Recently (and begrudgingly), I switched to a Razer Blade 15 laptop from my Surface Book 2. As much as I love the Book 2 form factor and inking, the lack of raw computing power was beginning to hold me back.

The exceptionally warm summer months were particularly hellish on my Surface Book 2, where throttling was cratering performance to an unworkable level. As such, I went and picked up a Razer Blade 15 (2019 series). While perhaps not as elegant as the Book 2, the Blade 15 simply gets the job done, with far beefier specs, and far more powerful cooling. For those who have asked me on social media and beyond, I thought I'd put together a list of the accessories I'm using to augment my Razer Blade experience. For the most part, it's pretty similar to my list of accessories I was using with my Surface Book 2, but the inclusion of USB-C on the Blade 15 makes for some exciting additional options.

Work horse: Razer Blade 15

Current laptop

Although it's less sexy than the Surface Book 2, it is far more powerful and capable for gaming and more intensive productivity tasks. My current laptop is serving me very well.

From $1600 at Amazon

4K HDR: 43-inch Samsung Q60R QLED 4K TV

I recently upgraded to the new Samsung Q60R QLED TV, and I couldn't possibly be happier with my purchase. Owing to a USB-C hub that I use with my Razer Blade, it's easy to utilize it as an external second display as well in a pinch.

From $800 at Amazon

Dock 'em up: VAVA USB-C Dock

Although I'm using an older model, this updated version has far more features and compatibility, in a far more ergonomic package than the large powered VAVA dock I'm currently using, and generates no heat.

$45 at Amazon

Game capture: Elgato HD60

For streaming shows on Mixer, I currently use the Elgato HD60 via the Vava dock and USB-C. It's sleek, works flawlessly, and has a very tiny footprint in my office.

$180 at Amazon

Stream control: Elgato Stream Deck

To control my streams, I use the Elgato Stream Deck, which offers 15 configurable LED buttons for posting automated messages in chat, social media, among various other media controls. It also has a growing third-party developer platform, integrating other products like smart lights, and so on.

$149 at Amazon

Sound solution: Astro A50 (2019)

I'm lucky enough to have access to literally dozens and dozens of headsets thanks to my job, but the latest Astro A50 has become my go-to. Its ability to mix audio from Xbox and PC simultaneously makes it a killer wireless headset for streamers.

$298 at Amazon

Until Surface Duo...: Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Thanks to Your Phone compatibility on Windows 10, I receive texts and other mobile-to-PC information via my Galaxy Note 9, which has a unique partnership with Microsoft for these sorts of experiences.

From $635 at Amazon

Classic mouse: Microsoft Intellimouse

I do use Razer mice occasionally, but I prefer the ergonomics on the Microsoft IntelliMouse, perhaps for no reason other than it's the mouse formula I grew up with. And hey, it also has RGB for some Razer-like fun.

$40 at Amazon

Haunted controller: Phantom Black Xbox One controller

For games that feel a little dodgy with a mouse and keyboard, I pair up one of Microsoft's Bluetooth Xbox controllers instead. My favorite is this ethereal Phantom Black controller, which is just sexy as hecc.

From $58 at Amazon

Razer edge

Razer provides many of its own accessories, like the beefy external GPU housing Razer Core, and various Razer mice and headsets, but I've always found them to be a little pricey for what you get in return. My favorite accessories aren't necessarily the best out there, either, but they're the products that I find give the most bang for your buck, along with the versatility my job demands.

I adore the Astro A50's ability to combine PC and Xbox audio wirelessly, which is great for streaming and content creation. I love the sleek, subtle ergonomics on the Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse Pro, and the Vava USB-C dock makes up for all the ports the Blade 15 misses, such as SD-card reading.

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