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International unlocked HTC TITAN now receiving 8107 OS update

We've been waiting on our unlocked, international HTC TITAN to get the notification for the 8107 OS update which fixes the disappearing keyboard (and a half dozen other items) and today is that day. Reader Israel I. alerted us to his TITAN getting the update so we just plugged ours in and bam, 8107 is ready to be installed.

While this means little for AT&T users (no, this does not mean you're getting 8107. as that's AT&T's decision) it's a good sign for many of us who use HTC's flagship phone in its pristine and unlocked state. The 8107 patch seems like the final refinement of the Mango update from this summer and we look forward to other Windows Phones joining the crowd.

Still no word on any US carriers deploying 8107, but we'll keep an eye out.

Update: And no, no new firmware was loaded. Same builds as from the December update.

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  • HTC HD7(Unlocked)also received this update just now.
  • I got the same phone but no update :'(
  • In the usa?
  • HTC titan on orange U.k.just got update through Zune.Much quicker keyboard response,although mine never ever suffered from disappearing keyboard ever.The back button at bottom left of phone is still slow to respond,sometimes I have to press it several times.Still think titan is brilliant,it will have to last me until we get 4g in U.k.On another subject,anyone know of a talking caller announcement app.Came over from android and I miss this feature.
  • Stupid comment system.  I meant for this to be here.
    You don't need an app.  In Settings, go to Ease of Access and turn on Speech for phone accessibility.  Then in Speech, turn Play audio confirmations on and select an option below.  It will ring and announce the caller.
  • Will the forced update method used for Mango, for those of us too impatient to wait, work? Att, USA
  • No.
  • What abt in Asia, when we r getting this 8107 update cuz sick of this keyboard disappearing... Is there any word on that??
  • We're not holding back info ;-) If we have any ideas on updates for anyone else, we'll publish it.
  • Titan users in Hong Kong started receiving the 8107 update 1 week ago. Some devices (mine included :( ) are getting the 80070013 error though.
  • I've received 8107 update on my HTC Titan last week... Internacional unlocked device. [Portugal]
  • I got the update last week, by hooking up my Titan to the pc with the usb-cable...
    Unlocked HTC Titan, Denmark (not the capitol of Sweden btw)...
  • Tweeted at 18/1/2012...
    #windowsphone 8107 update coming to Portugal # HTC #Titan
  • were there any firmware updates riding along? I'm specifically looking for something to address the mic quality.
  • Updated post. No new firmware or any software changes, just core OS.
  • French here, and mine got updated 2 days ago, no more dissappearing keyboard =D
  • I have a depressing feeling that AT&T is going to give a big middle finger to it's users. Just like they do with Android. This keyboard bug is really starting to get more aggressive and irritating lately.
  • Its really sad too, since we havent even got .7740.
  • I though MS rules were that if the carriers skipped one minor update they HAD to release the second one?
  • UK Titan received update. (unlocked)
  • UK Nokia lumia 800 just got update on 3 network
  • Got the update for my titan (unbranded international version) last week already and very glad to get rid of that disappearing keyboard bug. Didn't notice any other improvement so far
  • What about developer unlocked phones, Are any of those phones receiving the update?
  • No updates here, 3 ATT Focii v1.3. I keep checking and tweeting @WindowsPhone and @BenThePCGuy but no respones. Rather disappointing...
  • I had all released updates and firmware updates released prior to 8107. I used to manual cab sender from XDA a few days ago to update to 8107, this morning though I got a HTC update come through through Zune for my HD7. Firmware Revision Number: 2250.21.51101.401 Radio Software Version: Bootloader Version: 5.11.2250.0(134578)
  • There is a simple fix for the disappearing keyboard. Just go to Settings>Applications>Background Tasks> then turn off all applications running.
  • It's also easy to remove all your Live Tiles to save 1 or 2% of battery drain per day. Oh, and removing all your apps and media would free up lots of memory. Point is, I have my Background Tasks "enabled" because I need them to update the appropriate apps regularly. Breaking one thing to fix another is not a solution, short or long term. Every OEM and Carrier pushing the patch out is the appropriate thing to do. Enough said.
  • That's for sure the truth.
  • Haha yeah that is the same argument when my Android friends tell me they can get over a full days charge out of their phones... If they just turn off GPS, Wifi, Bluetooth.. Basically all the things that make a smartphone smart!
  • That perfectly expresses my feelings on that. It's like you go to the doctor complaining about a bum knee: "Well we can fix your knee. We just have to take that leg off at the hip and then the knee won't bother you any more."
  • My UK unlocked titan is also getting the update
  • HTC Titan Unlocked - Australia / Telstra received!
  • Received the update for my HD7 here in Canada a few days ago. I thought the Gmail server search was supposed to be fixed? It still doesn't work.
  • I just updated my Tmobile unlocked and my friend's AT&T unlocked Dell Venue Pro to 8107
  • I just updated my Tmobile unlocked and my friend's AT&T unlocked Dell Venue Pro to 8107
  • I Received notification this morning for my Omnia 7 in Australia on Optus. But the update failed :/ anyone had any similar issues?
  • Daniel Rubino, there has got to be something you can do to influence AT&T to come on with it. You've got pull man! I'm counting on you to help us get the Focus first generation update... Tell me something good. Sorry to put the pressure on you, but I'm getting scared here.
  • @Daniel according to AT&T its not up to them it's up to the manufacturer of the phone. According to HTC in my case they have no knowledge of updates. So I ask again, is it AT&T, HTC, or MS that is responsible for the updates? Btw, I have contacted ATT support multiple times and they all spout the same bs. Extremely getting tired of the ATT runaround.
  • So HTC knows nothing about updates. Then HTF did the International HTC Titan just get updated. Think Microsoft pushed it out without at least "telling" HTC. Such BS. Until Microsoft makes public their "actual process/flowchart" for updates, blogs will forever be filled with speculation. And unfortunately they never will, because is would cast a negative light on the lying, thieving, greedy Carriers.
  • Anyone have any idea when is this update will be in Singapore for my hd7??
  • Anyone have any idea when is this update will be in Singapore for my hd7??
  • Does the international unlocked Titan support TMO USA 3G/4G bands? I would love to get it!
  • Good question I'd like to know that too. Also anyone know about the 8107 update for TMOUS Htc Hd7
  • I'm updating my international device here in Australia on Telstra, but I hope there are more fixes than they are letting on. If not, I'm going to be massively dissapointed. I've put up with attrocious wifi connectivity issues and a compass API that was screwed up with the Mango update on all HTCs, even on my old HTC Mozart that put the compass off by 120 degrees. Not to mention tiles going blank for a few seconds on the start screen.
  • I think the tiles going blank has something to do with the being out of memory. It has to clear up some memory for them to load again. Just my thought
  • Updated, and it just did the blank tiles thing again. I'm a wp7 apologist don't get me wrong. But I think it's a quality issue that iFruit would never suffer from.
  • Got update notification through Zune & went well and finally no more wacky keyboard messing up my day :D -LG Optimus 7, OPN Carrier, Dev Unlocked in SEA :)
  • I know right? Seems like ever since Bell announced the 2 rollout dates, my keyboard vanishes like 10x more often. I can't wait for tomorrow...
  • As I am reading this article. I tried to connect my hd7 unlocked to Zune hoping that 8107 update is available then boom :) there's a new update waiting for my phone (:
  • Damn AT&T!!
  • I need this update!! T-Mobile USA where are u? :'(
  • I am leery of trying the forced update with my ATT TITAN because I don't know if the update will change the radio version. I already ended up having to go back on one forced update cuz I wanted the official ATT radio. My GPS, WiFi, and phone connectivity are good but the keyboard glitch is soooo old and irritating. Don't want to mess up one for the other.
  • Can we force this on an AT&T Titan? Just curious.
  • Come on AT&T! I want my 8107.
  • Still not got it on my unlocked HD7 in UK :( keyboard is doing my head in, plus will it fix the awful WiFi speed and connection issues?
  • Got the update but compass still way off. And I actually need the friggin thing.
  • HTC Mozart (unlocked) gets update :) [Poland]
  • You don't need an app.  In Settings, go to Ease of Access and turn on Speech for phone accessibility.  Then in Speech, turn Play audio confirmations on and select an option below.  It will ring and announce the caller.
  • I am very interested if AT&T updates the 4G speeds on the AT&T Titan.  So far it doesn't seem possible to get speeds faster than what amounts to the max in practice on category 8.  Unless you are seeing over 5Mbps, then I don't think it's running at proper category 10.  I've never seen over 3.5, and that was special.
  • "Still no word on any US carriers deploying 8107, but we'll keep an eye out." Did the author forget the same article he posted on 1/20 about US Cellular rolling the update or is this just supposed to be in reference to no US Carriers rolling out 8107 to the Titan?
  • Hi,
    im having HTC mozart 7 its orange mobile but im using it in indi. just want to confirm will i be able to update it and if yes after update will i have to unlock it once again ...
  • Hi everyone,i am about to purchase an unlocked htc titan from usa previously on at&t via ebay,will i be able to update it as and when the update comes through zune or will it get locked:(
    I stay in india,Delhi.
    Guys please answer