'Justice League: Doom' rental is free as part of Microsoft's DC Comics Movies & TV sale

Microsoft is running a sale of various DC Comics superhero animated films on its Movies & TV service, and is even offering one of them, Justice League: Doom, as a free rental.

Warner Bros Animation has been cranking out these DC Comics direct-to-DVD animated movies for some time, and a lot of them are very good indeed. The one that Microsoft is giving away as a free rental, Justice League: Doom, features the League battling against a cadre of various super villains under the leadership of Vandal Savage. Trust us, he's a lot more interesting and threatening in the movie than in the CW's Legends of Tomorrow!

The other animated movies in this sale include Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Deluxe Edition, a nearly 2 1/2 hour adaptation of Frank Miller's classic graphic novel of a Batman in his 50s who comes out of retirement. It's the main inspiration for the recent Batman v Superman live-action movie. During the sale, you can get the animated movie for $9.99 in HD or $7.99 in SD. There's also Justice League: The New Frontier, a great adaptation of Darwyn Cooke's limited series of a 1950's origin story for the Justice League. It's also available for $9.99 in HD or $7.99 in SD.

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John Callaham