It loves you, it loves you not. Microsoft kicks off festive Bing campaign

Microsoft has kicked off a festive campaign for its Bing search engine. With Valentine's Day soon approaching, the male populous will ascend on these mighty portals of vast searchfulness for ideas on how to either woo a desired female, or make their way out of the dog house. Taking advantage of the popular celebration of love, the company is asking "what do you consider the most important quality in a partner?"

Microsoft ran a survey asking that very question and has presented the results in the chart below:

Bing Valentines

"A surprising one in 10 people have ended a relationship on arguably the most romantic day of the year. This year Bing is challenging people to reconsider their search habit and break up with Google. You wouldn’t keep dating someone who isn’t trustworthy, so why use a search engine known for serving its interests over your own? In fact, a whopping 85 percent of people report that trustworthiness is the most important trait in a mate, beating out good in bed, sense of humor and wealth."

Trustworthiness is certainly a good start! Which is exactly what Microsoft hopes to offer with Bing. Wealth, sense of humour and performance under the sheets can come with future algorithm alterations, but trustworthiness is key for not only human partners, but search engines themselves. The company has previously hit out at Google for its invasive marketing and advertising techniques, and now the main search engine is being targeted once again.

So what are the reasons that will help consumers switch from Google to Bing? The following are provided by Microsoft:

  • Google Shopping displays adverts only from merchants that pay for such placement and ranking. Bing offers honest results so you get the best deals from across the Web.
  • The Bing Snapshot feature includes one-click access for booking reservations or buying tickets so you have more time for doing and spend less time searching.
  • Bing keeps you and your friends connected with friends being pulled from both Facebook and Twitter. Just last month there were new updates to the social sidebar, which mean even more available content from your Facebook friends right within search results. A quick search on Bing will show you not only main results but also which friends have liked those search results and posted status updates, comments, photos and more about them.
  • Bing won’t spoil your sweetheart’s surprise with the disable history option. Perfect for using the search engine for either gift ideas or 4chan image searches.
  • Bing offers unique rewards (or tokens of affection) for using the service as it was designed to be used. Just searching enables you to earn Amazon and Starbucks gift cards, free Xbox LIVE and Hulu Plus subscriptions, as well as donations to charities.

Bing has come a long way since it was launched back in 2009. Microsoft has been slowly building up its share of the search market since and has attempted to come across as "Good guy Microsoft" to consumers with attempts to win the hearts of frequent searchers. Whether this campaign will take off or not remains to be seen, but the search engine is definitely worth considering in the race.

Do you Bing? 

Source: Microsoft

Rich Edmonds
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