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What you need to know

  • InWin has two new BR series AIO CPU coolers on the way.
  • They are the BR24 (240mm radiator) and BR36 (360mm radiator).
  • They will be available in Europe but not the United States.

InWin's pair of brand-new BR series AIO CPU coolers have a lot to offer consumers. Not only do they pack the regular cooling bells and whistles along with the nice bonus of ARGB lighting that can work with ARGB motherboard software from any of the big guys (MSI, ASUS, Gigabyte, or ASRock) as well as via InWin's own bundled LED controller, but best of all, their designs are built to keep more than just your CPU cool.

Here's the pitch: These coolers pack a block fan blower that will push cool air onto components below it, such as the GPU and your SSDs. The idea is that this extra distribution of cooling will enable more of your case's components to maintain optimal temps, thereby extending the life of not only your CPU but also the other parts in your rig. Everything from RAM sticks to the motherboard gets a taste of the benefits, ensuring the rig as a whole sees a decrease in temps.

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InWin's site gives a breakdown of how much cooling you'll benefit from when it comes to each component specifically, but here's an example: According to InWin, its cooler can bring RAM at a stuffy 78.9 degrees celsius down to a much cooler 55.7 degrees. That's a big decrease.

Here's the only snaggle: When these coolers' preorders open on June 7, 2021, only Europeans will be able to grab them. No United States buying option is available at the moment, meaning U.S. PC enthusiasts with the best CPUs and best graphics cards (such as the RTX 3060 Ti) will have to wait.

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Inwin Cooler

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Stay frosty

InWin's two new BR series coolers aren't just designed to keep your CPU in good health, but also all the other components in your rig that tend to run hot. That's the sort of temp control InWin's promising.