Is it time for Microsoft to move on from the Windows 10 brand?

Windows 10x Mock Prox Split
Windows 10x Mock Prox Split (Image credit: Daniel Rubino/Windows Central)

With recent reports indicating that Microsoft is putting Windows 10X on the backburner in favor of focusing efforts on Windows 10 desktop, the question is: What comes next? After all, Windows Desktop has been proceeding as-is for quite a while now, and though it's a decades-in-the-making achievement, all good things must come to an end. So should that end be now, and if so, what should Microsoft rebrand with or move on to?

Vote for the future of Windows and let us know what path you'd like to see Microsoft take. Think it should keep going up the numerical ladder by choosing Windows 11, just like it did by following up Windows 8 with Windows 9 — oh, wait. Or how about Windows 21, since skipping numbers for the heck of it is a great way to make a clean break from what came before?

Alternatively, if your dream future for Windows isn't listed above, feel free to drop a comment explaining what your ideal operating system would be, what it would be branded as, and why. And if you feel Windows 10 is fine as-is and you don't want a rebrand or new OS, share that as well! There are many reasons to love the current iteration of Windows, even if it's not exactly built on the freshest foundation.

Robert Carnevale

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