Intel's 12th Gen CPUs failed to push the company past AMD, according to Windows Central readers

Intel 12th Gen Core I9 Hero
Intel 12th Gen Core I9 Hero (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Almost 44% of polled Windows Central readers believe that Intel now closely competes with AMD and Apple in the CPU space.
  • Over 31% of voters believe that Intel still lags behind its competitors.
  • Intel's 12th Gen CPUs launched late last month and show significant performance improvements over the company's previous generation.

Experts agree that Intel's 12th Gen CPUs bring the fight back to AMD, but Windows Central readers don't seem convinced. Over the weekend, we ran a poll asking if Intel is back after launching its 12th Gen CPUs. Almost 44% of voters believe that Intel now closely competes with AMD and Apple, but only 25% of voters believe that Intel now leads the CPU market. Over 31% of participants believe Intel still lags behind its competitors.

The Intel Core i5-12600K, Core i7-12700K, and Core i9-12900K earned positive reviews from several outlets. The 12th Gen Intel chips are built on the 10nm process rather than the 14nm process seen in previous processors. This, and other improvements, help the new CPUs compete with the likes of AMD's Ryzen lineup. Intel's new chips are among the best CPUs, but it appears that in the eyes of our readers, the improvements helped Intel catch up to competitors, not surpass them.

At 43.73%, the plurality of polled participants believe that Intel now competes closely with AMD and Apple.

Other readers believe that it's unfair to judge Intel's latest generation until the company launches mobile versions of its Alder Lake chips. All of the 12th Gen chips that launched to this point are built for desktop PCs.

"12th gen mobile will show if Intel can compete," said Exhibit13. "Performance with no power or thermal limit is great but it doesn't mean much until we see a mobile version where there are thermal and power limits that need to be met. If they do something big here than yes Intel is back!"

While people disagree about how much Intel's latest chips raise its status in the CPU market, it appears that the narrative that "Intel is dead" has been quelled, at least based on our comments section.

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  • Is this a poll based on no one using the tech? Is that really useful?
  • Means you have a bunch of fanboys
  • Fanboys? I don't know if you have noticed but AMD has been on fire ever since they released the Zen architecture and at the very least they are now able to keep up with Intel whereas before they embarrassingly and seriously lagged.
  • @Brooke Brady Actually, you'd find most people are fans of competition, value for money and affordable tech. Ryzen delivers that in buckets. Sure, Zen 3 is somewhat “pricey” due to a)demand, 2)supply issues 3)previously due to not much competition from Intel (which is no longer as 12th gen gives plenty of competition. Where as the 11th gen is a waste of sand). However, prior to Ryzen we had to pay a arm and leg to get more than quad cores with intel. Thanks to Ryzen, Intel has gone from spewing out quad cores to actually innovating. As well as being value for money in the mid range. The 12700k is a decent mid range cpu (productivity and gaming - with DDR.4) and one to get if you want to stick with team blue. Gamers, 12600K and stay away from ddr5.
  • The fact that you can't use your brain doesn't mean that the rest of us can't. Intel wouldn't have released the new chips they have if it weren't for AMD pushing them. I've made a point of supporting AMD, even when they've been a step behind Intel, not because I love AMD but because their continued existence and success is good for everyone. I'm not a fanboy but you're a braindead ****** for not being able to think beyond the range that your knee can jerk.
  • It's typical of amd fanboys to be dumb and angry without knowing what the conversation is about. It's about whether or not Intel is outperforming AMD now, you're the ones who wrote above nonsense about "amd won in the past" which means for you "Intel hasn't won now." Total lack of brain and logic. One blind fanboyism.
  • Apparently the new motherboards that support DDR-5 memory are super expensive
  • I just had a quick look at the IT store that I usually use and a Gigabyte Z690 motherboard is twice the price of the equivalent Z590 motherboard. It's not surprising that a new generation should be more expensive than the previous generation though. I'm sure that they'll get cheaper in time, just as the previous generation did.
  • Early adopters pay the price for the new tech. Once the demand ramps up the price will drop. No different than the switch from DDR3 to DDR4.
  • Wow I got quoted in a Windows Central article, thanks for that. Made me 😊
  • "Our Readers" Lol. More like "AMD Fanboys among our readers." I have an ALL AMD-Rig, but if I were to build today I would definitely be going with a 12th Gen i7 or i9. Not only is it cheaper, but it's faster.