Internal Windows 10 builds get new UI animations and icon designs

Windows 10 has been out for several weeks now, but the Windows team at Microsoft is reportedly still working on small but noticeable changes to its user interface. Newly leaked images show that the company has been working on some new menu animations for Windows 10, along with many changes in icon designs.

WinBeta reports that Windows 10 apps from the Windows Store now show open and close animations in their menus in recent internal builds, which are the same as users seen on regular desktop apps. Also, the context menus, instead of the pure white, now have a slight grey tint to them.

context menus

In addition, new icons for a variety of items in Windows 10 have also been put in recent internal builds, ditching the old ones that have been around even as long as Windows 95

Windows 10 new icos

The most recent release of Windows 10 for members of the Windows Insider program was 10532, which was made available on August 27. It's possible that those members will see these UI changes in future builds before they are released to the public.

Source: WinBeta

John Callaham