Jays to launch Windows Phone dedicated earphones

Swedish accessory manufacturer Jays will be launching the a-Jays Five series of earphones this summer, with a version for each mobile platform supported - iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Sporting flat, tangle free cabling, a handy clip and MEMS microphone, every Windows Phone owner will find the new kit useful when out and about.

The earphones will come with a three-button control setup, which will function differently per operating system. As one can see from the image above, they're gorgeous looking too. As well as Windows Phone, the buds will also play nicely with any Windows 8 tablet, with answer / hang up on calls, play / pause / skip songs, manipulate volume levels and more. 

We'll be sure to get a set to see how these new earphones perform with Windows Phones and tablets. Consumers will be able to pick a set up for €90 in black or €100 in white. More information, including US pricing and exact dates of availability will likely come soon.

Source: Jays, via: Engadget; thnaks, Ewert, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • I have a-Jays 3. Would love to have a dedicated WP version. Take my money already.
  • What about the sound quality?
    Can you compare those with a couple of Shure earphones?
  • Well the sound quality is above average if not the best. But the best thing about Jays is its built quality. No headphones survives me more than 2 months but Jays did.
  • I know I'm a couple years late by just purchased a pair of Jay 5s for my 830 and they are wonderful, the build quality I top tier for the price range and the sound isn't the best but definitely worthy of price range. ;)
  • Great now we need more wp dedicated accessories instead of the iphone rubbish :)
  • If we had the case variety like iPhone that would be AMAZING
  • Amazon has tons of WP cases. My kids both have L820s and are ordering new cases every other week. They have at least 10 each already.
  • +100000000000
  • nothing beats the nokia purity. i just dont know why :P cuz i own one maybe
  • Native earphones? am I missing something here? what exactly is the point?
  • The volume/answer controls are different for each OS
  • <facepalm>
    So, hardwired headsets are OS specific, but my bluetooth can control volume and answer across anything it pairs with?
    Am I the only one seeing a problem here? As consumers we should boycott crap like this.
  • Bluetooth is an industry standard, the wired headsets and hardware specific. A standard would be nice, but even with the pressure of the EU laws regarding charger ports, apple does it's own thing...
  • Jays have an app for each OS as well.
  • First I thought these were made by Jay, lol.
  • Probably tested by Dr. Jay. Lol.
  • Jay-Z!
  • Hahaha @unstoppablekem :) But yeah, what do they do differently? I'm confused.
  • They go to 11.
  • That means they are bettah!!!!!
  • I thought this was a per-manufacturer problem, not per-OS?
  • I assume not to be confused with "JayBird" headphones? Which I have a pair and enjoy very much.
  • looks sweet but also confused as to how exactly the different versions differ? my current bt headphones function perfectly for everything from music control, to volume, to even launching the tellme voice prompts.. what more could be added?!
  • Am I the only one that finds giving 90€ for headphones, ridiculous?
  • You got to hear them buddy.
  • 90€? My Denon's costed 350€ and my Sennheisers before that costed 399€.
    Depending on how much you appreaciate your music quality and use your headphones there's really no limits, not to say better is more expensive, especially when it comes to HiFi equipments its as invidual as it can be. 
    I recommend visitng HeadFi and see just how far headphone and in-ear prices can go. There's no limits if you ahve the cash and appreaciate what it brings. 
  • Well, you obviously either have a lot of money or nowhere else where to spend it. I can find half a dozen things where I would blow up 350€ before I buy headphones.
    And no headphones are worth that much. Unless they come made out of gold and saphires. There's a limit from what the human ear can detect. And I can assure you you won't listen to anything that a person with some 15€ Sony headphones doesn't listen to with equal quality.
  • While I agree to a degree, but going down to 15€ is a bit OTT.
  • You say that, but you're wrong.
  • So then you agree that no TV is worth more than 200 Eur? 
    Same image quality in 200 Eur TV as 2000 Eur TV? 
    Great dude. 
  • Nope. I just recently got a Bose MIE2 set, they're mid-tier at best but they are really good with bass & clarity and those are about the same price.
    If you want good sound and headphones with WP specific controls, I'd say this is par for the course. Like tissotti said, headphones & in-ears can go MUCH higher than 90€.
    The only thing I'm against are those people being ripped off by buying Beats headphones when there are so many other better products out for that money.
  • To me, 90€ is way too much for headphones since I don't really value sound quality, but it's nowhere within my right to judge whether that is appropriate for someone else.  Same with Beats.  They look great, and sound good and nobody can dismiss how much thats worth for someone else.
  • You're not the only one. And I enjoy music just as much as the next guy or gal. IMO, headphones this much better also make money and toast magically appear, lol.
  • Yes.
  • That's what I thought....until I actually upgraded to high end ear monitors. Makes all your fav songs sound like new again. You will hear intricacies in songs that u never knew existed.
  • I have a pretty good ear. And I can assure you that I can listen to details in the arrangements of songs with a 15€ Sony headphones just as I can with overpriced ones.
  • Bullshit
  • Cheap bastard or defective ears!!
  • I agree paying that much for headphones is borderline insane. But a sucker is born every minute!
  • +1
    actually, as you said 15EUR headphones are enough for most people
    I'm sure a $30k car is good enough for anyone, a $20M car is just insane, and it's not even comfortable
  • Beautiful design. Love the case. Great to see WP included w/iOS & Android!
  • I'll be getting one.
  • Will these headphones support FM radio?
    Is there an FM antenna built in?
  • That's exactly what I wanted to know.
  • All headphones act as an FM antenna.
  • That might be true, but are they good and fit for the purpose of FM Radio.
    I have a nice pair of sennheiser headphones the sound quality is excellent but FM signal is terrible,
    then I have the cheap headphones that came with my phone - the sounds quality is terrible but the FM Signal is Excellent. LOL
    See what I mean
  • I hear ya there, I have to use my Samsung stock earbuds if I'm using fm radio. The only thing that works well. Maybe these will work good as well. Cuz my own ones are shorting out I have a mini clip holding the wires bent to keep the short connected.
  • They look real sexy, but i aint got that type of money
  • Hopefully the sound quality is good.
  • Nice.. Been looking for some decent headphones! May give these a look (or listen) ;)
  • I love my Purity earbuds, but these look sexy. But my Purity are going strong, so i don't need any new earbuds right now.
  • Agree.  I got a free pair of the Nokia Monster Purity in-ear phones with my L900.  Over a year and still using them on my L920.
    Bought a pair of the Soul by Ludacris SL99 on sale at Best Buy.  Very nice sounding.  However, I still prefer the neutrality and transparency of the Purity (no pun intended).  But my wife absolutely loves the Soul.
  • I have Dr.dre beats its not heeded
  • Sold.
  • I'm not familier with Jays.
  • Dunno bout you lot but I am more than happy with my beats studio by Dr. Dre... :3
  • Duck! The haters are gonna try and have a roast now, lol.
  • It depends on taste. My sister has Beats on Ears of somekind like. Very happy with them and using them like all the time. I tried them. Not for my taste, but I can see someone love them. Instead I have Sony's MDR-XB 300, and very happy with them.
  • I have Bluedio R headphones that feel more sturdy, have equal (if not better) quality (they are HiFi), and connect wirelessly to my phone (for music/video, making/answering calls, and voice control) or my computer via Bluetooth. Not to mention, they still support line-in, but also...microSD (saves battery life on your phone)! Paid $115 on Amazon (vs $300 + Tax for beats Studio). I sampled Beats Studio and Solo and I'm happy I bought neither. I get asked almost every day walking downtown what I'm using and after a short demonstration on someone's ears...minds blown!
  • If you like to overpay for stupid branding and bad sound quality then I guess I see how you could be more than happy with Beats.
  • Its probably just me but as much as I love the flat tangle-free cables, I don't like the Jays.
    They didn't fit my ears all that well and fell apart in two months. When I contacted customer services, I got just got crap written in Swedish.
  • Colors please!!!
  • I am skeptical of the "plays nicely with Windows 8 tablets".
    I have the Monster/Nokia branded earbuds for my Lumia 920 ("Nokia Purity Stereo Headset by Monster").  I do really like them - in fact they look very, very similar to these "Jay's" earbuds.  I am typically not a Monster fan, but I do like the sound of this set, and they were the only earbuds I could find that had built-in controls for windows phone.  Interestingly, Noka lists the recommended phones for these as being the Lumia 710, 800, and 900 on their web page. 
    But I have found the following:
    - There are 3 buttons and an integrated Mic on the Monster/Nokia earbuds.  The volume up and down buttons work fine, including when the phone is locked.
    - The middle button can be used to start and stop audio playback, and also to answer and hang up calls.
    - Disappointingly, these do not have as much functionality as the cheapo earbuds included with iPhones.  I.e. the Nokia Purity Stereo Headset by Monster does not allow you to use the middle button and double click to advance or triple click to review.  Nor does it allow you to double click & hold to scan forward or triple click & hold to scan in reverse.  This is very basic functionality that is missing from WP8 (at least with this headset and the Lumia 920).
    Anyway, the main point of me writing this is that I have also used my "Nokia Purity Stereo Headset by Monster" with my Microsoft Surface Pro.  NONE of the controls on the headset work to control the Surface Pro, either volume or music playback.  (I have not checked to see if the Mic works with the Surface Pro).  This is disappointing, and it also makes me skeptical as to whether there even is a "Windows 8 tablet" standard for controls for these Jays to even be compatible with....
  • I have the purity inears with the 920 and can confirm that double and triple clicks work for previous and next. Not sure about the click and hold since I have never wanted to do that, but everything works the same as it did on my old iphone.
  • sounds, Awesome!!! :-)
  • You forgot to mention the most essential thing: That the remote design is squared of so that it matches the UI style. How can you not write that, that is the most news worthy thing about it? :)\
  • You did not mention the most essential thing about this: That the remote is specifially designed to match the WP UI and/or Nokia and HTC device designs. How could you miss this? Is what makes it news worthy.
  • Ehm... I bought my jbl j 33 to match my orange 620, pretty nuch the same, just without the controls, which i dont mind when im listening to music x)
  • Glad to hear this. My Nokia/ Monster earbuds suck so bad. I've replaced them twice already since Christmas. Not cool for $90 head phones
  • What windows phone has good sound quality? That's the main thing I don't like about my 920 is the bad sound quality. :'(
  • The left earphone from my default lumia 920 earphone set just stopped working :'(