Invites to the next Xbox One update preview are rolling out

Not to be outdone by the latest Windows 10 Mobile Fast Ring updates, the Xbox team are rolling out invites to join a preview of the latest Xbox One update.

The update itself hasn't gone live, but a wave of invites to enroll to the "Latest Xbox One Experience" is currently heading into Xbox messaging inboxes. This update will likely begin to prepare Xbox One consoles for the promised Windows 10 Anniversary Update, which will bring various improvements across the Windows 10 device family.

Xbox Preview Program Manager Emily Hanson tweeted to say that the timing of the invites is based on which users earned the most points submitting feedback in the previous wave. As usual, you should expect that eventually all Xbox One Preview Program participants will be invited. If you want to get invited sooner next time, you'd better make sure you submit those feedback surveys!

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Check your messages on Xbox Live to see if you've been invited. If you have, head to your apps, then select Xbox Preview Dashboard, go to Registration, and enroll yourself under "Preview - Latest Xbox One Experience." There's no word on when the update will appear, but expect it in the very near future.

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update for Xbox One is anticipated to include things like UWP apps from the Windows 10 Store, background audio playback, and perhaps even mouse and keyboard support. The update will likely also include various quality of life and usability enhancements, based on telemetry data gathered on the dashboard's usage.

Additionally, Cortana might break cover in the latest update. Microsoft's virtual assistant made an appearance in the NXOE experience preview last year, but her full capabilities have remained under wraps, pending further development. She was demonstrated previously as being able to perform complex, multi-step tasks using natural language, eliminating the need to step out of your game. A couple of examples Microsoft gave previously include the ability to record specific lengths of game DVR footage and immediately share it, and finding out whether your friends are online, and being able to invite them to a party. Unlike the current Xbox's rigid, syntax-driven commands, all of Cortana's commands will utilize natural language, as seen on Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile.

There's every likelihood that the update will also begin setting the groundwork for major, heavy-hitting features Microsoft will likely save to announce at this year's E3 conference.

The Xbox One has evolved massively since the console's reveal back in 2013, gaining piles of minor enhancements, dashboard optimizations and incredible new features like Xbox 360 to Xbox One backward compatibility.

What features would you like to see in the latest Xbox One dashboard preview? Let us know in the comments!

Jez Corden
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