HP announces a backpack PC for VR gaming you can strap to your back

VR gaming is neat but it's a bummer if you have to be tied to your desk, but what if you could actually enjoy immersive gaming experiences while mobile? Cue the HP backpack PC. This new product from the company is a PC that you can essentially strap to the back of you, similar to the one unveiled by MSI. Weighing in at around 10 pounds, the PC will be powered by Core i5 or i7 processors and sport a powerful enough graphics card for virtual reality.

Trusted Reviews also notes that the backpack PC will come with 32GB of RAM, an ideal amount for gaming of today and tomorrow. While the included dual-battery setup will only supply juice to the PC for an hour, they can be hot swapped thanks to a backup that will keep things running while you fiddle around.

There are a few ports located at the bottom of the pack too, including USB, HDMI and a headphone jack. There's no word on availability or pricing as-of-yet, but since you're already looking like quite the muppet with a VR headset on, a backpack PC won't do much more harm, right?

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Why is this a "thing" all the sudden? If you have VR, which is completely covering your vision - why do you need to be "walking around"? So you can walk into a wall?
  • VR experience centres where you can walk around a building and play different games? I can't see the day to day implementation, or good use of it in the next few years. Like a cross between AR and VR
  • So, are they kind of aiming at what "The Void" is doing with their custom VR backpacks? They've built specialty environments and tracking software for this.
  • HTC Vive supports room-scale VR with lighthouses. So yes it can track your movement.
  • With additional peripherals and sensors which need to be placed before hand. Otherwise your more than likely to go through a window lol. There are some windows that open pretty wide...
  • It's not really for walking, it's so you don't yank your entire computer station off the desk when turning around. :D
  • Everyone who has both Oculus and Vive are saying that moving around, even a few meters, makes the experience much better.
  • Too heavy! I rather a wire and enough space to move around... And 1 hour of battery life? Give mea break!
  • You lazy bag o' bones... =p I do what I want... =p
    Windows 10 RULZZ yer FACE!!!
  • I would risk falling with a $2000 backpack, this idea is ridiculous
  • Who you gonna call? Now all we need is a VR stay puft marshmallow man.
  • That would be awesome!  Great idea!
  • VR Luigi's Mansion when?
  • Haven't they seen Hololens?
  • Three companies have created similar things so far. Should we call them backtops?
  • No VRTops or VRT
  • iPrefer VRP for VR Packs... =\ I do what I want... =p
    Windows 10 RULZZ yer FACE!!!
  • BC: Backpack Computer
  • Why put the ports at the bottom tho. The headphone jack should be at the top
  • Turn that frown upside down, along with your backpack PC lol ;p I do what I want... =p
    Windows 10 RULZZ yer FACE!!!
  • Next doomsday device is created. I can imagine the news highlights saying "a man got knocked from VR to heaven" by a truck. With plenty of stupid people around this won't take long
  • Some people get some immersed into the their phones and music that they lose track of their surroundings. Just this morning i saw a guy walk straight into a lamp post. He had headphones on and his ipad upto his face.... Lol.
  • Who uses VR outside? I'd assume there would be a warning against that D:
  • Or the kid that takes it to school and sets off a bomb scare.
  • Is backpacking game included?
  • Yes, all you need to do is unplug the VR set and go to your nearest park
  • Need to make a limited edition proton pack version of this. Make some Ecto goggles VR headsets, too.
  • Is this a new backpack for Jaha to tote A.L.I.E around in?  More stylish than the old one...
  • I definitely think that Backpack PCs are now becoming a thing now. Sounds exciting!
  • Wtf