Internet Archive hosts thousands of classic MS-DOS games for free

Old games are absolute classics. Especially when you include the likes of The Oregon Trail, Prince of Persia and other DOS titles. If you've been meaning to fire these games up to relive the past (or find out how gaming was like back in the day), the Internet Archive has over 2,300 MS-DOS games available for free.

It's a perfect opportunity to find out how old games, with sub-par pixelated graphics when compared against titles released today, provided immersive experiences. "I'm all about that gameplay, that gameplay, that gameplay. Not graphics." So how does one play the games offered on the archive? All you need is your web browser.

The catalogue runs in an emulator, hosted on the web. This removes the tasks of downloading emulators and individual ROMs to play. Simply choose a title and hit play. The only issue being the website doesn't offer easy-to-use filters to browse the collection. Now excuse us while we go and enjoy some retro fun.

Source: Internet Archive, via: Wired

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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