Lumia 620 Advert Instagram

We've had an interesting image sent in from a reader, showing what appears to be an Instagram logo on the home screen of a Lumia 620 being advertised. The promotional material shows the Windows Phone in Portugal listed for 170 euro with a coupled package, but what's interesting about the device is definitely the mysterious use of the Instagram logo. Could this be a sign of what's to come, or is the app being falsely advertised?

While we could imagine certain apps being displayed to help attract the customer's attention, "Oh, look Mary. That Windows Phone has Instagram!", but we can't see Instagram being added to a Lumia advertisement. But if one does a search for "Instagram" in the Windows Phone Store, there are a number of third-party apps that make use of the Instagram logo, which could then be selected and pinned to the home screen.

We then have to look at Molome founder, Sittiphol Phanvilai, and his recent meeting with Nokia CEO Stephen Elop. Would the company be focusing on Instagram as well as checking out alternatives like Molome? We're not too sure. What we're sure about is that if Instagram was heading to Windows Phone (or Lumia handsets with a limited exclusivity deal) then Nokia would have shouted about it at Mobile World Congress.

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We've previously looked at Instagram heading to Blackberry 10, but not Windows Phone, further worsening the issue with popular apps not coming to Microsoft's mobile platform. While we personally may feel indifferent about complaints being made about Facebook and its image sharing app, consumers clearly enjoy using the service, and Windows Phone owners would like to see it available.

It's certainly wishful thinking, but we can't see this advertisement revealing Instagram in any way. Sorry, folks.

Thanks, joaoseabra35, for the image!