IG to BB from the Android version, so...
  • Where can I find these people so I can S. T. R. A. N. G. L. E. them..? *Instagram
  • I seriously think all this has to do with Microsoft's monopoly behavior back in the 90s. I'm sure a lot of developers/competitors back then remember how MS messes with their business and now they're getting back at Microsoft. I bet some of the people back then were just workers at a company Microsoft screwed with and today, they have leading positions in mobile app developing companies. They are now using that power to screw with Microsoft and there really isn't much Microsoft can do about it. If there was something Microsoft could do about it, I'm sure we would have seen more of the popular apps show up on windows phone.
  • *cough *cough Gabe Newell *cough *cough
  • In the proces they're showing that they're just as much of an asshole as Microsoft was in the 90's. They're hurting end-users with this behaviour but they'll ger there's. If they don't want to deliver then someone else will. Microsoft found this out the hard way. They didnt want to invest in Internet Explorer and Windows Mobile so they quickly got replaced. Instagram and others are up next unless they change their monopolostic ways.
  • In other words, like grandma used to say... "Don't burn your bridges..."
  • Its coming
  • Lol we are desperate for instagram if this is news :p
  • It's the only way the sheep will come over. If there is no instagram, they will not follow.
  • Not only that, I'm already on WP and just really want it. Its not deal breaker, but I really want it.
  • I'm fine without them
  • The more sheep, the more value my Nokia stocks will become.. :P
  •  I wish this stupid app would just be released so we could stop talking about it. I understand the importance to the platform but good grief.
  • Ame. To that
  • Instagram is undergoing their Facebook purchase. Microsoft owns a nice chunk of Facebook. Microsoft will now own a nice chunk of Instagram. An app is coming. And it will be different from all of the other apps out there. Trust me.
  • Just because instagram is part of Facebook, doesn't mean Microsoft has any ownership of instagram.
  • With that line of logic, we should have an official Facebook app that has feature parity with Android and iOS.
  • Microsoft owns such an extremely tiny bit of Facebook that they essentially have no pull whatsoever. As evidenced by Facebook's lack of support for the platform. The only reason we even have a Facebook app is because they allowed Microsoft to build one.
  • Lol!  Microsoft owns a nice chunch of Facebook?  You consider Microsoft's 1.6% ownership in Facebook a nice chunk?
  • Owning stock in a company does not give the stock holder business decision making power. If you run out and get yourself 10000 shares of MS they are not going to seek your council on day to day operations. This is not how business works. Micosoft has no say in any of the businesses it has invested in unless they own controlling shares of the company.
  • Microsoft only had one thing to do and that was not be late to the market. Had windows phone released year after Iphone, android users would have been the ones having discussion about certain app not being released for their platform. Timing is sometimes, everything in business. That is why I am working hard learning to develop cool apps that are exclusive to windows instead of bitching about a situation that will probably take a long time to chance. Life is too precious to worry about s**t that you don't have. Instead, working on shit that you can chance. I am a developer and I am working on things that I can change. So should Microsoft and or anybody that appreciate and enjoy WP.
  • ME TOO! Except I started like a year ago. Windows Phone's app situation really got me into programming.
  • Hey look, it's the Windows Phone dev club! Btw I create apps too =)
  • *fist bump*
  • When will temple run come to windows phone ?? When??
  • Maybe by the time temple run 4 is released on ios.
  • Good god now that is the question of the year! I bought an iPad so I could enjoys the apps and games not available on windows rt and phone. I really want a surface but until the good apps come, its not a sale for me..
  • So...there are two apps currently available in the store that use the instagram logo EXACTLY like that. Your telling me that the probability of this as something 'new' is greater than the facts?
  • It's amazing how many ppl want this app but end up posting pics on social networks like you normally would from the built OS feat. of windows phone. Just a thought.
  • They want it to for its social features. That and to stalk the hotties on there.. :P
  • I think the point being made is that the social aspects are overblown if people still feel the need to post to "real" social networks like Twitter and Foursquare.
  • If u have access to the website and u pin to start y the hell would u need an app???????????
  • and how do you create an account on the website? ;)
  • you can only upload pics through the app...instagram does not allow u to upload through a web browser....which is why i think instagram is dumb.....u can already do everything that it offers on facebook so i dont c the point of instagram at all
  • It's to add crappy filters to your already crappy photos and to share them with people you don't know to make you feel better about yourself, making you feel like someone actaully cares about you.
  • ^^^^
  • Lol, true. But a small minority of us on Instagram don't use the filters much. I usually just email myself the awesome pics from my 920 & upload them filter free. Although I do have to cut them down to a crappy little square.
  • Oh man, that was good xD
  • LOL Here's a thing you should learn: Portuguese companies will do ANYTHING to sell stuff. Including false advertisement. And that carrier in particular (TMN) has a special proclivity towards ripping off its customers. (Believe me, I was their customer for over 10 years before I switched to Vodafone). So I would place NO FAITH in that advertise ;) On some better news, Nokia was elected one of the few "trusted brands" by Portuguese customers. Which is always good given the state of "unpopularity" the brand has sunk into in the last 5 years.
  • that could be photoshop.
  • With all the money Microsoft has invested in Facebook, it is really a puzzle Facebook wouldn't play nicer with Microsoft.
  • April fools!!!!!! In march
  • .....
  • Why BB before WP? Not that I'm interested in instagram but its like a slap in the face.
  • Hey everybody look at this video, so funny! LOOK AT THIS INSTAGRAM) (Nickelback Parody)
  • People can't just ignore business decisions. Instagram needs to come and before BB10. Hurry up!
  • Path is another great app I see used more and more. Also another not in the Windows Phone store. This really needs to change, like yesterday.
  • If you follow Instagram on Twitter, then go to the people hub, make sure twitter contacts are displaying in your contact list, find Instagram, then pin Instagram to your start screen. Once its on your start screen, change the tile to the smallest size out of the three and there you have it, An Instagram Twitter contact tile that almost looks like it could be an official Instagram app on your start screen. Thats what I think this is.
  • lol hope insta got for win phone hopefully!!!
  • I honestly can't stand Instagram but I do understand why it is needed right now.  I am not worried about it ever coming though because in this day and age companies like Instagram only get their 5 minutes of fame before the internet moves on to the next big thing.  Hopefully the next big thing doesn't hate Microsoft. ;)
  • looks like our portugal friends are trying to dupe their customers. they buy one and get a rude awakening when they realize instagram isnt on windowsphone.
  • Do not share
  • Oh god why, why no instagram on wp? D:
  • I want boobstagram :)
  • You would have to think they're working on one as we speak, right?
  • Stop waiting for instagram. Mobli is awesome,robably better than Instagram. Try Flickr too.
    Mobli has better social sharing capabilities and is more like instagram. Flickr has a larger community of more serious photographers. With both you can post photos and videos, tag, comment, love, follow, etc.
    Sorry Instagram, we don't need you anymore in Windows 8 land, we waited too long and now there are better alternatives.
  • Do not understand why people like Intergram that much??????? What so good about it??????? I never intended to use it.
  • Well instagram just feels like leaving the WP users stranded. I seriously am considering in learning how to develop applications for WP/Win RT/Win8 or any platform for that matter. I have an idea of creating an app similar to Torque found on Android for WP users. It is something I see myself using for my phone. Wonder if someone is working on something like this for WP?
  • How about considering it is just a photshop fake, as is the case with most of this sort of garbage?
  • for Instagram comng to BB10, perhaps you might want to consider that story has proved to have just as much substance as this one. Contrary to supposed inside information from Crackberry cult members, actual current coverage indicates there is no substantiation on that front as well.
  • The reason big apps don't cone to wins phone 8 is like always there afraid to thinking ms's new platform will flop like always.
    With Nokia making new strides with their Lumia phones I think things will change.
  • ooops. posted this in the wrong article..  why isn't anyone interested in TEMPLE RUN and the delay of that !!??  :( Why can't we have a few threads and write ups about Temple Run? :(
  • Windows phone is suffering a slow initial adapting period because of missing apps.  Like it or not, some people find apps like Snapchat and Instagram to be necessary.  I know people who love the Windows Phone, but won't get it because of apps.  Until these apps become available, Windows Phone will have difficulty.  It's too bad Microsoft didn't build a better base of apps before release.
  • who fricken cares of instagram. Wow let's pin something. So gay...
  • From my point of view, most of the people really enjoy instagram. Just think like this: you have 3 coffee shops that 2 of them sell our Portuguese custards(search it on bing if you dont know what it is) the third one doesnt have because it doesnt bake. Then you ask, why the hell people enjoy so much these cakes? Well i guess you might know the answer ;)
  • Super duper false advertising done by that outlet.