Join Microsoft's Xbox Live Enforcement Team and help protect the community while earning rewards

Ever imagine being a vigilante? You throw on a cape, some tights, and run out the door to serve the people! Sound exciting? Oh well, that isn’t going to happen. You can do the second closest thing though, you can take action and help to improve the future of Xbox Live.

Microsoft has just announced a new beta which will be known as “Xbox Enforcement United” (I know, it sounds epic). The new project calls upon Xbox Live members to become involved within the community and help create a “fun, fair, and safer place for everyone”.

Within the campus at Redmond an Xbox team known as the Xbox Live Policy and Enforcement Team exists. Remember that time your friend got banned from Xbox Live or his profile got cleared out because he used foul language? This team is responsible for those decisions.

The group of “agents”, as they are called, monitor and process thousands of complaints received every single day; they then judge the complaints against the Xbox Live Code of Conduct and make a decision. These agents are Microsoft’s Xbox Live judges, jury members, and executioners for Xbox Live baddies.

Now, you have a chance to join the Enforcement United team and help provide your opinion whether various content is harmless or offensive. Your data will be feed into an algorithm to improve keeping the Xbox Live community family friendly.

The new system in place will be able to determine whether an immediate action will be deployed by the automated system or if the complaint should be escalated to members of the Xbox Live Policy and Enforcement Team.

For participating in the community, you will be able to earn rewards and recognition for your contributions.

If you are interested in the program you can click here (opens in new tab) to join in on the fun.

Are you going to join Microsoft’s new “crime fighting” Xbox Live team? Let us know!

Source: Xbox Wire (opens in new tab)

Michael Archambault
  • I am the law!
  • Go Dredd!
  • Postal 2 ?? :P
  • Right there with you!
  • I am the judge, jury, and executioner
  • You need to be an ambassador to participate
  • Yep
  • I'm technically an ambassador, but I haven't participated.
  • Will Professor Umbridge be giving out Badges too?
  • Members of the Inquisitorial Squad or future members need not apply.
  • So if "ok" bad language it can be deemed appropriate? I'm in! Muahahahah!
  • If you guys see my name come up, just don't mark it as bad :P  "Nought Sack"
  • They should start an agency to attack Google. I'd join, lol.
  • Damn what is this ambassador thing...the links are also not going to ambassador program
  • Can't do it, need to be an ambassador.
  • Apply to be one. It will qualify you and give you an answer right away
  • Need tenure as well, can't just start being an ambassador and join enforcement united as well
  • This program is really lame. You dont get to do anything but look at random gamertags and decide if they are offensive or not? WTF? Sounds cool in theory, but they are just pawning off this menial task on us, rather than low paid Indians.
  • Well that the thing, they don't want to pay anyone to do this, instead, they want you assholes to sign up and start screwing around with peoples gamer tags.
  • Nobody screws around with anything, multiple people see the gamertag that has received a complaint and an algorithm based in the answers to decide if it is non offensive or needs to be reviewed by Microsoft for possible gamertag change.
  • 2 out of 50 were somewhat offensive.
  • Read the code of conduct, alot of them are deemed inappropriate by it if you follow it, such as any with 420 in it.
  • That thing was too long, I just skimmed it. LOL
    Guess I should read it before doing it again.
  • Only have to pay attention to the first bullet point of part C :P
  • Is this like the LOL tribunal stuff?
  • That has abuse written all over it.
  • The way they have it set up allows for no abuse. A single enforcer does not pass judgment instead a multitude of forces judge the tag, and each enforcers has an algorithm based on how often they agree with the majority or not and their decision is factored in based on that. These decisions don't force the gamertag to be changed either, final decision is Microsofts unless the decision is unanimous by every enforcer who views it. This is just put together to weed out the non offensive ones that Microsoft has to weed through everyday.
  • And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my fingers upon thee!
  • :)
  • Some tard will jump at the chance to feel special and perform a function that someone could get paid to do...
  • Some of these gamertags are hilariously inappropriate. 
  • i would love to join gt KSI SporTy
  • You guys are taking this to far being blocked from parties and cursing on a ma rated game all I did was call someone a camper and had communications blocked if u don't what kids to here these do something about the kids playing a ma rated game