January 31 is the last day to claim OneDrive's 15GB of free storage and camera roll bonus

If you currently have 15GB of free storage on Microsoft's OneDrive cloud file storage service, and also get 15GB of additional storage if you get the camera roll bonus, you don't have much time to keep those options. Microsoft is allowing those users to opt-in and claim those extra storage amounts until Sunday, January 31.

The issue started back in November when Microsoft announced it was going to reduce the amount of free storage it was going to give OneDrive users from 15GB to just 5GB in early 2016, and eliminate the 15GB camera roll bonus entirely. This action caused a massive backlash from customers and in December Microsoft backtracked somewhat, and allowed those current users to keep both bonuses if they go to a particular website and opt-in for those options. If you don't, you will find that your free storage on OneDrive will be cut down to 5GB on February 1.

If you are a long time OneDrive user who also has a 10GB Loyalty Bonus, you can rest easy as Microsoft won't be eliminating that free storage amount at all.

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John Callaham