Intel's new tech could let Windows 10 owners use their voice to wake up a PC

A future Windows 10 PC with an Intel processor might be able to let its owner wake it up from a low power state just by saying, "Hey Cortana". That's the premise behind Intel's "Wake-on-voice" that was demoed today at the company's annual Intel Developer Forum.

Pocket-lint reports that the technology, which Intel developed in partnership with Microsoft, will allow Cortana in Windows 10 to always be listening, even in a low power mode:

"No need to press a button, no need to boot up manually: the new integrated audio DSP means you can say "Hey Cortana" and get your PC to wake-up from a low power state ready for interaction.""Brian Krzanich, Intel CEO, took to the stage at IDF 2015 to explain how the "breakthrough in digital audio is always listening and always responding in a real-time way", and that interaction "should feel like two-way conversations we have in our everyday lives".

"Wake-on-voice" will be incorporated inside Intel's processors but there's no word on when that might happen.


  • That would be cool. Then again my PC is always on
  • Always listening... Silently... .. That sounds a bit creepy.... :D haha...on s
    A serious not... How difficult this is for pc processors... I mean isn't this same as the voice feature on smart phones... With snapdragon processors?
  • Yeah basically intel is catching up to qualcomm
  • And to AMD...since my XBox One can do this since day 1.
  • You need the Kinect for said functionality :).
  • I don't expect it to be different on the PC that one would need a comparable device that allows the CPU to always listen.
  • Seems easy for current Intels. But Intel needs to work on the more important things. You know, like sandwich dispensers!
  • Id actually like one of those
  • I want push button meals Jetsons style ;-)
  • In reality windows 10 is setting good competition out the I just don't know when they will see the fruits of it all. Mac will just do same thing end of the year and call it a brand new innovation and people will clap guaranteed.
  • Like *reinvented notebooks* lol
  • Really cool, I was just thinking of using her to wake my monitors when I get back to my desktop.
    Intel are looking to innovate, and in the right direction too. Good.
  • Innovate = repeating the same thing Motorola and Qualcomm released 2 years ago and is now available in many phones? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • This. +1 Posted via the Windows Central App by OnePlus One
  • Well no one else is doing it on laptops.
  • now I have many reasons to get me PC.
  • I use sleep 90% of the time so perfect for me. Although sleep state breaks Windows Hello functionality for me. Not that it works for me anyway lol. But I was already wondering why you can't ask Cortana to "Shut down", or "Go to sleep".
  • Close apps and shutdown are needed.
  • So exactly like an xbox one does now? Not exactly a new groundbreaking feature. We've been doing this with our entertainment centres for years now.
  • You said yourself. On your xbox, not your pc.
  • Why must everything has voice commands?? While everyone's less speaking to real people, the more we speak to our machines (phones, game consoles, PC's...). Is it so hard to press a button to awake your PC?? Weird times, dudes... :-(
  • Well for someone that may not have use of their arms, yes, it may be hard to press a button. The world doesn't revolve around you and your way of life.
  • Or if your arms are full. A little bit of help with voice commands can go a long way. Talking with a PC/Phone/Console doesn't have any implication on how much you talk to other people. Besides, instead of typing, you can talk!!! And that is certainly much easier.
  • Why must everything be telegram based? While everyone's spending less time sending pigeons, the more we use electricity. Is it so hard to write with quill and parchment just to communicate? Weird times, dudes. :-(
  • Freakin luddite!
  • Sounds awesome! I love using 'Xbox On', and I'm sure this will be just as useful.
  • Nice to have on HTPC. Now we need Cortana integration into Kodi (XBMC).
  • ooo ... intel and nsa are in bed w/ each other. /s   wasn't that the sentiment when XBox one was always listening?
  • I guess the fact it was packaged in a gigantic "webcam" threw people off... Despite the fact most laptops have webcams already embedded into the top of the bezel lol and not to mention most smartphones as well lol.
  • You can already do something similar with Cortana on Windows Phone. There are a few apps in the store that integrate with Cortana and start your PC via wake on lan. Of course without a phone this would be even better.
  • Another reason to wait for the next-gen Surface and Yoga.
  • Intel says this tech was already possible with current Core M chips (Yoga 3 Pro) but I doubt Lenovo will enable this retroactively. Let's see if Surface Pro 4 picks up all the fun stuff!
  • The NSA's wet dream. And people will voluntarily use it. Too easy.
  • Pretty much. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • As if the microphones and camera on most desktops, laptops tablets and phones can't be used for the same purpose. If they can get to your computer, they can turn on the camera and microphone.
  • You're on the internet, its a little too late for you.
  • Good lord. Stop the fud. If they wanted to do this, they could already do it.
  • Meh, still not enough to make me buy an Intel CPU for my desktop.
  • Agreed old technology really amd been doing it since Xbox one!
  • And Qualcomm has been doing it with the Moto X years ago. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Why do guys crap on everything. You haven't given examples of where this is being done on pcs or laptops or tablets. Apple and google isn't doing itl.
  • And you can't still tell Cortana to turn off the PC, which doesn't require this new tech.
  • id be happy to just get Cortana in my country
  • I wish you could just call each PC a different name. I'm a nerd that may have more than one Windows 10 device in the same room. Ideally I wouldn't have 4 PCs turn on when I say, "Hey Cortana".
  • Cool
  • I always fart before getting out of bed. If the PC could recognize that and turn on it'd be fantastic.
  • @ anonburpmaster; The technical aspects like resonance, tones, vibrations, etc will not have a consistency for recognition for each command...
  • Nice try NSA
  • Nice fud!
  • I suppose that this will be a feature on the new Surface Pro 4. The collaboration between MS/Intel is going to be good for consumers
  • Using Daniel's sp3
  • Ever since owning an Xbox One Day 1 Edition I've been wanting such a feature with my PC's. I was actually wondering if the Kinect 2.0 for PC would maybe allow for such a feature?
  •     While this is very cool, it would be nice if you could change the trigger words. I don’t want to say, ‘Hey Cortana!’ and have my Phone, Computer and Xbox all come up at the same time.