Intel driver lists support for the Windows 11 October 2021 update

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What you need to know

  • Intel just released its latest graphics driver.
  • It lists support for Windows 11.
  • It includes improvements for Call of Duty: Warzone.

Intel just released version of its Intel graphics Windows DCH driver. The highlight of the new release is Windows 11 support. The driver also offers support for F1 2021 and features optimizations for Call of Duty: Warzone (via TechRadar).

Among the driver's listed benefits is "support for Windows 11 Microsoft Auto HDR feature on 10th Gen Intel Core processors with Iris Plus Graphics or higher." Later on in Intel's notes, it's mentioned that this driver supports a variety of Windows 10 versions, as well as the Windows 11 - October 2021 Update.

That's a very specific note to include for an operating system without a hard release date. Windows 11 is expected to be coming in the fall, and Intel's driver notes only reiterate the likelihood of that happening.

Driver support isn't the only thing coming to Windows 11; a lot more is on the docket. For example, 1,888 fresh emojis are on their way to the Windows ecosystem, and Microsoft's new cloud OS program Windows 365 is enabling Windows 11 to work on virtually any device you can think of, be it a Mac or Android-powered tablet.

With regards to what Intel is bringing to the table for Windows 11, driver support is a big part of any operating system's functionality, so it's good to hear Intel's gearing up early to support the latest Microsoft OS.

If you want to learn more about Windows 11's latest preview build or are curious about the hidden changes in the OS, or are looking for ways to roll back to Windows 10 in the event you're already on 11 and aren't liking it, check out our guides and general coverage of the operating system.

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