iOS 5 vs the Windows Phone Mango update

We'll just leave this funny little result here from Engadget. Looks like Cupertino has some problems on their hands with lots of "issues" going on tonight. See TiPB for more. (Of course we can't gloat too much, after all, having your servers hammered that much isn't necessarily a bad sign for your market share, is it?)

Oh and if you want, go vote now.

Daniel Rubino

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  • At least Mango didn't delete people's contacts :)
  • or all of their downloaded apps lol
  • or waste people's time ;)
  • At least every iOS device Apple said was compatible could get iOS 5 on day one. Still waiting on the HD7S update here ...
  • yeah, what like 4 ios devices? not a huge task.
  • More like 7 devices:iPhone 3GSiPhone 4iPod Touch 3iPod Touch 4iPadiPad 2And of course the iPhone 4S is coming with it, so they're supporting 7 devices in all, which is pretty decent. All 6 of the above mentioned devices could download it on day 1. I have an iPod Touch 4 and installed the update 1 hour after it went live (had to run errands). It took a bit to download due to size, my crappy internet connection, and server congestion, but it went by flawlessly.The update automatically backs up and reinstalls all of your apps, So I dunno what people are talking about, there. The data installed with it so I didn't have to redo any setup in those apps, either.Umm... Never had to worry about contacts since I sync to Windows Live or Gmail (depending on device) and never store contacts on the phone or PMP, anyways.
  • Nope hearing from alot of people on those commnents that their 1st Gen Ipod Touch can't upgrade.
  • @Calnor"every iOS device Apple said was compatible"Apple never said the 1st gen Touch would get, sure it never got iOS 4 either, it's last major revision was iOS 3.toddos is right in what he or she said, every device Apple said that could get iOS 5 got it.
  • "every iOS device Apple said was compatible"I see, must have read it wrong. I think i also missed the part where apple said that some user would get a stripped of some features they were used to having while everyone else would begin to enjoy them as a new feature of iOS 5, as in original Ipad Users.
  • I'm proud to say I saw that and had a HUGE smile on my face earlier today.
  • haha and it's still going up. 16k+ votes. says a lot for how good Mango is!
  • Mango blows the other OS's away, look at how long WP7 has been out and then how long Android and iOS has been out. That's all that needs to be said.
  • I hope this is the last I ever hear about people complaining Microsoft should be more like Apple and their update process!!
  • Well Microsoft still has its fair share of issues with updates. But yeah I think it really should be easier for Apple to update only a handful of SKUs of products they themselves have made.
  • I updated my 3GS earlier, took 7 tries and a restore, but everything was there afterwards (people who lost things were the ones dumb enough to unplug the phone before the sync was complete).It was a terrible process though.
  • I'm one of those people that voted for the Mango option (even though I was using Mango RTM way before official). But I also did install iOS 5 on my iPad 2 earlier today, so technically I fall under the first option too. I just wanted to support Mango :)
  • To be honest that was a great update process. I installed Mango as a developer thinking I had to revert back to an old backup, but they made it so that I didn't have to do that! Updating my developer build of mango to the official one of HTC was quite easy!
  • Exactly. I love the way Microsoft allowed for an easy transition to the official build without any loss of data on my part. It was such a good experience.
  • There were some Android users that voted for Mango too, out of spite for Apple, as evidenced in the comment section over there. Apple articles, like no other, bring out the Android fans in droves :)
  • I noticed that after reading the comments, but it still brings some attention to Mango which is always good.
  • I think alot of those votes bashing iOS 5 come from ppl who know engadget is a mouthpiece for apple and hate that. I voted mango because it went alot smoother updating my HTC than trying to update my iphone 4.
  • Hahahahaha....hahahaha.....hahahahaFinally WP7 gets some well deserved kudos. It's even sweeter that's it on Engadget a/k/a Apple Is The Truth
  • Engadget may still give tips to Apple, but the general vibe is actually pro-Android. Just look at the way that they wrote the article on Samsung modifying the gallery scrolling function to avoid a ban. That is a definite win for Apple, because Samsung had to step off its IP.
  • I had to read some of those comments, made me feel a bit giddy. Now its Mango at 25% awesome. Can't help smiling....
  • I voted already for the last one. Love my mango sweet update that went real smooth
  • Apple sold more iPhone 4s's in one week then WP7's were sold in the last quarter.
  • At least the notifications in ios5 are not completely useless. :/
  • I cannot say, because Mango is still not available for my Focus version 1.4.
  • Too funny, but really, do you think that all of the votes for 'Mango' were from actual Mango users? Please! The comment section over there is flooded with comments from Android users who HATE Apple, and I don't think it's too much of a stretch to think that those Android users voted for 'Mango' to skew the poll.
  • I can attest the near flawlessness of the Mango update for my phone. No data loss, no bricking, none of the issues with iOS5.Except of course, that it isn't available for my HD7s, it's late, and MSoft, HTC and AT&T are refusing to explain either why, or when it will become available.Sorry - Mango Update = FAIL
  • I got given the task of attempting to update my wife's iPhone 4 to iOS 5. After about 6 attempts and getting the 3200 error (Server overloaded as said on other sites), I gave up. I guess I will try again tonight.I've used her iPhone a lot, after playing with my WP7 device, I can not see the appeal of the iPhone besides it's Apps(admittedly there is a lot of apps I wish I had access to). When people ask me what I think of the iPhone (I am an IT professional so I should know this stuff) I'm always honest. I always say, it's nothing more than a Pretty, glorified app lanucher. And that's how I honestly feel about it.
  • But, think about what the iPhone replaced a few years ago - so its glorified app launching system at the time was revolutionary. Blackberries and phones with the old crappy WP interface were no competition. Then, its app market took off due to decent dev tools, and a good marketplace with huge installed base. I have a WP7, and I like Metro as it has potential. Though I would never have bought a WP7 device if it were not for my iPad supporting my app needs. iOS and Android just have more apps, the quality of iOS apps are top notch. So it is very much about the apps. MSFT has a lot of catching up to do.
  • I would like to have my Mango update! Still waiting for notification
  • Yes I too updated iOS for my ex-iPhone 4. just to see what difference does it make? iMessage is nothing when compared to Mango's thread, Thread is smart enough to decide & notify the user on which service the other user is. if whatsapp can be integrated in messaging of Mango.. this would be worlds best thing ever made :P... iMessage works with apple ID. so you need to have friends apple ID saved in your contacts, your friend might be using a different email ID as Apple ID.. kinda sucks... moreover approach to use iMessage is not user friendly.. you have to go in on a contact scroll down, tap message, then choose from various phone nos & email IDs.. (choose email ID which is apple ID of friend) then iMessage declares if its iMessage or normal SMS. i am all on Mango now...& i totally love.. & feel very satisfied & unlike iPhone users my life is not miserable iPhone users heads are grounded to the screen.. in train, buses, sitting, standing, walking, running, don't know if any activity with "ing" left you can imagine of.....keep staring at screen...buhuhuh sad... with Mango... i live my life to fullest... in & out the people centric approach by MS...
  • I voted for Mango too. Just to get it out there more. Wish Microsoft could market WP7 like they can market Kinect. Then the whole world would know. I am so happy I forced my Mango update, made sense as I got very impatient. Cheers to you all.