Intel suspends sales in Russia, joining other tech giants

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What you need to know

  • Intel is the latest tech giant to suspend sales in Russia during the ongoing war in Ukraine.
  • Apple, Dell, HP, IBM, Microsoft, and Samsung are just a handful of the other large corporations that have stopped or suspended sales in Russia.
  • Intel reportedly suspended processor shipments to Russia for industrial use in February but has since suspended all sales in the country.

Intel has suspended business operations in Russia. The tech giant confirmed the news to Reuters today, April 6, 2022. Intel is the latest large corporation to halt or suspend sales in Russia, following the likes of Apple, Dell, HP, IBM, Microsoft, and Samsung. Several other companies have also suspended sales or operations in the area, including game developers and food chains.

"Intel continues to join the global community in condemning Russia's war against Ukraine and calling for a swift return to peace," said Intel to Reuters.

In February, it was reported that Intel and AMD suspended processor shipments for industrial use to Russia. Now, Intel has taken things further by suspending all business operations.

The suspension and stoppage of sales by other companies drew criticism from Russia. The Russian government threatened to nationalize Microsoft and other western companies that have halted sales in the country.

The saga has also had an effect on PC sales. According to a report from earlier this month, multiple PC manufacturers have lowered forecasts for the upcoming quarters, at least in part due to the conflict in Ukraine.

The war in Ukraine effected the cybersecurity space as well. Conti, a Russia-based cybercriminal organization, publicly backed Russia in March 2022. That organization has since had its source code leaked, seemingly in retaliation for its stance.

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  • I'm a little surprised Intel didn't do this earlier, but then again they are under tremendous pressure in the consumer category. Maybe pulling out totally a month ago would have affected their bottom line just a little too much. I can't imagine it's for market share reasons.
  • Most of these companies will resume operations in Russia once the war is over.
  • Of course Intel couldnt have done anything else than obey the US war machine. If americans really wanted peace,they would have suspended all arms shipments to Ukraine. Not saying russians are saints,no,but american rulers are way worse.
  • So your solution to this war is to let Russia do it's thing without resistance and get whatever they want? I really don't get what goes on some people minds...
  • "US war machine" Russia invaded Ukraine. This is not rocket science. The whole world, not just the US or US companies, are sanctioning Russia.