January 31 is the last day to claim OneDrive's 15GB of free storage and camera roll bonus

If you currently have 15GB of free storage on Microsoft's OneDrive cloud file storage service, and also get 15GB of additional storage if you get the camera roll bonus, you don't have much time to keep those options. Microsoft is allowing those users to opt-in and claim those extra storage amounts until Sunday, January 31.

The issue started back in November when Microsoft announced it was going to reduce the amount of free storage it was going to give OneDrive users from 15GB to just 5GB in early 2016, and eliminate the 15GB camera roll bonus entirely. This action caused a massive backlash from customers and in December Microsoft backtracked somewhat, and allowed those current users to keep both bonuses if they go to a particular website and opt-in for those options. If you don't, you will find that your free storage on OneDrive will be cut down to 5GB on February 1.

If you are a long time OneDrive user who also has a 10GB Loyalty Bonus, you can rest easy as Microsoft won't be eliminating that free storage amount at all.

Sign up to keep your free OneDrive storage amounts{.cta .large}

John Callaham
  • Apparently I don't need to opt in. Anyone else?
  • Best, double check just incase :).
  • Yeah i'm pretty sure I did this before, but i'm gonna double check anyway. Just in case!
  • Please help me..how to claim 15 gb camera roll bonus from iphone? I turned on auto upload yesterday..but didn't get bonus yet...
  • You might have to actually have it upload a picture to OneDrive automatically first. I don't know how it puts it on accounts.
  • I thought it was just for windows phone
  • Hi instank, only way I know is if you had Windows Central app installed in your phone you go to the Show in browser, and stroll down until you see the link and click on.
  • What about the one-year subscription to Office 365?
  • Pay
  • That stays until your subscription stands valid.
  • That's why that's not a great subscription. It ends in a year. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Lumia 950 XL
  • I have 1.02TB available...
  • Yeah I just made sure to opt in too and saw that I have a total of 1.22 TB of storage. Yaay for Bing, Groove, Office, Camera Roll & 15 GB free worth of storage. Don't see myself running out any time soon.
  • I've already done it.
  • Thanks for the reminder Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Thank you for the reminder.
  • Yes, I'm very appreciative for this reminder also. I totally forgot.
  • How to do it...???
  • (:,'
  • So if I have totally 30gb and I'm using 17.8gb so they just removes 10gb?
  • No. You will lose 25GB if you don't opt in.
  • Thanks for reminding!! Windows central team
  • Thanks for remebering me :D @John
  • So who here's still has 200gb from the other promo?
  • Here!
  • Here tooo . Hope it wont be affected 
  • Me
  • From what promo?
  • Read the fine print. Something about selling your soul or sacrificing your daughter. Not major compromises, but just saying.
  • It's just Bing advertising that you can opt out of later.
  • So it's worse than I thought.
  • I didn't knew that we could claim for our 30GB storage.. This article made my 3 months of my phone better.
  • Have 108 gb out of 130 available.
  • Thanks for this!
  • The way microsoft is moving I will be in the competidor services and devices soon
  • Thanks, I almost missed it! Not like I need it anyway since I have Office 365 for life, but why say no to free storage right :)
  • How to get it
  • Whats the website?
  • How to do it ?
  • Please tell
  • O365 makes this problem irrelevant. Seriously folks, think of paying for the subscription. The OneDrive, Office and Skype minutes combo makes the 2-3$/month worthwhile.
  • Sure, it's cheap, but not everyone needs Office.
  • @TheLumaniac. Everyone needs an/a office suite. Otherwise how would you get paid :) let alone get some work done.
  • Guys click the last link in yhe view links section
  • I have opt in, so by that how much storage will I lose Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Happen to have better services from 2006, Microsoft can keep their OneDrive. With a Tera byte of external hdd who needs 15 gb that requires internet connection ⁉
  • That's the point of cloud services. You have access from anyone and you won't lose your data (a hard drive can easily break)...
  • How to check one drive storage from one drive app
  • Hamburger menu ->settings ->accounts ->select your account
    Done :)
  • Thanks John:)
  • 15GB is still a really small storage, then they reduced it into 5. Still rather use another cloud storages, with way... higher space (and free)
  • How do you oppt in?
  • I already subscribe to OneDrive (personal)....  Will MS give me something else....?  Foot massage?
  • People keep asking how to opt in. The article doesn't say and I've not received any emails from Microsoft. The One Note app and website doesn't say anything about it. So I'm asking again, how do we opt in? Someone who knows the answer please say something. Thank you
  • You opt in by going to http://aka.ms/onedrivestorage
  • Thank you :)
  • Can someone tell me that whether MS is going to stop on the promo too? Or will they announce more?
  • OneDrive is so damn terrible now. My desktop OneDrive docs folder wasn't synced for a couple weeks so it had more files than the one in the clouds, and when I selected it to sync ALL MY NEW FILES (the ones not found in the cloud) GET DELETED AND ONLY SYNCS WHAT THE CLOUDS HAS. No amount of extra space can fix this mess that is onedrive.
  • I remember this a while ago and I was hoping you guys would do a quick article to remind everyone and of course you didn't disappoint, I'm glad you cover things like this otherwise I'm sure a lot of us would have missed this!!!!
  • Still BS if you ask me. Thankfully I opted out but to just do this. Smh Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Lumia 950 XL
  • When in India?
  • Pffft! I have 40 GB of free OneDrive storage from a loyalty bonus I claimed long ago...
  • I've got an extra years free subscription to office, which was unexpected but very much appreciated.
  • Thanks for the reminder. Just done it, says success you won't be affected by the changes. Even though I have 1TB for getting a Lumia 950 xl I'm sure that ends in a year. Thanks again.
  • Thanks, I almost forgot that one...
  • Today I found out that OneDrive automatically tags my photos with tags such as "Beach", "Portrait", "Pizza", "Food", "Trees" etc. I had no idea that this was a feature. I don't remember it being advertised, and it's definitely cool and useful because it is a different approach to viewing one's photos. But sadly it is not widely known. Maybe Microsoft need to tag a couple of people as "gorillas" or "walruses" to attract some publicity?
  • Thanks all for the reminder!!
  • I just checked mine and I have 128GB of storage. That's great.