Into the Dead, intense zombie game from iOS and Android now on Windows Phone

Into the Dead is an intense game. It throws you into a dark field full of zombies and you have to run past them. Do what you have to in order to stay alive. Keep moving and protect yourself by any means necessary. Into the Dead has been available on iOS and Android, but now Windows Phone users can play it, too.

Head past the break to watch our gameplay video.

Before you even start playing a round, we recommend going into the settings for the detail level. You can choose low or high. It works well on the high setting for the Nokia Lumia 1520. Try playing with this setting on your device to see which one works best.

When you start, you’re immediately running forward. The only actions available for you are left, right, and fire. There are four control schemes, so you can choose whichever one is the most comfortable for you. We like the tilting option to move and tapping anywhere on the screen to fire. The other option we like is controlling the directions on the left side while firing on the right side.

The zombies don’t appear to be moving fast, but they will grab and bite you if you get too close. If you graze just enough, you will stumble and most likely fall directly into another zombie.

There are crates on the field with weapons and ammo. They are glowing from far away, so you can plan ahead when maneuvering through the zombies. Bullets are limited, so fire only when really necessary.

Eventually, you will run into a zombie that kills you. At the end of the round, you get rewarded with coins for the distance. You can spend these coins for perks, but they only last one round. You can pay to start with a gun already in hand, have a head start at 1500m, hold more ammo, or find more weapon crates.

Coins can also be used to unlock weapons, zombie packs, or skip missions. Some examples for missions are “jump 3 fences” or  “set distance record without a kill.” Into the Dead can become repetitive, but these missions provide new challenges that make you say, “one more round.”

Don’t have enough coins to unlock what you want? You can spend real money in exchange for coins. For example, 10,000 coins cost 99 cents. The super coin pack with 500,000 coins costs $16.99.

Overall, we like Into the Dead. It’s refreshing from the recent endless runners that have just made their way to the Windows Phone Store. The visuals and sound are great. You’ll hear the player breathing deeply as he runs and you’ll hear zombies when they get close. It’s a horror game, so we’ll understand if you turn off the sound effects or keep the lights on at night.

Into the Dead costs 99 cents at the Windows Phone Store. That’s not a lot, but the game is free on Android and iOS. A free trial is also not available in this initial version, but we still think it’s worth downloading. Go play some rounds and let us know what you think in the comments!

Mark Guim

Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

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  • This will be a great year for wp :)
  • Maybe the year of the Candy Crush
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  • You guys need to stop using the 1520 for the article cover photos. Makes me jealous everytime I see it. Love my 1020 but that 1520 is straight badass.
  • Everything looks beautiful on the 1520.
  • Especially games
  • Extremely innovative to put those wires and screwdrivers which looks very nice :)
  • It's just a shame that for the vast majority of people it's simply too big   Roll on the 929 which will give us 1080p, S800 and a 5 inch screen hopefully, that's when I move back from Android to WP!
  • Yes it is big but once you have for a few days its kinda hard to go back to 4.3 to 5.2 inch smartphones
  • Yeah that's very true its kinda sad at the same time though. Now my 920 just seems so plain and not special.
  • WTF!? Free to play on iPoop and Analroid but costing money for us? I'll pass until they treat us with more respect. Happy New Year to everyone else!!
  • Agreed!
  • Dude, you gotta remember that we're still way too underpopulated to be treated as the two other big platforms are. The devs just need their money and cause there isn't enough of us to pay them the same way A and iOS do, they must figure another way.
    And definitely this is better than no game at all.
  • Well then let Bill Gates pay them, It should be free for us too!
  • Bill Gates is busy supporting education and vaccines for the poor.
  • wow, self entitled much?
  • I'm all for an ad-supported version, or at least a trial version.
  • But the problem with the ads is there are far fewer of us to make the same amount from the ads as apple and android
  • It should warrant us having it for free and android and iOS users paying for it cuz they are more in number, so more revenue. :D
  • So well said!! LOL.
  • They could just have ad support like they have on Android and IOS.
  • Usually you only get like 1% of your users to pay for your service. In this case, tokens. iOS and Android have far, far larger user bases so the 1% of in app purchases would most likely make more money than if they charged up front. Theyre just trying to make their money back while testing the waters. If you really want this platform to grow we need to make sure the developers are paid fairly for their work. I suggest you spend that whole .99 and use it as a way to show them there's WP8 interest.
  • But it's a chicken and egg thing. If the devs want to charge that is fine. But then it is not too much to ask that a free trial or ad-supported version be made available. Most prospective customers aren't going to bother if they don't have a chance to kick the tires before buying the vehicle.
  • Android version is ad supported .. Dunno about iOS
    I would prefer paying $0.99 so no ads appear atleast
  • Well if the other is ad supported than I don't mind paying to have it add free..
  • Is it seriously .99 cent? By the way people are complaining I was thinking like 10$. I will probably still buy at .99.
  • But the problem is that a lot of people don't use credit cards
  • Neither do I.
  • Ditto.
  • I will admit the immature side of me is still laughing at 'iPoop'...
  • "Analroid" Haha, brilliant. I probably laughed a bit more than I should of at that :P
  • Yes,you had to pay ,still wp is running very low in India because of this kind of play its getting worse for wp why a person is going to pay when others are getting it free.thats why the numbers of android users are dominating in INDIA.people are laughing on us using wp which don't even have c/c,s/s,templerun2 which are outdated in android phones recently wp launched for high end device still 70% of wp users are not able to play.
  • It's .99! Seriously, people cry when we don't get apps\games and cry when we do. I guess people think everything is supposed to be free just because they spent money on the phone. By that thinking, if you buy an XBox, Playstation, TV, Stereo... all the content for it is supposed to be free. Get real, developers aren't in it just for recognition, it's a job and like every job, you work to get paid. So what if other platforms have it free, I'll take ad free for .99 all day. Your choice to buy a WP for whatever price knowing you would have to actually spend money was exactly what it is, your choice. Don't blame developers for trying to make a living off of their hard work. This to all crying about a measly .99!
  • We do have temple run 2...
  • You're seriously complaining about $0.99?  I'll likely never play the game, but at that price I didn't even have to think twice before buying it solely to support the developer and show that there is money to be made on the Windows Phone platform. 
  • Exactly 
  • I wonder if Robot Unicorn is coming soon too!
  • Yeah, MS should bring Adult Swim to the WP/W8 ecosystem, their games are ridiculously good. Pay them millions, buy the whole company, do whatever you have to. I miss their games so much.
  • 7.8? :(
  • 1520 :P
  • 525 is the answer!
  • +525 !
  • Any WP8 device is the answer!!
  • Free on Android and iOS, but not on WP? That's a load of crap.
  • You try spending a year or two writing a game and then give it away for free.  Who's going to pay your bills?  When there are 300 million Android devices in-app advertising might give you enough income to give an app away for 'free'.  When there are not so many users (WP), you need to pay for things somehow...  In-app purchases is one way, the other is to simply charge money.  Crap, when you go to the store do you get your groceries for free? It really annoys me when everyone feels entitled to get everything for free... /end rant.  No, I'm not the dev, but am a dev.
  • I agree with you realwarder.
  • Your argument doesn't hold up. Other people don't get groceries for free. My complaint is that iOS and Android get it for free and we don't even get a trial. I like to support developers, but not when they treat us like this.
  • Android version has ads, Windows Phone version doesn't .. Huge difference and it comes at a price
  • I don't care if it has ads. With this version I can't even try it before I buy it. That's not a smart way to sell games.
  • +920. $0.99 is NOT a lot.
  • I know devs have to eat, and dream of hitting the jackpot, but why can't they at least give us a trial version? I have bought over 200 apps to show my support for WP devs, but they have to respect us and treat us fair and square, too.
  • For us who do not have any means to pay for an app, it is a bit disappointing, for me at least a trial version should be in the store.
  • I'm happy to pay... If I get to try before buying. BTW, I make my living writing software, so I get the bills thing. I've also paid for too many just-a-dollar apps that weren't worth the dollar.
  • Agree 100%
  • It's 99 cents mate get a grip.
  • Not just 0.99 , it doesn't even have ads like Android .. So there is a difference
    People act as if both versions are same
  • If there was a trial I might've spent the dollar. Doesn't interest me looking at the pictures. A trial could've changed that.
  • Y u no watch the video? I was tempted by the game until I saw in the video just how limited the gameplay is. There's already similar games in the marketplace (such as Mars Runner), this just adds zombies and IAP.
  • You get a grip, mate. It's not the fact that it's $.99. It's free on iOS and Android. There's not even a trial on the WP version. I don't just go throwing around $.99 at every app that doesn't have a trial.
  • FYI this game is also available for Windows 8:
  • When I first looked at it, I read $19.99! WHEW!
  • From a zombie game lover, many of which get uninstalled immediately, this is worth the buck. Good fun.
  • Awesome game, I have it on my 2520 :)
  • Oh, I wish I had a 2520 :(
  • I don't care if its free on Android or iOS, I'll pay 99 cent as long as we get to support the developer. Plus, this is a fun game to play.
  • Instabuy. I'll pay for support any day, other WP users should as well.
  • It's a shame they're screwing WP users since it's free on other platforms.  I'd even buy it if it was an Xbox game.  Looks like a decent game but I'll be passing on it.
  • No ads
  • Happy new years to the whole community and to the team at WP may 2014 be a even better year for windows phone
  • +925
  • +2014
  • when will asphalt 8 be free for wp8 too....anyone any idea???
  • Never
  • that sucks!!!!
  • Why is everyone crying for .99 cents once you pay its ad free or am I wrong. You're probably drunk already instead of wasting that .99 cents on another beer that you'll never remember just buy the game or app.
  • Yeah no ads
  • Are you serious? Don't you know how many things 99 cents can buy these days?! Nah, me either :P :P
  • This is great news. I think, Windows Phone is about to turn the corner sort of speak. This game might not be free, but popular apps are coming. I'm glad I didn't jump back to Android. I can't wait for what's stored in 2014. Happy New Year Everyone! Best Wishes and enjoy the ride!!!!
  • No free trial, uh no thanks :v
  • Strange before I ever played this game in iphone and free in store windows phone but why in this game pay. Ah how this
  • English isn't your home language, is it?
  • Its not free...
  • Fuck this year. It dicked
  • I prefer to pay for a game than have its design tainted by iap's.
  • Same here. I've already bought it, great game.
  • Same here
  • Good news, you can still pay for the game. Bad news, it's still ruined by IAP
  • I knew it!
  • Yeah f1rst comment of 2014!
  • Let me try to clear this never ending argument.  User's perspective- Totally agreed. No reason why it shouldn't be free. Dev perspective- Where is the money? Motivation? Recently, Microsoft Advertising Pubcenter fill rate has gone down to less than 20%. Microsoft confirmed that it is not a mistake and many countries having 0% fill rate. Understandabily, devs are not happy. Not sure how much MS can do to fix it. Dev Solution - More Paid apps over ad supported MS Actions- To offset the difference and keep both dev and users happy. MS giving away store credits to buy apps in different ways such as shop surface and other products to get credits, Bing search and earn points to buy credits. Going Forward Users- Please continue to support Devs by buying apps if you like them. Most of the apps are generally around $0.99. Dev's-Please create and also port as many apps from other platforms. User community started to enjoy Windows Phone and is growing ... MS- Please continue to put emphasis on improving Windows Phone and Windows 8 platforms. Quick updates are highly appreciated. Encourage healthy apps development. Better SDK and tools. More and more features. More Ad revenue support is equally important.  Conclusion Devs need Users- Users need Devs. MS needs both. To make the platform popular and successful all parties must work together.
  • And all of the above is enhanced when devs include try before buy. Microsoft built the feature into the SDK and store, and is a win for devs (more sales) and users (less risk).
  • Yes, all apps that need to be bought needs a trial version.
  • No try no buy. And also paid + IAP is taking the piss
  • Surprising that it runs so smooth on Lumia 720. They should add Xbox Live features.
  • working good on my 720 :)
  • .99 cents isn't a big deal. Save your fat ass from eating a mcdouble this week.
  • Should be free
  • Nice seeing more apps and games moving from android and ios into wp
  • I would only complain if it wasn't playable on 512MB devices. Thanks to the low devices WP got and keeps getting people's attencion. But the price... Yeah, support the developer who support us. Happy new year, by the way.
  • How well does it work on the 920 ?
  • just installed, works great :D
  • Reminds me of a PC game called "DeadHunt", will try this out.
  • Error!
  • Happy New year to all Windows Phone Central users ..... Peace and this game just rock buy it ... I had it on my iPhone5s on g4 and I will install on my lumia 1520 too keep it up dev and thanx to bring such a good game for the windows phone platform... Luv ma wp8. C ya peace ... ^_~
  • I got 25 bucks for buying apps when i got 925, so thank you Microsoft for buying this great game for me! :) Btw happy new year!
  • Yes! Been wanting this. Install!
  • Very old game thou.
  • Yay finsnally
  • The game looks extremely nice (fully HD optimized!) on the 1520. Absolutely love it
  • Hey wpc I got an update an hour back I didnt know what it did but the system is the same (amber).what did it do plz help
  • Why this game it not free, why , why
  • I had this on my Android tablet... Nothing special even for a money.
  • Oh man, just spent a mind numbing 2 hours playing this. Best 79p spent in 2014 so far
  • Games these days sucks with IAP. I mean you pay for a game and then you still have to pay if you want better stuff, worst of all in game credits earning sucks big time.
  • True. I try to avoid iap games and buy full games, but some of them are really good despite iap.
  • Really, this game must be FREE! I mean it is not fair! Why do Android and iOS get this game to be free and us Windows Phone users must pay for it??
  • Hope subway surfers will launched for 512 Mb buh my hope :( .. Not in new year too :(
  • Happy new year! Hopefully we get the big games and apps the same time as the other platforms.
  • I just purchased and played it on my WP ,good game then I installed it on my kids android tablet. (Purchased to keep my kids off of my phone) in my short experience with android apps I've learned they're chock full of ads , every free game or kids app . I understand why they're free. Most of those free apps work just like demos, you want the full game or no ads then you must pay..
    and for people who want to switch to android or ios because of a game that you will probably uninstall in a few weeks isn't available, should probably get a Droid tablet or iPad just for playing games . Same difference as paying for a movie in a theatre and watching that movie on NBC channel 9. Excuse me while I go uninstall the games my kids unintentionally put on their tablet.
  • Bought. This game is really nice. The only problem , like many others, is the necessity to buy things inside the game.
    I agree if one wants to buy items to speed up the progress, but there is no given possibility to reach the same by just playing. This is kinda frustrating.
  • Game is extremely looking good on my 928! Did not regret paying 99 cent!
  • Stop with the runners and tower games. Boring, and start more morph games.
  • It's a fun game! Played it on ipad mini. Have bought it for my L925 to support devs and show my respect.
  • Great fun with this but the best thing about the game is menu music! OMG is there some place I can get this tune?
  • Confirmed smooth as butter on 521
  • If you want the best gamer windowsphone 1520
    Addicted to minion rush
  • Thank GOD its finally on WP8! I had this game on my old iPod Touch and I really missed it. Even if it costs money,its only a $1. Well worth it if you ask me!
  • Awesome, I will gladly hand over $0.99 for this game without any ads. Its a great game, well worth the money. I hate ads, if I download anything with them they are deleted in seconds.
  •  I couldn't agree more. I would rather pay for a game upfront and not be annoyed by ads every time I open it up as opposed to getting it for free and then having crap pop up on my screen. But a very atmospheric game. Combining two of the hottest things out right now (endless runners and zombies) was a great idea. I just wish it had Xbox Live Achievements. I really hope Microsoft works out the certification barriers in 2014 because there are a lot of good games coming out.
  • Yes, it's also a play on the fact that if you write a and l closely together they look like d. :D
  • I wanna buy this game and a lot more. Unfortunately, I don't have a credit card, neither a Paypal account. It's not giving the option to use a debit card, when the Payment page says, "Credit/DEBIT card." Sucks! :( Is there a way to input a debit card? Anyone, please?!?!
  • Just enter your debit card details, the same thing happened to me. But it DOES support debit cards
  •  Also I put in a vote for Super Zombie Run Pro because besides the zombie run game it has a zombie short stories section and it plays streaming zombie movies for free