Jellyflug Micro Adventures - Windows Phone gaming on the microscopic level

Jellyflug Micro Adventures is a Windows Phone game that sends you to microscopic levels to guide a tiny glob of bacteria across forty-five levels of play.

Available for low-memory Windows Phones and Windows 8 device, Jellyflug Micro Adventures falls in line with most of your platformer styled games with enemies to defeat and treasures to collect. The environment of the game helps Jellyflug Micro Adventures stand out a bit from the pack. Graphics are nice, game play challenging and in playing Jellyflug Micro Adventures over the past few days, it comes across as an entertaining Windows Phone gaming title.

Jellyflug Micro Adventures Menu

The main menu for Jellyflug Micro Adventures offers the customary options to jump into game play, access the gaming options and view a codex of all the bacteria you will encounter (45 characters in all). You also have in-app purchase opportunities from the main menu to unlock various gaming features such as unlock all the levels, all the characters and remove ad-support.

Game play is level based with over forty-five levels spread out across five worlds. Levels are progressively unlocked (unless you pick up the in-app purchase) and can be replayed to better your score.

Jellyflug Micro Adventures

Game play is your typical platformer style where you guide you character through the level, navigating around physical obstacles, battling enemies and collecting treasures.

The gaming screen has your treasure tally in the upper left corner along with your score. Directional controls line the bottom of the screen to move your bacterial blob left, right and jump. As your blob travels across the platform, it will spawn a series of baby bacterial particles that follow it much like a baby duck will follow the mother duckling.

Jellyflug Micro Adventures

You can tap on the screen to throw one of your kids at the enemies you encounter (much like you would throw a rock at them). The baby bacteria will bounce around the screen and can take out multiple enemies in once toss or destroy obstacles that block your path. Just remember some of your enemies will require multiple hits before they go down.

You also have to collect the colored microbes that look like jellyfish. You can collect them by running into them with your bacterial blob or toss baby bacteria at them.

Jellyflug Micro Adventures Codex

While Jellyflug Micro Adventures doesn't have a game timer, your bacterial blob does have a life meter. It is the colored ring that wraps around the pause button and if you sustain enough damage from your enemies - game over.

Overall Impression

Jellyflug Micro Adventures is an entertaining Windows Phone game. Graphics are decent, game play isn't without challenge but in the end Jellyflug Micro Adventures may struggle to set itself apart from other platformers available in the Windows Phone Store.The unique storyline does help pull it away from the pack slightly but it's missing that intangible that hooks you into the game.

Jellyflug Micro Adventures

The only nit I can come up with (and it is minor) for Jellyflug is that on occasion, graphics in the foreground mask your player. This could lead to a misstep, costing you valuable health points.

Overall, Jellyflug Micro Adventures is a decent platformer game that is available for both Windows Phone and Windows 8 devices. It's not an overly addictive game but will grow on you slightly. At last check, the game is unrated in the Windows Phone Store and we would place it somewhere in the 3.5 to 4 star range. If you try Jellyflug Micro Adventures, let us know what you think of the game in the comments below. Also, remember to rate it in either Store to give the developer a little feedback.

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