Job posting confirms Mango app compatibility in Apollo

There has been speculation previously that Mango apps wont be able to run on Apollo-powered Windows Phones, especially from rumour preacher Eldar Murtazin which were subsequently squashed by Brandon Watson. We've been fairly sure (and hoping) that apps would run on the next version of Windows Phone, and now WPSauce has come across a job posting at Redmond that confirms compatibility.

The job description for the position of contains the following:

"Automated testing of marketplace applications written for Mango, but running on Apollo. Write code, file bugs."

While this is further confirmation, we'll have to see what resources Microsoft provide to the developers in the coming months. With the Apollo update (Windows Phone 8) looking set to be a massive overhaul, it'll be interesting to see how the software giant plays this out. Perhaps we'll learn more at MWC.

Source: MyVisaJobs, via: WPSauce

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Splendid!
  • What I really want to know if the Nokia lumia 900 will be upgradeable to windows phone 8
  • I think it will be. I'm remaining positive on the situation. I do however think that they need to announce compatibility sooner rather than later or it may put people off buying current devices in anticipation of Apollo.
  • I Second That!
  • Yes
  • In all likelyhood all of the Nokia devices will be upgradeable to WP8. Nokia and Microsoft are looking to reestablish their brands in the US and prove to the rest of the world that it has what it takes to be competitive with Apple and Google. It would be a huge step back with their current supporters and future purchasers if they couldn't have confidence in their recently purchased devices won't be upgraded to the latest version less than a year (potentially months) after purchase. I could see them not upgrading gen1 devices, but not gen2. If they didn't it could be a colossal PR nightmare that neither could afford.
  • Yes I agree, we should expect upgrades, but at the same time we shouldn't let our first Gen devices hold back the evolution of the OS. I can except it if my first focus doesn't get the update to WP8, as long as it's for evolutionary and compatibility reasons. I think to control fragmentation, but to move toward MS should go only 2Gen back if neccesarry. Anything else can't be considered fragmentation because it would then be in the "old tech. world"
  • Nice
  • I would expect all devices to be able to run WP8. Whether MS will allow that is another thing. Its built to run on the ARM specification, which all WP7 devices are.
  • They all are (but Gen 1 phones won't get any major updates after that)
  • I was thinking that since it would make sense with 2 yr contracts and phones designed to last about that length. A 2 year OS support life is completely logical. Besides most people would upgrade as soon as they renew so why not give the taste of Apollo so they would go back to windows phone.
  • Good point. I agree!
  • Yes!
  • Just to play devil's advocate...  It is possible that at the time Eldar got his information none or very few of the Mango apps worked with Apollo and that they solved the problems after he received his information and MS was considering a course of action to not support the legacy devices. Don't get me wrong, I think he jumped the gun, but it is possible that Microsoft still was working out the kinks. I think this job posting is indicative that they now know that they have to verify each and every app's compatibility for both Apollo and Tango. It will be interesting to see what works and what doesn't.
  • You can watch Mix 2011 Keynote.. They made it clear then itself tht current apps will run on next major version of Windows Phone.
  • It's also possible Eldar is a fraud who swore blind that the Nexus One was a hoax.
    Wait, that actually happened.
  • I thought Belfiore himself said this on the leaked video? Why is this a surprise?
  • I think Apollo is still atleast 4-5 months away. Pretty much big time
  • Try at least 8 months away,,,,, at least!
  • Who is the man in that pic?