Is Intel back after launching its 12th Gen CPUs?

Intel 12th Gen Hero Logo Alder Lake
Intel 12th Gen Hero Logo Alder Lake (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

Intel recently launched its 12th Gen Alder Lake CPUs. The Intel Core i5-12600K, Core i7-12700K, and Core i9-12900K all earned rave reviews. They're the talk of the tech world due to their performance and value. Many claim that these processors push Intel ahead of rival AMD or that they at least put them neck and neck. We'd like to know if you agree.

With the launch of Ryzen in 2017, AMD pulled ahead of Intel in many ways. From launch, Red Team's processors delivered excellent performance for their price, causing many to convert to AMD hardware. Additionally, thanks to a partnership with TSMC, Ryzen processors could utilize the 7nm process. In contrast, Intel was stuck on the 14nm process for years. Intel's 12th Gen chips are built on the 10nm process known as Intel 7, helping Intel close the gap with its rival.

Though the innards of the aforementioned subject are technologically complex, the point is that Intel's move paid off on a critical level. Reviews from several sites gave Intel's new CPUs high scores.

Apple's new M1 chips and Intel's 12th Gen processors are both in the news, but they don't exactly compete directly. Intel has only shown off its new desktop CPUs at this point, while Apple's new CPUs are laptop processors. There are elements that people can compare about the chips, but that wouldn't exactly be apples to apples. It'd be more Apple to Intel. Not to mention, Apple's ecosystem adds an additional dimension to any processor comparison that, in many cases, preemptively negates it.

When experts spoke with Windows Central News Editor Robert Carnevale, they echoed similar sentiments.

"It's unclear if 12th Gen will affect the adoption Apple M1 given the Apple ecosystem and existing user preferences for Apple products — but 12th Gen/Evo/Win11 may keep existing Windows users in the Windows camp and limit Apple's market share growth," said Alan Priestley, VP of Gartner Research. "I do not see Apple market share declining due to 12th Gen."

With AMD doing so well over the past few years and Apple's M1 chips being so impressive, some were saying that Intel was doomed. We'd like to know if you think Intel is back on top, in tight competition, or still behind other tech giants when it comes to CPUs.

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  • Let's wait for alder lake mobile versions to answer that question.
    Alder lake got various chips for mobile ranging from 5w to 55w. Covering various category of devices like small tablets, ultra thins, mainstream tablets/laptops etc. performance gains will be there but what remains to seen is efficiency of the chips. Small atom cores are highly unlikely to be as efficient as arm small cores but let's hope for the best. It may come close to apple m1 in performance but highly unlikely to match it's performance per watt. If alder lake 5-7w & 9-15w deliver better performance than Qualcomm at respectable battery life then it would make windows on arm temporary irrelevant until Qualcomm comes up with next gen chips under nuvia. Just hope that intel would not screw the pricing of 5w & 9w chips so that midrange products like surface go would not have to compromise performance by using outdated chips to keep cost down.
  • I totally agree 12th gen mobile will show if Intel can compete. Performance with no power or thermal limit is great but it doesn't mean much until we see a mobile version where there are thermal and power limits that need to be met. If they do something big here than yes Intel is back!
  • It will also be very interesting to compare to what Apple delivers for their high end desktop chips next year. Rumors indicate they will be beasts.
  • The majority of Apple users will never switch, just as I would never use an Apple product... It doesn't matter to me how good Apple chips get I would never buy into their walled garden approach... Glad to see Intel and AMD doing well, this kind of competition makes for compelling Windows based products...
  • Exactly. It's not a competition because they're separate dimensions. They could have the best chip in the universe, and I still wouldn't get an Apple computer.
  • There is a huge market in the middle of the fanboys.
  • just because a moke performs well, not everyone is going to get one.
  • How exactly is macOS a walled garden?
  • Did Intel go somewhere?
  • Down to the market to fetch some milk, for which Apple charged it $32 per gallon.
  • They may hold the lead briefly, but they are no longer dealing with a Bulldozer-era AMD.