OneDrive's 10GB 'Loyalty Bonus' will continue for its current users

If you are a OneDrive user who has 10GB of free cloud storage space that was labeled as a "Loyalty Bonus", you can rest easy. Microsoft has confirmed that bonus won't go away when it cuts down its free storage to 5GB for new users sometime in early 2016.

Here's the history of that extra space. Back when Microsoft called the OneDrive service SkyDrive, it gave people 25GB of free space. It then cut down that space to 7GB but allowed people who signed up beforehand to keep their 25GB of space. Later, when Microsoft increased that free space to 15GB of storage, the people who had the old 25GB of space got to keep it, except that it split that amount between the free 15GB and a extra 10GB of space labeled as a "Loyalty Bonus".

In November, Microsoft announced that it was cutting back the 15GB of free storage space down to just 5GB. Last week, after a massive backlash against that move by users, the company said they could keep that 15GB of space after all, if they signed up on a special site by Jan. 31, 2016. Many people have since asked if the 10GB "Loyalty Bonus" would remain. Douglas Pearce, Microsoft's Group Program Manager for OneDrive, confirmed they would indeed keep that bonus in a message on his Twitter account:

"The old loyalty bonus was never getting touched. Just the free quota and camera bonus which now you can keep."

In addition, OneDrive users with a paid subscription to Groove Music will still keep their extra 100GB of free space. The changes also won't affect any bonus space that users have received via referrals.

Source: Douglas Pearce (Twitter); Via: WinBeta

  • So they went through all this trouble, got horrible customer feedback, when they could've just cut new user allowance from the start, without ******* off their loyal OneDrive users.
  • They still killed unlimited storage for office
  • Blame that person who used that storage as computer image backups.
  • But come on, unlimited has to be unlimited right? Does it really matter what the users are doing? Shouldn't that be private?
  • It's always within reason.  An all you can eat buffet won't take kindly to you staying for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  In this case people treated this all you can eat as a 24 hour permanent diner. 
  • It does matter... Unlimited resource is always virtually unlimited. Unlimited digital service should have conditions to make it unlimited, ie, protecting it from abused by users. Unlimited bandwidth has FUP which throttled down when user abuse it. Unlimited food (all you can eat thing) has limited time and pay the left-over penalty to prevent customer abuse the foods. So why can't unlimited storage do the same? Why it matter? Because when phisically, storage, bandwith, foods, etc ARE limited. If some users abusing the services, it ALWAYS impact other users' experience.
  • it is the same as with Lifetime warranty for example for RAM. Do you really are going to try and get replacement for that 20 yo RAM ? 
  • Maybe they arrogantly thought they could get away with it. But they wouldn't know if they didn't try
  • ya but testing the waters has still damaged their reputation. Now we know MS' departments are downgrading in an already competitive business.
  • At least they are listening to our complaints, which is better than nothing. There are tech companies that would have just plowed through with their original plan.
  • But they should be smart enought to anticipate backlash.
  • And we shouldn't have to go reclaim it ourselves. Just give it back to everyone! I feel like kind of an ***** for having to go click that button just to keep a silly amount of space. It's like a cat and mouse game, now you get it, now you don't, now jump, now run around in circles... And I've gotten most of the bonuses which have given me a couple hundred gigs. I have also bought an O365 E1 for my own personal use, but I cannot combine the space from my personal account with the enterprise one.... I realize they are two different products, but they really shouldn't be. I mean the name is ONEdrive, right?
  • Considering it's doubtful most users will bother opting in, or won't even know about it, they're still going to be saving a lot of storage compared to if they just grandfathered in all current users. I'm not sure it's enough to offset all the bad PR, but I'm not sure it's not either.
  • No one screws its own fanbase like Microsoft.
  • Good.
  • Excellent Posted via my HTC One M9 - an elegant smartphone for a more civilized age
  • Hokey smartphones and ancient devices are no match for a good lumia at your side, kid.
  • 4 more days...
  • I can't wait! Marathoned this weekend in preperation!
  • Same here! I'm freakin' pumped!
  • I'm seeing all three formats on opening day. Digital at 8:30 am. IMAX at 12:30 pm. 3D at 5:30 pm. Or something like that. I tried to get Digital, 3D, IMAX, but the timing didn't work as well.
  • I can't get that excited, for a story that was basically complete... until Disney came along and put an infinite amount of money in George Lucas' wallet. I'll wait until the video's available.
  • Actually like halo the scripts were already there George just decided it wasn't needed
  • I see a movie at the theater about once every two years, so this is my treat to myself. Besides, aren't there like 1,467 Star Wars books? Surely the current 6 movies haven't covered them all.
  • They DO still love ME! =D
  • Definitely a better move than the one planned. Reminds me of the Xbox one problem even before launch. They don't learn... I bet there's people who already leaved the platform because of this.
  • What a mess.
  • Is it a mess? really? Or, is it more free press, and this time for them doing something good? Come on.. play the game with me. Say something that might be controversial to get yourself some headlines.. then once the headlines die down, reverse the controversial statement and make yourself look like someone who's always had the back of his followers (customers).
    The last thing everyone hears is a bunch of good press about MS. Doesnt that seem like a smart business plan to you?
  • "Doesnt that seem like a smart business plan to you? No, it doesn't. So uh, where did you get your MBA?  
  • Lol heres 1 that as usual went apples way the icould hack their celebrity clientele defend apple when in reality apple was the dimwit who didn't apply their philosophy of making sure things were secured properly.
  • That's good to hear. I've already done it and I will keep my extra 10GB.
  • But why do you have to go to that site to claim it?? That is just silly, making your customers jump through hoops... just bossing us around. They should have let everyone keep their 15 GB, not just the ones who are alert enough to go claim it. I mean, those who are alert will probably be the ones more likely to use it, whereas the rest probably wouldn't be as likely to use it. But the message is a much better one.
  • Because they know most people won't do it. This eases the PR hit while still saving a ton in storage costs. All the people complaining about the previous announcement are placated, while the silent majority continue on the path to 5GB.
  • Does anyone know which site you have to go to?
  • It's like they don't think things through.
  • Presently I have 15 GB as "free storage" and a 15GB Cameral Roll bonus (camera roll is going away though right?) Then I have 100GB for groove music (since I subscribe) but another 100GB as a "Bing bonus" which is good through Feb 2017.
  • I have the exact same situation. Make sure you go to the link to keep the 15 gigs and your camera roll bonus. Windows Central for an article with the link.
  • Thanks, I missed the quote in the article about camera roll.
  • Before you know it, nothing will be changing LOL
  • What's that special site?
  • The link in the article will take you to the original article with the site.
  • camera roll will stay too
  • Awesome, been using this since I signed up for hotmail back in '02. Glad I'll keep my space.
  • I still have 231gb available, I guess I am ok :)
  • how about this, current customers get to keep whatever size storage they have... woth all the Bonuses they were given
  • I'm curious to know what that special site is. So that I can ensure that I don't lose my space.
  • It's linked in the article:
  • That's a relief!  I also get to keep my 15gb camera bonus and my 15gb storage by opting in here, So That's 15gb + 15gb + 10gb as my baseline storage totalling 40gb.  I also have 100gb bing bonus, 100gb dropbox bonus, and 1TB Office 365 for so some people would probably ask why I was so concerned with Onedrive suddenly dropping their free storage to just 5GB.   It's  a psychological barrier for me.  5GB is just too freaking small as to be almost useless. 15GB is uncomfortable and I'd probably shop around for a secondary cloud storage service to supplement it.  30GB is probably my sweetspot, big enough for basic storage needs like camera roll backup and some files, and comfortable enough that I wouldn't mind paying for additional storage when I need it instead of feeling pressured to buy additional storage because they're just giving you 5gb.   
  • Too late since I mainly use an android phone I just went with the Google pictures app. It's good to see they are trying to appease the masses. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Good but it still doesn't explain the reason for all this mess..
  • The fail inside Microsoft is incredible. This is all too common a pattern. "We're changing something..." Rabble, rabble, rabble. "Oh, never mind." This reminds me of The Simpson's episode where Bart is trying to grab something on top of a bookshelf that shocks him every time he touches it. Yet he keeps jumping to grab it, saying "ouch" each time, but never learning not to grab it.
  • Except they're not even close to saying never mind. The unlimited option is still gone, and the vast majority of free users are still going to be dropped to 5GB with no camera roll bonus. They know most people won't opt in, to say nothing of new users.
  • So, am I gonna have 40 GB now?
  • So do you get to keep the 1tb you get from office 365 when the subscription finishes? Does anyone know? I have 1.12 tb.
  • Traditionally, when the subscription stopped you didnt loose your files (space). It just meant you could no longer sync any new files, ie you would have to delete everything to go below your remaining limit in order to add files again.
  • At this point I have no idea how much storage I will have after they make the changes. And what about someone who simply buys a Windows phone, no office 365, no groove music, they just bought a Windows phone. How much will they get? In addition to that, I saw the link to "keep" the 15GB but how do we know if we were supposed to get that in the first place. I have never seen a company make things so confusing. It should be real simple, buy any windows device, get a certain amount, buy another, get more. And so on. Can't keep track of this. I currently show 29.9 GB free, I guess I get 30GB. What will I be getting when this all changes?
  • It's really not that difficult... Why is everbody trying to make it confusing? Microsoft made a decision to take away drive space down to 5GB free (probably in an effort to have more people pay for storage). Users blasted Microsoft for it because they had been given 15GB free plus 15GB extra for using camera upload. Microsoft relented to those voicing their opinion and gave them a way to make sure they are not hit by drop. Using the site the Microsoft published you opt-in to continue having your 15GB free + 15GB of camera upload bonus. Users that were vocal now fully receive their original storage allowance. i.e. NOT DIFFICULT!!! Microsoft also clarified that the loyalty bonus is not going away. The 10GB is staying and was not getting touched in the first place. So if you had 30GB before and you opted in to continue receiving it, guess how much you have? 30GB if I did my math correct. If you didn't have the 15GB + 15GB then you are not going to receive anything special. I.e. if you're already a user then you had 15GB (it's been that for a long time, only special thing is the 10GB loyalty bonus which was a long long time ago... in a galaxy far far away...). If you never signed up for camera upload then you don't have the 15GB camera upload bonus. Therefore clicking on the link you will only keep the 15GB of free storage not the camera upload bonus. Now why you would not sign up for camera upload in the first place I have no idea...  And if you can't keep up with what all storage Microsoft has given you... then that's your problem, not Microsoft's... especially considering OneDrive even shows you exactly how much storage you have and what all contributes to making up that much (i.e. it shows the free, camera upload, O365, bonuses, etc. It splits it out for you.... it can't be much easier). Stop making it confusing and just read the words they are printing.
  • One of my friends received 100 GB of free OneDrive (then called SkyDrive) storage when he bought his Surface Pro 2.  What's going to happen to those users?  Is that storage in danger of going away?  
  • If it has an expiration date on it in OneDrive, then yes, it will go away.
  • What special site and do I still need to sign in? I miss the news last week.
  • Still have 1.2TB free. No big deal for me (gotta renew my Office 365 subscription soon, though)
  • What happened to the Bing Rewards option to get free OneDrive storage? I have 330GB, but 200GB expires at the end of the month and another 100GB expires at the end of February.  I want to be able to redeem my points for more storage.  30GB won't be enough, and I don't feel like paying for it.
  • They did it to save some money. Windows 10 is already free for download in both platforms "so where to earn from??..... Oh I get it ! Why not just save some from OneDrive e and storage?"
  • Awesome.  I'm using almost 10 gigs now, so the 5GB limit would have really crippled me.  Now I can sit comfortably at 25 gigs.
  • Guys , I have a surprise. Check Amazon they have Band 2 for $199. Yay
  • Its articles like this that highlight how confusing all these one drive changes are. I think the damage is already done and trust has been broken with users.
  • Im from malaysia and I still got 130GB storage for onedrive , old loyalty bonus....seems good to me
  •    Question. Does anyone know if we get to keep the storage space that we used when we uploaded our music?