The next fashion trend could be a PC inside a vest for VR gaming

Intel is developing a concept for a PC that can be worn inside a vest. It's been designed to offer virtual reality gamers more freedom to walk around.

You may remember a few months ago, PC makers like HP and MSI were showing off prototypes of PC backpacks that could be users for VR gaming. Now Tom's Hardware reports that Intel demoed the PCVR vest during this week's IGF conference.

The PC itself is on the back of the vest, with the front holding its large 100 Wh lithium ion battery. The concept is based on the idea that having a vest for PCVR gaming would offer owners better balance than having everything put in a backpack. The entire system weighs about five pounds:

Further, the team seems to have thought through the cooling issues. The vest houses an entire PC, and as we've discussed in regard to VR backpacks, there are obvious heat issues that can arise. But Intel's vest has fans--possibly three. The I/O ports are at the top of the vest, facing up to the ceiling, and there's an adjacent intake fan. The vest expels hot air out either side of the vest, through metal mesh vents. I was told that the system would never raise the wearer's skin temperature beyond 35 degrees C (95 degrees F).

The PC itself is one of Intel's small NUC designs with an quad-core Core i7-6785R processor, integrated Iris Pro 580 graphics, 8 GB of RAM and a 64GB SSD:

Alert readers will note that the Iris Pro 580, robust it may be, does not meet the minimum graphics requirements for VR. The presenters readily acknowledged this fact, but they wanted to show what the iGPU could do with an Oculus Rift DK2 and unsubtly hinted that they were looking into discrete GPU options that would fit neatly into the super-slim PC's form factor.

This PC vest was created in just a few months as a proof-of-concept, so don't expect it to go on sale anytime soon. Would you wear a PC on a vest for VR gaming? Let us know in the comments!

  • I guess it's not light to carry
  • the future is Holo Lens (sponsored by Microsoft) :D
  • I'd feel bulletproof wearing that thing :)
  • Virtual reality on the road, won't be long before you start seeing people misbehaving on the road cos their vision will be totally blocked
  • Misbehaving?
    Lol that's the least of your problems. There are so many accidents caused by people glued to their phones with headphones on. Imagine what would happen with zero peripheral vision and sound awareness?.... Lol...
  • It might be a clothing trend, but that most certainly is not a fashion trend.
  • I dunno, that guy looks pretty cool...
  • Lets keep VR in a room and stop being a nuisance to others :)  
  • He got that Robocop guy look
  • I'd just need a battery pack vest for HoloLens :D
  • It is a very simple thing. I am looking for MS itself to come forward and introduce it before others.
  • Please no...
  • Have you even been to fashion shows lately? That requires way too much cloth for a fashion show.
  • Al-Nusra / Daesh folks have a bit similar fashion taste. Might not be a good idea to go to airport looking like this.
  • Windows Phone is the next big fashion trend :P
  • Perfect for winter or very cold climates lol!
  • I'll use one with an AMD cpu+gpu to warm me in the winter
  • That's not gonna happen. Using HDDs are almost imposible while wearing that thing (because they are not ment for use in movement), SSDs have low capasity for most games which almost need more that 50GB free space and SSDs with larger capacities are too expensive (a 1TB SSD will cost about 300$). btw according this sentence: "a vest for PC VR gaming would offer owners better balance than having everything put in a backpack." and this: "This PC vest was created in just a few months as a proof-of-concept, so don't expect it to go on sale anytime soon." If you consider buying it as an option, you still have time to join a gym and do some workouts before you start carring your awesome PC vest.
  • This is weird but especially youtubers might love it =)
  • Sorry but nobody wants to wear a backpack with a computer nor a vest with a computer in it.  0%, nobody, not a single person. 
  • when was the last time pc gamers set a fashion trend
  • That's the stupidest looking thing I seen all year!
  • Go further - butplug vr!