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Real or Fake? Instagram for Windows Phone supposedly revealed on Microsoft Store

Updated with new screenshot (12:30PM ET)

We’re just going to leave this here for now as we’re not 100% sure to do with it. The image above reportedly reveals the official Instagram app for Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8 on the Windows Phone Store page. But images can be faked and this one has a few issues with it.

For one, the first sentence states: “100 million users love Instagram! It’s a free, fun, and simple way to make and share gorgeous photos on your Android.”

Ahem, Android?

Obviously the use of 'Android' and not Windows Phone is a little suspicious but then again, if this was a quick copy/paste job done internally at Microsoft, who knows what their standards are (if any) for private apps.

Rum: 4

The listing notes that the app is not available for download, which suggest that this is for internal app testing. Another curious thing about the image is the Photo > Social category because as of right now, there is no such category on the Store. That’s not to say this app can’t be creating that category and when it is made public, will be instantiated—but it does raise an eyebrow at the least.

Overall, we’re leaning towards fake on this only because the burden of proof is on the new Twitter account that leaked it: @anontechleaks. Store listings and screenshots are super easy to spoof and with no way of validating this ourselves, we have to assume that we’re being hoaxed here.

Still, leaving some wiggle room for error we can think of a few ways that this could be legitimate. For one, it was rumored that Microsoft had already built an Instagram app but are simply waiting for permission to legally access their APIs. That mirrors a similar situation with a high-quality YouTube app that Microsoft reportedly has compiled but can't release it to due to Google's restrictions. We also just reported a story about hidden apps on the Store, showing that indeed there are some gems lurking in the background (of course, no Instagram app was found during those searches).

But we'll leave this to you today: Is the image and app fake or not?

Source: @anontechleaks

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • On your Android?!! Fake!
  • Idk, this has happened before when other companies make apps...
  • anyone noticed " you can't get it here..." Lumia exclusive?
    PS: If it's real
  • yes if it is real and the fact that it has to be downloaded from the phone and not the store means it is an exclusive app.
  • Exactly
  • It says for wp7 and 8 at the bottom. Im sure its coming i go out on a limb and say real!
  • I am not sold that it is real but here is what I was thinking...
    If you are going to take the time to Photoshop/create a fake store listing, don't you think you would also take the time to type Windows Phone instead of android?  My bet is you would.
    Now lets say you are a developer who is feeling the pressure to put your app on a platform your not really excited about. You assign some interne to take care of the app store listing. Said interne is getting paid nothing or next to nothing so carelessly copies the text from the Android App store listing to the Windows store one. Good possibility.
  • The original said Android but when the source started being called out on being a fake he went back and changed it to "Windows Phone" in the second pic. Pretty much tells me that it's a total fraud.
    Probably some kid trying to get twitter followers.
  • lol gotta love it
  • Yawn
  • Exactly ^_^
  • +1
  • Fake.
  • I'm with you.  I think it's fake. 
    There's no Photo/Social category (above the app icon) in the marketplace.
    Even with Windows Phone 7.x devices, the bottom of device image isn't just plain black.  There's an image of the start screen with tiles or the screen is off with some kind of diagonal gradient. 
  • STOP IT! STOP IT ALREADY!!! No more Instagram news
  • +1
  • +1
  • +1, lol. This back-and-forth is getting silly.
  • +1000
    I've come around on the whole Instagram thing. Instead of wanting Instagram to go eff-off, I REALLY want it to come out just so we can stop getting these speculation/filler posts on WPC.
  • I would that we had up votes, good sir. You would have mine.
  • On the one hand, I completely agree, but on the other hand if Instagram becomes available people will just latch their obsessive-compulsive brains onto some other issue. Be happy that you've mastered your anxiety and get on with life. :)
  • +1
  • +1000 the daily is it / isn't it coming and hand-wringing is getting cumbersome to put it plainly.
  • InstaCENTRAL
  • If this is true, it'll put a lot of people on a frenzy. And will it be a Nokia exclusive? Wouldn't surprise me.
  • Who cares? Why is this the biggest worry for an app? Do we really need to take photos and put a filter on it that bad? Hell I have two apps on my HTC that will do that just fine.
  • Its never been about the filters, it's about being able to stay in the loop with friends because everyone else has it.
  • Yeah this app is necessary to stay in the loop with loopy friends.
  • +1
  • ^lol +1
  • arent they all postet on facebook anyways? how can you stay in touch with people and the restriction on smartphones anyways. its as useful as a messenger like whatsapp that restricts on a few mobile platforms
  • Unfortunately it seems to be very important socially. The other day my cousin asked to see my windows phone cuz he has android and is gonna switch phone companies. He said he would switch if it had instagram and a couple of other apps. So with a couple of my coworkers
  • How is that any different than taking a picture with the normal camera, using Nokia Lens or another lens app to apply a filter, then post to Twitter? That's exactly what Instagram does. Windows Phone is doing the same thing. Sounds more like it's about the brand name rather than the functionality or purpose, because you can achieve the exact same thing without the Instagram app on Windows Phone.
  • Instagram is a social network..   It's Facebook or Twitter with pictures.  It's the same thing as not having Facebook or Twitter on your device for people who use Instragram.
    It is not just some app that takes pictures... . not even close...
  • While I am not big on Instagram, this post is correct. Its not about the photos/filters. Its a social network. One that is working on catching up with Twitter (which is why Facebook bought it). For a lot of potential customers, especially High School and Collage age, no Instagram is a deal breaker.
  • It would be nice to try it out. However, I use all the other picture altering apps to convey/present my somewhat idea of artistic view.
  • Some people mostly kids won't adopt WP without this app. The platform needs it.
  • Sharing our food pictures is really important mind you ;)
  • if it was about sharing food photos - everyone should use FoodSpotting (available for Windows Phone of course). 
  • This app is just another social network that allows idiotic teenagers a way to be hip and cool and differ from their parents. But I know we do need it, so whatever.
  • Hey guys, quick question.  Will my kids think I'm cool if I use this?  Also, get off my lawn!
  • Go back to your house olllld man. Your not hip and fresh like us youngsters. Lol
  • Get off my lawn! This is wonderfully hilarious. But seriously, those kids really need to keep off :)
  • If you think this app is for "idiotic teenagers" then you're truly misguided. Celebrities, consumer websites, news services etc use this. I'm not defending instagram, its just the reality of what kind of people/companies use this app.
  • Its a waste of time. Its these stupid social networks that consume the minds of "average" people because they have nothing better to do. I know what social networks are for I use some but they seriously mess with peoples ability to live in reality. Staying connected is one thing living in an app is another thing entirely.
  • Its a great way to have people follow you without adding them to your Facebook friends list. Most celebs will post photos to instagram instead of their Facebook page.
  • because fb and twitter not allow that already? ya.. exactly /sarcasm
    (and no, you don't have to be friend with a celebrity on fb to see their public feed, you can just follow that feed)
    the app is absolutely useless (i use it on an iphone to know what it is), but it has to be on the platform just to get people to shut up about it. like whatsapp. the integrated services are more mature, have less security holes, and work much better as they're integrated. but people want instagram and whatsapp, because.. no clue. but they want it. it has to be there, thusly.
    even though it is absolutely useless.
  • For you.
  • No, it is absolutely useless/redundant. We need it on WP8 to gain more users, but that doesn't mean it isn't a redundant social network. If you wanted to follow someone else without adding them to your Facebook or Twitter (which I have no idea as to why you'd want that unless you're embarrassed or something), you could just as easily create another account on Facebook or Twitter and follow them separate to your other account. Twitter/Twitpic and Facebook already allow you to share pictures and Twitter has hash tags if you want random people to try to find your picture via search. Except for filters and trying to be hip, I don't see the value someone would get to adding this social network to the other two.
  • And the really fuq'd up thing about it is WP will get it, and it wouldn't surprise me if it's actually better than on other OS's. But we'll soon find out it makes little or no difference with overall WP device sales like people are claiming.
    It'll be some other frivolous app, or "feature" someone else has.
  • Idiotic teenagers? Im sorry to say but the amount of ignorance and stupidity here is just...immense.
  • oh come on if i knew your sensitive feelings were gonna get hurt id have chosen different words. Let me rephrase so that you can feel warm and fuzzy inside again. In my personal experience with people who use instagram this is what they do on it. Guys use it to look at naked girls and girls use it to look at naked guys. if not they take pictures of their damn food and post it like anyone gives a shit. IF not that they put fugly ass filters on their photos and call themselves photographers. sorry social networking is not a valid defense for this garbage app. are your feelings better? for the record this is my opinion. everyone expects their opinions to be respected then learn to accept other peoples opinions as well. am i saying i dont want instagram on wp no but thats my opinion of instagram okay? RELAX. :D
  • for some people yes :))
  • As a social network, Instagram is actually more popular than Facebook among kids and teenagers. It blow my mind that people still don't get the social aspect of these platforms.
  • I know. A smartphone that takes pictures and the ability to share. Its made for being social.
  • Actually I use my phone for getting important information on the go. Social networking is just a luxury and I do get the social aspects there's just a new one every ten minutes. If kids and teens get bored that quickly then instagram is just another fad nothing more.
  • I hope instagram is coming, it is so good for the ecosystem
  • Its social networking, not just a filters app.
  • Probably fake.
  • Imstagram is crucial for the platform.... whether you like it or not.
  • I hate to agree with you but it does seem like it's necessary.  Personally I would never use this crappy service, but it's funny how certain things catch on and become necessary.
  • Exactly, it's not about pictures, social or filters. Its about a major app being available on the platform, it shows other developers that adoption for WP is increasing and worth developing for.
  • This guy gets it (R0bR). I find it so strange that most people posting on here aren't intelligent enough to get this. Or just ignorant enough to argue it's importance in their lives (which we really don't care enough about to live by).
  • I think this looks real. A lot of slip-ups happen and are sometimes authorized leaks. Probably like 6 months out from release, though.
  • More fake than Jordan's boobs.
  • shopped
  • Fake. Although I remember apps that said "Windows Mobile" in their app description.
  • I would just like temple run. Don't care about instagram.
  • Yes! We need Temple Run (and Temple Run 2). For WP7.8 as well, not just WP8
  • What's the deal with filters? Still can't understand the Instagram obsession...
  • It's not about filters.  It's about the picture based social network behind it.
  • Filters are optional. It's a social network.
    Imagine if WP8 didn't have FB or Twitter or 4sq. Not everyone 'gets' the need to use these social networks, but there is still a lot of demand for it.
  • It's not about filters, it's about sending a picture.
  • going to have to agree, I don't get it either. I hear a lot about how it's not about the filters but the social network, etc... but I have a FB, twitter, and G+ account. I think that's enough "social" in my life.. heck it's probably too much. 
  • Its about trying to stay current and cool, and letting some application become the center of your universe. I use Facebook twitter, and linkedin. I don't need another social networking app. I can barely stand using the ones I have now.
  • i'm glad you're okay with the current social networks you have, but the platform needs to stay competitive to remain relevant and grow in size. i use instagram on my nexus here and there but the need for it to exist to grow the platform is very real and necessary. saying otherwise is just short sighted and completely missing the point.
  • I'm not saying the platform doesn't need it just that in a couple of months or years instagram will be the next twitter ala Facebook ala MySpace ala migente for my Spanish peeps. People forget that social networking is a luxury not a need.
  • And people like you seem to forget that Facebook has lasted almost 9 years and Twitter has now lasted amost 6. MySpace (2 years), Migente (3 years), Black Planet (3/4 years) and other social networks of the past failed because of spam and no administrative oversight unlike the thriving networks now. How about you just trolling Instragram stories with unnecessary hate?
  • I have just as much right to voice my opinion about an app that people complain about daily. Instead of spamming the morons who made the damn thing. I'm not hating nor trolling just speaking the truth. All my friends use instagram I have an iPod touch and could use it if I wished so how am I trolling? Your mad because im badmouthing something you like is all.
  • I'm not mad at all. You just always seem to be posting generalizations that have no merit or basis in reality. You seem like a delusional hater and obviously I've struck a bone for you to react the way you have.
  • Why do I need a reason to dislike it? You haven't struck anything I just don't like people putting words in my mouth. Delusional in what sense I just think its sad that grown men and woman cry about apps. I've given enough attention to boring social networks. Unfortunately they are needed because people have seem to forgotten how to use a phone. Its clear that you fail to recognize that I would welcome the app I just don't worship it. I don't like it you do we differ its called being human beings. I don't hate you, or anyone else, and will definitely not get into an argument over instagram or any other app. Idk what your trying to prove or if you were just picking a fight but it isn't gonna happen and you won't change my pov sorry
  • Don't let 'em work you up...
  • Nothing like bad-mouthing, talking down about and generalizing users to like services that you don't like. That's exactly the kind of attitude that will make WP the most desirable platform! BTW, your incessant instagram hate belies your other social network usage. All 3 of the ones you use are all about staying "current & cool" to some people. You can't stand them, don't use them.
  • LOL who said I hate instagram? When did I say that fool? Oh that's right I didn't. I was making a point, clearly you are the one offended by my post because your the type of person I outline. Come on bro if you read my post I explicitly say that its good for the ecosystem dimwit. I barely use twitter and I chat on Facebook something easily achieved if people used something else like Skype. Your annoying whining about needing instagram is a first world problem and if WP doesn't get it oh well bigger things to tackle like life? Just an example. Just saying please don't put words in my mouth thanks.
  • The part that bugs the sh!t outta me is that WP as a whole is a great OS. But to hear the constant whining and crying about and the claims that people will leave or avoid WP for an app (really ONE weak, boring, carbon copy app?!?) is just ridiculous to me.
    Or even worse those that BLAME Microsoft for a developers lack of interest. I'll say it again, people have it backward. If you want something done you have to "boycott" the developers, because they are the ones who are truly ignoring you.
  • You're funny. When did I whine about needing IG? Obviously you're putting words in my mouth and I must of said something right because you've started trying to insult me, which usually means you have no argument (which you don't). Your hate for IG is highly apparent for anyone who can read the main thread through your comments.
  • I apologize if I specified you I just meant in general. Again don't hate instagram, I just don't think people should purchase products because of individual apps, I don't like instagram im not opposed to it coming to the platform. Wouldn't make a difference to me because I don't use it. Again I agree that its good for the platform. I just want the topic of instagram on the forums to die that's it. And if you think that's insulting then im sorry but im alot less nice when I wanna be rude. I kept it relatively clean besides fool and dimwit which imply that you sounded foolish and have a dim wit about you. So again I apologize but hey like they say its my opinion aren't you glad we all have them.
  • Then don't download instagram.  No one is forcing anyone too.  What difference does it make if it comes to the store?  If it's the end of the world for you, SEE YA!
  • People must not read. Or they have selective reading. Let me type it in capitol letters so you can see better. IM NOT OPPOSED TO INSTAGRAM COMING TO WINDOWS PHONE!!!!! I JUST DONT THINK THAT APP IS GOOD!!! UN-DER-STAND?
  • Don't you think that if this were true Microsoft or Nokia weren't already announced this months and months ago?
  • Not necessarily. Remember when MS had displayed Angry Birds as one of the launch window games for WP7, only for it to not show up for over a year? There was also the time when Pandora was announced as a launch app, and we still don't have it, even after they re-announced it with a year of ad-free listening. My point is, MS has been burned with early announcements before so they may just be being extra cautious.
  • What you have to understand is that it has less to do with MS than you think. Developers have to DEVELOP.
    Instead of holding MS to the flame and claiming they got burnt I don't understand why people don't turn away from, or "boycott" the developers who are ignoring you.
  • I understand that. I'm not holding MS's feet to the fire at all. What I'm saying is, MS has been burned by prematuring announcing apps before. I'm sure those devs at Rovio & Pandora allowed MS to announce them before launch only to pull back and leave MS in a terrible place.
  • Maybe its just me, but I'm loving all the Instagram speculation/hype. Keep it comin' I say. :D
  • +1
  • thats a fake.. I searched for instagram via app highlights and nothing were found.
  • They patched that yesterday I believe. Now you cant see what isn't already published on the store
  • Of course I meant BEFORE it was patched! ;-)
  • Ballmer, make it happen.
  • Wait don't you mean, "Kevin Systrom" make it happen"?? Cuz he's the one who's ignoring you.
  • I hope it's true, if only so that I never have to hear another word about this nauseating, brain-rotting app.
  • ^this
  • The account has 1 tweet. This is the only one.
    The first sentence says 'on your Android'.
  • Stop teasing us :(
  • Ah the old 'take a picture of a screen' trick to help mask any photoshop imperfections. If someone had that on their screen why not just hit printscreen? Fake.
  • Because a Printscreen image would be evidence? C'mon... ;) Still, if it's now added.
  • And the screenshot description magically says "..share gorgeous photos on your Windows Phone" now. 
    Highly suspect
  • Their explanation: photo was older. Screenshot was just taken and it Android/Windows Phone has been fixed.
  • to be honest.. they are liying.
  • Windows phone apps use tiles. Not the icons.
    I wish you did not make it an article. :)
  • I'd say the post was published because there will be tons of other down-level sites that will report this as "fact", and Dan may feel obligated as Windows Phone community voice to share his feelings on it.
  • Yep, when I submitted an app, they got mad at me for using chrome, so I had to make it flat (WP design).
  • I'm not a big Instagram fan but I think that the purpose of Instagram is not to put "nice" filters on your pics but to share them with your friends. It is more a social network than a photo editor. 
  • Its coming
  • Would be nice. Looks fake however.
  • Instagram is not just about the filters is about sharing. People like to share. Not everyone but at the moment a lot of people. And tons of persons haven't moved to WP8 due to the absence of this type of apps.
  • I really don't believe that.
  • There should be a third option: "I want to believe"
  • ^
  • Oh boy its so fake!
  • Just let it go. If the devs dont want to release it for WP nothing will change that. Lets focus on the fact that Microsoft themselves are failing to create any high profile exclusive apps from their wide range of gaming IP along with the sorry excuse that is Skype on WP and Windows 8. Talk about $8.5 billion down the drain....
  • Yes, Microsoft needs to get us some EXCLUSIVE Halo & GoW Windows Phone games! They own these two highly successful franchises & have yet to bring either to this platform. Hopefully they're working on it. Not really expecting it though.
  • Fake, looks at the stupid icon.
  • The icon isn't that far off of Fhotoroom's which isn't entirely a flat metro look either. I think it's fake too, but not because of the icon.
  • When this finally comes, everyone is going to be excited for a whole two days then start complaining about another app we don't have on windows phone. But I would like to see this app on windows mostly to stop seeing these headlines for instagram. 
  • +1
  • You got it. Remember Draw Something? No one cared after it released and it was all, where's instagram? After IG, it'll be, where's snapchat? And after that something else.
  • After snapchat they'll be asking "where is the furby app?";-)