Kantar's latest data reveals sales spike in France, Australia, but shortfalls in stronghold Italy

Kantar WorldPanel has released its latest numbers for smartphone sales for the last three months ending back in January. The numbers contrast nicely with the last report that showed near universal declines in sales of Windows Phone.

The numbers, as usual, are a mixed bag of good news and not so good news for Windows Phones. Sales, in general, are up slightly as a whole across of big five European markets including Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain. However, in individual countries, the story varies.

The positive spin on this story is France, which has seen a 3.5 percent point increase in Windows Phone sales over the last three-month period. Indeed a small but significant spike. This surge brought total sales percentage up to 13% in that country.

Likewise for Australia, which has seen a small surge in sales at 3.6 percentage point increase, bringing the share of sales up to 8.7%. Germany is a bit less with +2.1 percentage point increase for 8.9 percent share of smartphone sales in the last three months.

However, Italy, which has long been the leader in Windows Phone market share in Western Europe, has seen a 3.7 percentage point drop in sales. Whereas Windows Phone used to account for 16 percent of smartphone sales, it now at 13 percent.

Spain too has also seen a 3 percentage point sales drop, where Windows Phone now only accounts for 2.5% of all smartphone sales in that country.

Finally, in the US, Windows Phone sales have declined by a 0.2 percentage point, which is negligible. The current rate of 4.3% of smartphone sales in the States continues to hold, showing that Windows Phone is at least not declining. However, we have seen this story before.


When looking at Europe, it is as if certain markets swapped sales rates. Italy declined, but France picked up the slack. Same with Spain versus Germany.

This change in places is why when you look at the 'Big 5' European countries, Windows Phone sales grew by a miniscule 0.2 percentage point for a total of 9.6% share of smartphone sales. In other words, the pattern is the same, but individual markets have shifted.

The problem for Microsoft to solve is figuring what worked for France to increase those sales and what has cooled off the Italian market. Whether it was the release of individual Lumia models, different strategies in marketing, or something else, Redmond needs to learn what is causing the shift.

Are the overall numbers good or bad? Considering Microsoft is going through a rather big change internally with the acquisition of Nokia's mobile hardware division, and the cancelation of the fall flagship phone codenamed 'McLaren', Microsoft is doing okay. Sales are not plummeting, which is always a good sign.

Windows Phone sales are not taking off either. However, with Windows 10 in the wings and Microsoft getting their feet wet with Lumia hardware, the full might of the company in mobile is yet to be seen. An all too familiar story, unfortunately, with Microsoft.

It should be interesting to see how the recently announced Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL are received by consumers in the coming months. So far, reception to both phones has been very positive and they appear to be Microsoft's best shot yet at the middle market.

Assuming the market can hold out, the real story of Windows 10 on the phone won't be known until fall 2015. Something that for now feels like an eternity away.

Source: Kantar WorldPanel

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Australia FTW!!!!
  • I wish that Australia's numbers are more growth than just a spike. I do remember in Sydney at least that the 930 and 830 were getting advertised hard leading to Christmas. I'm regretting not jumping on the HN deal for the 1520 outright + $100 gift card for $420
  • My company has just dumped WP here in Aus after 2 years and gone back to Android, main reason being a lack of reliabiality around the most used 520. I personally have had 3 in about 12 months, the buttons for off/on, camera keep failing. MS need to urgently lift the quality of the phone products, the race to the bottom is significantly hurting the brand now.
  • I hope w10 would make the sale % to boost up!
  • I hope the same too... But we have been hoping for so long :P
  • Haha yea.. Keep on hoping till the world ends xD
  • Annndddd Marketing...........
    I like the way this article reads. It tells the exact reality of the situation, the good, and the bad, pretty accurately..
    I just looks like WP has been stagnant for years... Better than a loss.... Actually, looking at smartphone market share, and the amount of new smartphone users every year, if WP is staying flat then it's actually gaining.
    We have to think, though... We said.....
    I know W7.0 will be huge. We have Xbox❗
    I hope W7.5 gets it done.
    I hope W8.0 gets it done.
    I hope W8.1 gets it done.
    Now, we're hoping W10 finally gets it done....
    Microsoft owes it's supporters, and it's long overdue.
  • I think one part that needs to end is people promoting the idea that we must always be waiting for the next version to enjoy anything. Was WP 8 an improvement over 7?  WAs 8.1 an improvement over 8? Etc,etc. The only reason people keep up the 'hope' mantra is due to marketshare numbers, not their own approval of the quality of the OS.  I see so many people so focused on the next version, that seem to forget that we keep getting a better experience overall with each update. Now if you feel that is not true, then that's fair enough, but this constant drum beat of waiting for the next version needs to end. Marketshare will fix itself once MS can get over the hump regarding awareness among users.  That means things like marketing, direct sales promotion at stores, better relationships with the companies that sell the phones, and a consistant stream of new hardware/updated software to keep a level of excitement for end users and developers. The thing to remember is that even if WP is not where it needs to be, it has grown in many positive ways since its launch.  WP is in a better position today regarding developer support, the app gap, third party oem hardware support, and carrier support.  Even marketshare and unit sales are higher today then the days of WP7.  No its not perfect, and no its not at a sustainable level yet.  MS has work to do to improve and Win 10 should help, but its also about their commitment to marketing and partnering with those that sell their hardware.
  • I have to say that sounds like a really inspirational thing you just wrote there.....
    What a sad state of the platform..... I mean, look at the tone of your post... Lol.. No❗ It's not good enough..
  • It's not that Windows Phone is bad, it's beautiful. It's just that for every one Windows Phone model there are a hundred different Android Phones models out there. And there is the powerhouse that's called the iPhone. Store reps, push Android more and the iPhone is well, the iPhone ;-) If and only if Microsoft can make the experience of Windows 10 on phones really complementary to Windows 10 on PC, giving Windows 10 users a big incentive to get a Windows Phone with there next upgrade? And have store reps push this incentive? Then, and only then will Windows Phone see massive increase in marketshare in one quarter, if not? It will stay the same... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Sounds good...
  • They're going to have to do more than that.  I have an iPhone 6 and an M8 for Windows sitting here in front of me.  Really, it's just ridiculous the iOS version of their apps have more functionality than their apps on their own devices.  If they're going to treat their own devices like red-headed step children I really don't see why they should ever expect anyone else to give them more credit. "They can't update OneNote because it's integrated into the OS!"  I don't really care what their excuses are.  The bottom line is, their software on other platforms have more functionality. Excuses don't fix the problems. Waiting doesn't fix problems. Pushing crap off doesn't fix problems. So, back to the iPhone and the OneNote app that can access a password protected page that works right now rather than the last quarter of later this year when WP may or may not be able to.
  • I agree 100000000000000%
  • A large part of the WP problem isn't lack of apps. It's that the apps on WP don't have versions on iOS and Android. Microsoft providing great apps to compete with things like Calendar, Chat (Skype) and Office apps on Android and iOS give WP users a chance to get apps that actually work with what our Android and iOS friends are using. If first-party apps are really awesome on WP, it won't matter if I can't do anything with them because my friends all use Google and Apple services that will never come to WP.
  • It is going to be the deciding factor, either Windows grows or remains the same (which this time around most likely means the end of it). When I say end of it, it doesn't mean Microsoft is going to go under, but rather the OS will never get the market share and/or interest of developers and consumers. In addition as this happens, people will start to leave for Android or iOS. So lets hope for some superior hardware from MS with Windows 10 features that will be hard to ignore.
  • Microsoft seriously needs to speed things up. They always announce their next big move early and they make people wait until the level of interest is inexistent. Most of the time it's not even close to be ready, but they'll tell you its coming soon, yet you'll still have months of waiting without any idea of when it might be released.
  • Agreed! I am waiting for w10 since Jan but it didn't come for all the devices.. Now Gabriel says nothing about when w10 will be available for other devices.
  • He did mention that the next build would be available for other devices but did not give specifics.
  • Seriously agree. 
  • It's hard some Androids here are cheaper than those crap Asha Series , some android phones don't even have brand names it's just a black plastic box running Android...do they count those ones? Hehe
  • I think nokia 640 and 640xl are the next 520s in the waiting. They tick every box for a customer in that price range.
  • Agreed! I am actually going to switch to 640xl from 520 :D
  • I hope they sort out thier naming blunder. In India we now have 520 525 530 532 535 all selling at the same time. Time for clean price wise series naming, not just numbering.
  • Except apps, unfortunately.
  • Aren't they going to cost a lot more than the 520 did though? Like, twice as much?
  • I think by "next 520" MRay620 meant it's going to be the best selling Lumia device, not that it's the succesor to the 520 or a perfect fit for current 520 users. That'd be the 535
  • Nice to see the rest of the world supporting this American company especially when we get treated like second class citizens... #band #Zune #Cortana #htcm8 #usonly
  • #aitvSE
  • As far as I'm concerned this is where Microsoft is making the biggest mistake. Rather than concentrate their services in areas, like Europe, where there is actual interest they insist on pushing in the U.S. market where they are making no grounds. They could do so much more to push handsets in Europe that don't have carrier exclusivity, they should be pushing Cortana updates in these areas etc. If they concentrated their efforts where the interest is they could gain more global market share than IOS. Eventually people in the US will have to take notice that there is global interest and start to take WP seriously. Developers develop for market share and that doesn't mean it needs to be U.S. specific.
  • +920
  • Totally agree with this and have successfully used this strategy myself when coming in late to other market sectors. The trouble is MS has never been in this position and they are too blinkered, arrogant and US-centric too understand this approach.
  • The question you should ask yourself is..how many are this 9 % in Europe and 4% in us
  • The EU5 group has a slightly bigger population than the US, at around 320,000,000; the whole EU population is half a billion. And I am pretty sure that smartphone penetration is comparable in both American and European markets.
  • Very perceptive....now for the answer...
  • I did the maths once and worked out it's twice as many. It's in the forums somewhere. I added up the populations of EU5 vs US. 
  • MS should give all their old Nokia 4xx, 5xx, 6xx series away for free.  Write it off like the Surface 1 and 2 fiasco.  This would increase their AdDuplex numbers and boost interest in upgrading to the new 600 and 900+ series.
  • It was Elop who thought that the US market was important. Nokia had abou 3% market share with their Symbian phones in the US 2010. (Same as now) On my 2010 Nokia N8 I could Swype in Swedish, my first language, but I can not use the equivalent , swiping,on my Lumia 830 because it does not "know" Swedish. ​The Swedish speaking Siri is coming to Swedish iPhones with the next update . . . ​WP is too little and way too late! ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
  • Yeah it's funny that isn't it.
  • These two phones come in at the same price range of the L620/625 when they were announced except spec wise (with regards to their time period) these two devices are fantastic whereas the 620 and 625 were meh.
  • Great..but market share of windowsphone in India..?
  • Not reported.
  • A well written article, good job.
  • 3% - 4% :)
  • No... It will be more than that for sure :-)
  • May be 10%..!
  • It's not even in the top five phone manufacturers. Samsung> micromax> lava> intex> xiaomi
  • Market share. And the reason for them being at the top, the price.
  • Competition in America is hard, but chances will come only with next flagship. I think 2015 is going to be a great year for Windows in general.
  • Microsoft/Lumia flagships don't sell well, have you just been born?
  • There hasn't been a Microsoft/Lumia flagship yet.
  • I meant WP flagships
  • Carriers don't advertise WP flagships most of the time, which is why they don't sell. Prosepective customers aren't going to buy what they don't know exists.
  • Hmm.. Well, everybody make sure you continue to spread the good Windows word! I'll start writing the Holy Windows Bible!
  • Better have a WP with that blue/black/white/gold/shit/crap colour, like that dress :O
  • Don't forget the part where we collect tithes...
  • Lets start with the Windows 10 Commandments..
  • I think in Netherlands also an increase, as I see more and more people with Lumias. And the Lumia 535 second best sold smartphone at the moment!
  • Well my professor uses a Lumia and surface. But I almost see no ppl with a Lumia.
  • Windows 10 will save everything!!! /s
  • I very much doubt that, but I guess we'll see in a year.  
  • I guess all those budget phones are not helping market share after all
  • Well if a flagship comes,out we'll know for sure xd.
  • we wont know it we're already dead when the next flagship comes out xD
  • Haha maybe also we don't what did it if market share goes up. Wp10 or new flagship.
  • So you guys think a flagship WP phone shall out sell low end lumias!! For how long have you been on Earth?
  • Yes it will, in some markets. See 920.
  • Yes it will in some markets. I personally wont buy a phone unless it is a high end phone. Must have the latest and greatest specs. Thats just me and I am far from being the only one.
  • We used to be able to say that WP was the fastest growing phone OS, and it felt good to be able to say that. I hope it starts to grow quickly again in the future.
  • Ow yea xd wp up 186% haha
  • Yet they are the ones enjoying cortana the most, first to get everything.
  • Lack of flagship which can compete with Galaxy and iPhone is major reason for low market share.
  • Ehm weren't the flagships' amongst the weakest selling Lumia's in comparison to the budget ones?
  • Most so called 'flagships' were not really flagships, each was screwed in some way, Lumia 1020 had year old hardware, no microSD, and only redeemed by the camera, 1520 is a phablet not for everyone, 930 - no glance; etc... all people are seeing are compromises and tradeoffs, no true flagship device to compete with Android flagships. p.s. the htc M8 was full of compromises also, no hardware buttons, no camera key, 4mp main camera...  
  • Well first of all who decides what a flagship is? And is glance a flagship feature? Since the budget phone's have it. I agree with most you're saying but what are the parameters for a flagship?
  • Flagship is a phone that inovates in something. Xperia z was flaghip cause water resistance, Lumia 1020 cause of the camera, LG cause of 4k display of the bending. The rest are just phones with latest hardware in them (sorry if I forgot some names )
  • See the Galaxy S6. A disappointment compared to previous models, in the fact that no microSD card support and non-removable battery. But people will still buy it. 930 isn't too bad after all.
  • I agree.
  • What is windows phone market share in India
  • I can certainly say I have seen a lot of people using Lumia now than 3 months ago in India. Although some people hate it like they have not been able to have any food because of Windows Phone. But then those people have no idea what a software is and what Windows Phone is...
  • I'm guessing 10-15 or even higher. iOS is close to 5 or lesser.
  • Yup, seeing more and more Windows Phones around me in Paris, and most important French companies and services have their app on the platform.
  • Microsoft should put more effort , what I mean is TV commercial. There's alot of people still didn't know WP OS.. In their eyes were always Galaxy , IPhone , Galaxy Note , IPad , IPad mini , S Tab . Samsung Apple Samsung Apple blahblahblah... Lol.
  • Advertising sells, even if ur product is crap... Just convince people that your product will guarantee them eternal life and they will fall for it. Ms needs to do more in terms of advertising WP or else this beautiful Os will remain to ironically 'lag' behind
  • Since people easily blinded by media..
  • Rodneyej... Your turn here :-P
  • Rodney got upset with you not supporting his efforts :) He probably went Android..
  • :-D he might even go to iPhone but not Android... He dislikes Microsoft's marketing but hates Google's marketing ;-)
  • I only saw it for a second, but I'm pretty sure the contestants on the Amazing Race were taking selfies with Lumias last week. My wife said she didn't remember seeing a Lumia commercial during the show though. Seems like that might have been smart.
  • Windows 8 was a move towards a unified OS, testing what people wanted, and it showed with its disparate appearance, like incomplete control panel, etc. Now they've worked out what people want, they are going to go full speed ahead with windows 10, giving it a massive and continuous advertising boost :)
  • I hate that green shit. :3
  • I believe in France it is more common to buy phones outright rather than signing a contract or making a payment plan with the carrier. With all these low-cost Lumias to choose from, it could explain the increase. Here in the U.S., the lack of a recent high end model has hurt as most people who have a carrier like AT&T or Verizon are comfortable signing a contract or making payments on the phone so a minor increase in the monthly fee is not a big deal. However, they are also, unfortunately, more comfortable with established phones like the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy.
  • Ummm proper marketing anyone?? Surely its not rocket science right?
  • Rocket science is easy compared to marketing since you are dealing in absolutes, like laws of gravity. Marketing, on the other hand, is dependent on culture, timing, personal taste and other arbitrary obstacles. The human mind is a PITA to work with, in other words. It would be nice if marketing was a simple as rocket science ;)
  • It's a grey area for sure. And depends so much on varying factors.
  • Lol.. But jokes aside the Microsoft marketing team needs a kick on the back side
  • Lol^ today Daniel set his difficulty level on pro mode.. :D (;
  • Windows 10 to move the sales above 10%... May be next year or the year next to that, Microsoft might be close to Apple's share at all these places if all goes well
  • wont happen ... 
  • It just needed 5% in most of these places to be closer to Apple's share... I think it can happen :-)
  • Yes but the total number is still much and much lower. Apple out sold Lumia by a huge margin. In fact they only needed 3 months to sell more iPhones then wp has sold in it's lifetime. So imho the 2 are not even close, unfortunately.
  • There is no comparison of Windows Phone and iPhone in US. I am just talking about these Big 5 European countries. If we take out US and China from Apple's market, I am sure Windows Phone can catch up to iOS quick. But those two markets are completely another story. I don't see a near future of Microsoft reaching second place in the smartphone market.
  • 5% is a huge number to achieve ... may be it will happen in 10-15 yrs ... with this horrible OS its tough
  • It is horrible in your opinion :-) in my opinion, a horrible OS is sitting as a king in all the markets... They achieved near 10% in 4 years. I don't think it will take 10+ years to reach 15%. Only time will tell.
  • This is what people have been saying for years, first with WP8, then WP8.1, now WP10, and the situation is still the same and getting worse with no flagship phones released since MS bought Nokia, updates being derailed more and more by carriers and MS not doing anything about it, even hiding the carrier incompetance by removing update status from their website.    
  • I don't see a brighter future for MS in US any time soon. But other parts of the world? They can catch up with Apple fast. Android is the king there. Second place can be taken up quick and make Android's dominance a little less. Again it depends on Windows 10(as a whole) success.
  • @spazinvader ow I agree but ms should realize this and focus more on those markets. You EU wide cortana or at least full functionality in the big 5. And not leave out Europe and focus solely on the U.S. because eventually people will switch away.
  • Off topic: When at denim for 925 ?? Really getting tired of waiting
  • Why don't you get preview for developers. It also has all the features.
  • Just wait for Windows 10!! LOL, but now seriously. Is Microsoft pulling any profit from their mobile sales. I say if they are making enough money to make it worth their time, I don't see a problem with them being number 3. If they can grab about 10 - 15 percent of the total market, I would consider that a win. No way will they overtake Android, and I doubt that they pass iOS. So sitting pretty at #3 doesn't seem bad. Apple went along, and still going on, with only have a very smart of the PC market [even though they have higher profits margins].
  • I can see Android losing a good chunk of marketshare. There is talk of Sony for example pulling out completely. The high end isn't profitable on Android...and Microsoft's $10 patent tax is milking the profit out of the high volume low end.
    As people learn more about the vulnerability of their data, they will naturally veer away from a company that makes money largely via selling that data!
    Also, the UI on Android lollipop is damn ugly! What's the idea with having pastel colours on a device that is going to be out in the sun?!
    Also, Google do not have continuum features like on iOS, or the platform vision of a unified Windows platform.
    Android is the odd one out. It has the worst UI, the most fragmentation, & multiple vendors that want to break free of Google...
  • I say if they obtain a 5% global marketshare that would already be a big win for them.
  • They need to hurry and release windows 10, and and speed up the universal app process. Gaming will also help to push the windows phone platform, wp always gets apps last, and its very annoying. I would really like to have forza , gears and halo on windows phone, with a nice Bluetooth controller. And Microsoft just does not see the hidden potential of windows phone to be a mobile gaming platform. Phones like the Lumia 1520 are more than capable. 1 late app is 1 less customer Microsoft needs to understand this and be able to compensate for it.
  • Yeah, the casual and hardcore gamer audience in WP is untapped. If there are two audiences I wouldn't recommend WP to, they are teenagers and the casual/hardcore gamers.
  • Needs a 1030, 1040, 1050 and 1530,1540... Whatever.... New flagships and W 10.
    On the nice side, Android are falling :D
  • I have been seeing a lot more Lumias here in the Atlanta suburbs. However, when I ask owners about them, I noticed a very common reply: "I just got it because it was cheap." When I question them further, most do not know how to customize the layout or colors, and none of them know anything "cool" about it (Cortana, etc). These are all late teen to twenty-somethings. That tells me something is majorly wrong. These people are not going to be bragging to their friends or showing off their phones. They are almost embarrassed by them, until I express my enthusiasm and show them some features. Microsoft really needs to address this.
  • Yes. Many people I met before didn't know how to customise their start screen, which apps should have a bigger tiles and which not to increase productivity of the start screen. I think there should be a tutorial kind of app somewhere.
  • Most iPhone or Android users I know ate the same. They buy their phones because they're cheap or because everyone else has them, but they don't even turn on cloud backup our use apps other than Candy Crush and Facebook or know how to get photos off their phones. They lose their phones and they lose everything, contacts and all.
  • I converted 4 people yet and none is dissapointed . I feel like I'm slowly gathering recruits for the microsoft army.
  • I converted 5 and only one of them complains simply because Facebook sucks so much compared to on her previous Galaxy handset. Have to agree on that one.
  • I've converted 13 and they all love it, yet one still holds onto his iphone for snapchat. Lol what a troll.
  • Haha...I've bagged 4 conversions. If only MS gave us some kick back :)
  • I shall get my younger brother a Windows Phone, preferably a Lumia..guess I added another soldier in the army..
  • I too converted 5 people n no one is disappointed...!
  • Counting converts to windows phone are we? :P.
    Just keep an eye on them, peer pressure is a fickle thing... You never know when it will strike lol.
  • I tried converting a noob lady once but unfortunately was outnumbered by other colleagues who all insisted she should buy a S4 mini, and so she did.
  • i've recruited 2 and they fell in love with the lumia. :)
  • Converted 2, one is eagerly waiting for Windows 10 while another is getting an iPhone 5c soon :/
  • WP is 4.3% in usa ... out of which 3.3% devices are owned by Rubino :P
  • The other 1% are held by the people at Microsoft still developing for Windows Phone in-between their Android and iOS projects lol Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I was at M$ campus ... I saw people talking on Iphones than their Lumia
  • Hahaha
  • Lmaoooooooo
  • Well in his new film 'Focus', Will Smith is seen numerous times using a Lumia 1020. Just thought I'd mention it :D
  • Pity, it has been EOL'd then again I guess it adds to the air of exclusivity lol.
  • Yeahhhhhhhhh. But does he use Lumia Camera or do you know if it has WP 8.1.x?
  • With no Lumia flagship device for so long, I am surprised the sales are as high as this; if MS stopped letting WP die and released something more than low end devices, there would be a lot more growth.  
  • The thing is , a few years back if you wanted a good experience on a smart phone you had to have a flagship phone because the experience on a cheap phone was awful. Nowadays though, you don't need a flagship phone, even low or mid range phones offer a good experience. Unless you are a hard core gamer or spec junkie, these phones are good enough for most peoples needs. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • True, but there is also another factor called the WoW factor. Sometimes a company needs to make people go wow this is amazing but i cant afford it so i will buy their cheaper option which is also really good. And this is what windows phone is currently missing. If they manage to get the high end to sell and wow people at the same time it s a win win situation. 
  • i don't believe on kantar data analytics
  • Having just watched the latest House of Cards series, I'm impressed by the number of Windows Phone!
    Dunbar is rocking a white 1020, various other characters are rocking everything from 520 through to 1520. & I'm pretty sure there was a Surface on Air Force One in episode 12 or 13 :).
    Unfortunately, the Underwood's are still plying their trade with pesky iPhone's :)
  • I get the feeling Microsoft see the Asian and African markets as more important to growing market share,as for a flag ship phone I don't expect to see it in the UK much before Christmas by then the 930 will be dated, I hope I'm wrong but it does not look good in the UK, one of the few countries to drop market share last year. ​
  • The UK is a high end market. Iphone's have a ridiculously high market share given their price tag. Microsoft aren't going to effectively compete here until they release proper flagships.
    The 1520 is too big...the 930 too dated (and no micro SD, glance screen etc). 32GB of storage on a smartphone capable of 4K recording...it's just not good enough unfortunately.
    I'll be waiting for the next flagship, as will my parents who are both using 1020 64GB editions on my recommendation.
    MS just have to move quicker.
  • I live in the US and we're so blind about electronics here. It's ridiculous.
  • Kind of ironic considering your overall dominance in software and hardware!
    I think you tend to be swayed more by advertising than elsewhere. & you don't seem to have that notion of supporting the underdog. In Britain, we like a plucky underdog - which is probably why we have supported WP to a greater extent.
    Also, just remember that Nokia never really built a presence in the US. So you are starting from a much lower ebb.
    I hope the US wakes up to Windows Phone though - it has so much potential...if only the market share was higher!
  • Funny...last time Kantar gave bad news everyone was claiming they weren't trustworthy. Now they suddenly are. In the meantime this wonderfully written piece of propaganda omitted the fact that global marketshare for WP dropped to 2.7%. You know...marketshare...That thing that actually brings developers in more than phone sales... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Given your Android device signature, why bother reading Windows news?
  • Why not it's windows central not wpc.
  • The article is about the WP.
  • I still don't find them trustworthy, especially after Daniel notes that the market have entirely flip flopped. Sounds a little suspicious to me. Both Kantar and Netmarketshare have had some weird reports in the last few months.
  • So another conspiracy against Microsoft?
  • Well considering that netmarketshare is reporting things like XP suddenly gaining 10% of the entire PC market in a few months, yeah, I think that's suspicious. Not a conspiracy theory though.
  • Well, this is a report on SALES for three months, not market share. Sales can shift greatly due to the availability (or unavailability) of products whereas market share is a lot less dynamic.
  • Well, at least you're coherent, Jas. I'll give you that. But you do realise a lot of people here also flip flop their opinions on Kantar depending of them saying good or bad things, right? Because that's what I was refering too and I'm pretty sure you got it.
  • DJCBS: Your posts here are becoming increasingly more strident. I get it, we don't write the article YOU want. That's fine, go start your own site and leave ours alone. This article was quite evenhanded, pointing out the good and the bad. Your view would be just make everything bad because you're biased against Microsoft now. I do not consider you a good advice giver, nor do you make good arguments for your case.
  • That's only because you're more and more drifting away from serious reporting and starting to write things just to please the crowd. Starts to remind me of WMPoweruser. There was a level of quality in WCentral that is being lost in some articles. And normally those articles come from you, not from the other writers on WCentral. Which is a pity as I've seen you write better articles before. I don't know if Microsoft is pulling an Apple on bloggers and you now avoid criticism just to keep them happy (though honestly, I'd be really surprised if Microsoft were to do that). Or if it's because you have good friends there now that makes you cut down on things. But the fact is, the more realistic views WCentral used to have are increasingly going away. My problem with this article is very simple and you know perfectly well what it is, Dan. You present sales growth, then sales drop and your conclusion is that we will only know by the end of 2015. Yet, this is the second article on growth/decline in sales. You've also ran another one a few weeks back on the sales of the 535 etc. You say "wait for the end of 2015" to see the results of these sales. Yet you decided to skip 2014. Why? Maybe because IDC reported a decrease of WP marketshare in 2014? Yet not only didn't WCentral ran an article on it you've again written an article that blazes over that fact. You could talk and even explain to readers why a decline in marketshare is worse for the platform than an increase in sales is good, but you've decided not to. Sure, you can say it's an editorial choice, and that's fair enough. But you can't be surprised if someone points it out. And that's what I did. You can say "look how good were sales in France! Microsoft must see what worked there and try to reproduce it". Sure. But why? I know why as do people who saw the numbers. Because despite the growth in sales, WP marketshare declined, meaning the market grew more than they could deliver. But that would mean admitting that marketshare declined and apparently you don't want to do that for God knows what reason.  I'm not advising you, nor have I ever advised you and the only advise I could/would give you would be legal one since that's what I do. But then again, I'd also charge you for it ;)     By the way, I guess I'm biased against Microsoft because I use a Windows PC, a Surface Pro 3 and an Xbox One? Yup. Sounds like a bias to me. And even though my daily driver was switched to Android, I still use Outlook, OneDrive, OneNote and Office instead of Google's offerings. Yup. I hate Microsoft. You can say I'm biased against WP? Maybe? Though it would still not explain why I put up with it for 3 years and two OS versions, while helping some developers along the way. At best you can say I grew frustrated and tired of WP and of Microsoft's lack of commitment towards the platform. Because THAT is true.  (PS - The part about Kantar was a general comment because the last time WCentral ran an article on Kantar numbers that talked about decline, the immediate reaction of a lot of people was "Kantar is not trustworthy" and "I don't believe Kantar")
  • It's pretty obvious that Daniel gives the basic information colored with an enthusiast perspective.  That is what people expect on an enthusiast website.  Look at iMore if you want to find a more extreme example of that methodology.  You, on the other hand, pretend to be many things:  objective, "in the know", possessing superior knowledge and intellect.  None of those are true, of course, and you are reduced to being just a regular concern troll that is regularly mocked on this site.  You now wear that as a badge of honor and feel the need to continue the behavior with ever-increasing vigor.  We all know you won't leave the site, and I hope you stay for punching-bag entertainment value.
  • Well said, Bob!
  • You need to get out more, dog. You realize you're getting disagreeable about smartphone market share? DR does a great job for this community. There is no need to get heated.
  • It takes a certain perspective to pump up the crowd after years of disappointing sales, declining market share and endless releases of low-end, boring, cheapo devices.  Even Blackberry is releasing more interesting stuff these days.  The hive mind here doesn't want to hear reality, and they are the only real page clickers left. 
  • I know this is few days after the fact, but while I frequently disagree with you, DJCBS, and I do appreciate Daniel's enthusiast approach to presenting what's happening an Microsoft and his writing style, I respect you as the most rational of the WP detractors (and Rodneyej on MS Marketing weakness). Most times you present data, rather than just lobbing grenades. I think that makes the site a better place overall. If there were no one here presenting a rational other side, these discussions would be boring and those of us who support the platform wouldn't be forced to evaluate and strengthen our reasons and arguments for continuing to support it. Like a good defense attorney, if nothing else, you at least force the prosecution to prove its case. :-)
  • The increase is in percentage points Daniel. PP not %. I don't know how many years I will have to keep repeating this, it's worse than showing my mom how to use her phone.
  • Fixed. Leave your mom out of this.
  • Ugh they need to get a radical movement started, flood, South america, China, Africa and India with windows phones designed for those regions and market them to the point of annoyance of seeing them all the time. That would boost windows phone greatly in the largest populated markets
  • Ehm so ppl will buy annoying phones?
  • Windows Phone fanatics : Just buy those cheap Lumia phones esp when on sale and give it to your relatives esp the teens. Each one of us will buy two Lumia 535 then that will help increase the market share. Ok, I'm gonna go to the slot machine now. Hahaha
  • That's very true!
  • Lets hope that flagship arrives sooner than later. Six months is a long time to wait for a possible high end Windows Phone. I so badly wanna believe that WP will rise big time but my faith is starting to see the real picture here :/
  • Aren't those percentage points rises and falls? I mean, falling 3 pp is not the same as 3%.
  • Good to see that all of the effort and US only promotions and features are paying off in Microsoft's back yard. Oh wait...
  • I don't think windows will see big gains until windows 10 launches with flagship phone, interested in 640 and xl but I think this is a problem for Microsoft
  • The US Carriers only care about Android and iOS devices. You can walk into ANY Carrier store and ask them questions about a Microsoft phone and it's like a Deer in headlights. You can tell them you have a flip phone and want to get a smart phone and they won't even show you a Microsoft phone. They want you to be like the rest of the SHEEP!!!
  • My biggest problem is that Europe has been the top region for Windowsphone for quite a while, yet the roll out of features like Cortana go so incredibly slow.... Time for Microsoft to shift their focus a bit IMHO
  • In my class, 4 people have Windows phones. It's really not like in 2011 where you would get really excited seeing someone else with a wp device. -From France with love
  • Haha, only 2 in mine. But if Clash of Clans came, that can rise up to 5 or more.
  • The decline in sales in Spain is no surprise if you knew the market here. I was interested in purchasing a L930 but none of the stores/carriers in Barcelona stocked the phone - the closest they had were the 820 and 925. I went to all stores i could and the only working model of a Lumia I could find was a 630 and that wasn't even at the Nokia stall I found in a famous department store chain. Obviously, due to the cost of the phone I did not wish to outlay 500 Euros on a device I have not seen or had chance to 'test'. I even reached out to Microsoft support and the best advice they could offer on how to get hands on with the phone was to buy it and return it if I didn't like it. For most people if they can't get to test the phone in the real world then the sale is normally lost. Also the only way to get information on the phone was online in forums and sites like this, however, these are a double edged sword as once you start looking up L930 you get bombarded with bugs, defects etc. Honestly I almost didn't buy the L930 due to the online research. Hands on this is a beautiful phone. Everyone who has seen it agree that Windows Phone is way better than they expected. All are blown away by the screen and the camera. This thing would sell itself if only people could go hands on with it.
  • In the future, use the 'Trial a Nokia' feature from Nokia Conversations (or whatever it is called now).
    I used it for a 2 week trial of a Lumia 1020. It's entirely free...and is a great way to really give WP devices a test run.
  • Are the 640/XL really part of the middle-class-smartphone-market? I actually would consider them upper-tier entry-level.
    7xx is where the mid-level category would start in my accounting, at least as long as your not assuming Microsoft wipes out the four-digit device-range (13xx, 15xx) completely, that is.
  • Popular OEMs and popular service providers(app developers) ignoring windows phone is the biggest hindrance for windows phone. But with the deeply integrated OS and seem less sync with windows PCs, if developers and OEMs won't support Windows, then it will be end users and customers who will have lost a chance to have something great. Microsoft on the other hand has already made its services available cross platform and Windows for PCs isn't going anywhere by virtue of legacy software and decades of investment. It's up to developers and OEMs to decide if they want to see a next few decades of Google's monopoly reminiscent to that of Microsoft's in 90s and early 2000s or if they feel that a duopoly might be good idea for both giants may it be innovation or progress. The ball is in developers and OEMs court now and consumers are having fingers crossed.
  • I live in Australia and see people using WP devices everyday, I was only sitting on a train yesterday on the way to work and there were 4 of us, all randoms sitting next to each other and we were all using WP. Its quite obvious now that WP has a much bigger user base. All the 3 major carriers, Vodafone, Optus and Telstra carry the 930, 830 and 635 and Virgin Mobile with the 635 only.
  • I see them all the time in the UK too. It's kind of strange to see, as I have always been pretty much the sole user of Windows Phone devices wherever I have travelled.
    What I've noticed is that other people tend to be interested in the phones too. They have that bold and clean UI which I think must be attractive for people stuck using the pastel coloured Android/iPhone devices.
    I'm cautiously optimistic that this platform - with universal apps via Windows 10 - may just start to get some serious traction!
  • Wanna know about the sales in emerging markets like India..
  • Na.
  • The characters in recently released House of Cards season 3 are sporting lumias which previous two seasons only showed IPhones. Microsoft is releasing alot of budget phones to try and capture the greater market so developers can take notice! Trust me they're not forgetting the flagship people! What they really need to do is bypass US carriers to deliver firmware updates which is causing frustrations and people wanting to move on from their Windows phone. That's probably why we're not getting a flagship till windows 10 drops, so we won't get frustrated waiting for new updates on our flagship devices!
  • even in parks and rec, they were using lumias!
  • WP in: china 0.8% japan 0.2% damn!
  • India 5%
  • No its more than that. iOS is at 5. WP is 10% or more.
  • These numbers aren't bad when you consider the usual Apple's sales surge after new iPhones are released... What is more worrying is how poorly WP is doing in China...
  • Almost beyond less then 1% market share in China!  Microsoft is no Apple in China! 
  • I don't know htf the sales go down in Italy because I see every day more and more people buying WP...
  • Average android lives 1 year, average wp and iphone lives 2+ years. Usage numbers (that is what you see on the streets) can differ from market share numbers.
  • They just sold what they had produced. You cannot gain big market numbers with 10mln phones. And you also cannot loose, there is always a place where those 10mln phones can go (if not, discounts can help)   The problem is the same for last years - bringing other manufacturers into game. Making WP free did not really help, but was not completely disastrous as it could be in WP7 days.  The next step is bringing more and more value into it. From what can bee seen now, W10 is heading in the right way.
  • Microsoft is like a headless chicken. They try and take the market by numbers, specifically number of models. Whereas they should be taken it by thinking. Who needs 30 models canibalizing each other?? Make bloody 7 models and keep to that model! You are confusing customers! Who needed 4xx series when you already have 5xx which is cheap and entry level? These two should converge into one -> 5xx. 6xx and 7xx should be -> 7xx,  8xx and 9xx should be -> 9xx. Then you should have one photo phone -> Fxx, then one Office phone (enterprises) -> Exx and then one ladies' phone ->Lxx, and then finally a premium phablet -> Pxx. And make those numbers meaningful, first digit -> series, second and third -> year. So the line-up in 2015 would be 515, 715, 915, F15, E15, L15, P15. This way people would know exactly what model means what. As it stands now it is hard to ask a question in a forum about a specific model because nobody knows right away what the difference is between 520, 525, 530 etc. There should be only one model of each series per year! Not more. Stop this madness. You are spreading yourself too thin releasing tons of models and make a mess of your marketing campaigns and efforts in the process! You are focusing on US market but the markets with most potential are elsewhere and you are ignoring the needs of those markets. Prediction in Romanian is atrocious, I had better prediction on my SE W810i 9 years ago! You are ignoring obvious markets in which Nokia had a word to say, like enterprises. Make a phone with a qwerty keyboard, Nokia had some great models there. And another obviously ignored market - ladies. Make a beautiful phone in a few beatiful colors, maybe with some flowers or whatever. The phone should have a 4.3" display since their hands are generally smaller, a great 720 resolution, and a good price. It seems to me Microsoft has no strategy, you are still searching and trying desperately. Stop being desperate, calm down and think.
  • Butthurt much? See their nomenclature with their new devices. Namely the 435, 532, 535, 640, and especially the 640XL. It does remind me of the Nokia X, but I don't mind. Microsoft is doing their best to clear up the mess the Nokia nomenclature created, and gave EVERY phone they released a good 1GB of RAM.
  • Butthurt is your mother's middle name. I was exposing my opinion in the comment section of a tech website. Live with it.
  • Well, MSFT has only 5 (535, 532, 435, 640, 640XL) phones released. The nomenclature in the past isn't their fault.
  • Apple only has 4 models: iPhone 5C, 5S, 6, 6+!   That all they sell worldwide! 
  • Well you can count me in for a 640XL for my girlie...
  • I wanted to see Windows phone hit at least 10% of the share before windows 10 came out..
  • What about the UK?
  • In Amazon germany, The lumia 630 has 1300 reviews which is pretty awesome. Also wasn't BMW getting tons of windows phones to their employees? In France the Lumina 735 did very well in amazon as well.
  • i soo envy the 640 XL. makes my 535 look 'meh' :(
  • I don't understand why people still ignore WP. The operating system has lots of apps and runs smoother than android devices with the same hardware. I couldn't make myself get back to android until it stopped being so laggy at least. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Motorola and Nexus. In India, WP was about to surge, around the time when the Lumia 525 was released (January 2014), then the Moto series came and screwed up every chance MSFT/Nokia had.
  • +525
  • Bandwagon.
  • Maybe the answer is that people are usually influenced by other people around them to like or dislike a gadget. I remember how I bought an Android 5 years ago, a colleague bought a HTC phone and I was just taken with it. When deciding to buy a new phone I wanted THAT, what I saw. I read about Android, watched youtube videos and new pretty much more than the owner about that platform. The owner did not know much about the playstore and how to install apps so I immediately went to see how it is done and showed her. The experience of going to a market and installing apps (for free) seemed to me fantastic! (At the same time at Microsoft an ape was bashing iphone how useless it is and how the fad will pass away.) I wanted that product, period. If there has been a WP at the time I would have ignored it. That is pretty much what happens today. Technology is a domain that is not very familiar to a lot of people. People (except a particular young, tech savvy category) don't know much about phones/procs/rams/apps/flashing/restoring/wiping/whatnot. And they don't trust an ad on tv or something, they want personal advice. And when 79% of the market owns Android phones what do you think that advice would be?? And given the Apple fan base, what do you think an iphone owner would recommend? Exactly. And on top of this 'natural' adversity Microsoft is fooling around with tens of models which in my opinion shows they don't have any direction or management. They rush to release a model-> the market says it's not that good-> they release another (improved) model -> turns out it has too little ram -> release another model etc etc. They'd better focus on having a limited number of models but all of them thought through.  How many models Apple has? Did you ever see their market drop because 'they don't offer choice'?
  • The smoothness argument is bunk.  My 1020 does nothing but stutter, lag and freeze, and its amazing camera takes so long to open and capture shots I miss 90% of them.  WP's outdated hardware can't handle the load anymore. 
  • Just came out of a meeting where 4 out of the 5 had Windows Phones, and the one iPhone. There was a 520, 2-635, and a 920. I was shocked.
  • How about you actually write the truth and say 3.6% increase over a year for Australia and not the last three months. Oct 2014 Aus : 7.3% Nov 2014 Aus : 8% Dec 2014 Aus  : 9.2% Jans 2015 Aus : 8.6% Jan 2014 Aus : 5.1%   Bogus writing at its best!!! "The positive spin on this story is France, which has seen a 3.5 percent point increase in Windows Phone sales over the last three-month period" "Likewise for Australia"    
  • Luv the UI and the phone, beyond that I don't have to sit around cheering for the underdog. However give me a flagship phone!! I have been their advocate, but I need a latest and greatest this year.
  • Quality apps.....We need less games and more quality apps.
  • 830% right, we need more quality apps, and STABLE apps... WP is quite stable, but devs need to work harder on stabilizing their apps.
  • Android users try WP and then go back to Android . IOS users try Android and then go back to IOS .Well it seems that once customers are used to a phone OS , particularly a mature one , it is virtually impossible for a challenger to get them to change for long unless that challenger offers compelling features which is not the case for WP8 . I like WP8 very much , used to it and before was on Symbian but at 3% worldwide market share it's a commercial failure . Maybe WP10 will be a game changer , maybe not . But it will be bumpy ....
  • I think its time for Microsoft to loosen up a bit. Give out more API's to developers, ditch those market temporarily which do not show growth. The main reason my friends don't like wp is because of app and games. And even if the app and games releases it's so late that it has already lost its popularity.
  • You want WP to ditch the United States? 
  • Well these number are till January, when 535 was not even present in some of the countries. In the Jan-Feb-March Quarter, if 535 is available across all major countires and MS ensures that 640 and 640Xl are available too we should see those 'small spikes' in sales across all countires. As and when Windows 10 and next 'flagship' is launched we shoudl definitely see a much stronger surge in shares of Widnows Phones. As a windows phone user and lover, I am quite content with these figures for now. I am sure these numbers will continue to increase over the course of 2015, and it shoudl reach that 'critical mass' required to attract app developers jump the ship to windows. That is when Windows will start to become a real threat to Android and iOS, but that is still about a couple of years away.
  • What in India? :P
  •   I have to echo what everybody else is saying. What is Microsoft doing in France, Germany and Australia that they're not doing in the rest of the world? Is it advertising? Is it the name brand? Hopefully, they don't pull a Samsung and accuse the other branches of fudging the numbers and instead work together to increase sales everywhere.
  • Anyone who believes the app gap is not a major problem is kidding themselves. WP is bottom of the food chain with apps and developer support,we all know that.Bank of America have ended support.Many banks do not support the platform.The other day I heard MLB.TV will not be continuing mobile support for WP.Sky in the UK do not have any sport apps.The list is endless.
    As WP user I feel like a second class citizen, I'm losing patience. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Nothing unusual. Microsoft  building a lot of low ended phones with little to no upgradability for a two year plan is not going to boost sales.
  • It is very popular in EU countries like Italy and France!  Not sure about Germany however!  In the U.S. market share has gone down from last year!  That probably because nobody can find an unlocked version unless you go international that is!
  • Just heard from anothe blog that Microsoft is going to continue with the exclusivity sales model that restricts the radios in the model to only that particular U.S. carrier again!   LOL!   That should thrill the curent buying trend of phone buyers going for buying "unlocked" models at full price!  This should be interesting to see how sales will be affected by this new trend of smartphone purchasing!  Microsoft of course; is has it blinder on again and will realize the trend in after WP10 is released.   They will be "locked" in and cannot reverse their marketing strategy!  LOL!  I almost sure Microsoft will again....... lock in with Verizon on the high end model Lumia so called 940!  Verizon sold it so well too!  Verizon was suppose to release it for sale - Icon in November of 2013 but held off until February 2014 and discontinue it September 2014!  Yes sir ree!   
  • Just wonder if anyone knows the WP market share in Redmond, Washington, U.S.A.? 
  • Work on India and surrounding countries.  Android has China!
  • We have a huge problem with WP sales in Canada because the major retailers i.e. FutureShop, Best Buy etc have effectively stopped selling and advertising for practically all WP devices. I bought a new Lumia 830 for my wife recently and had to go direct to the phone company to get a handset. It seems the retailers are putting a choke hold on Windows phone - I practically got laughed at when I just asked for a WP device in store. It makes me wonder if Samsung, Google & Apple have locked down the market with those stores in the same way they try to stifle the app market by resticting their APIs. The biggest joke here is that they still push crappy blackberry devices - Canadians deluded that their home-grown platform is still relevant !!
  • Lol, yes Daniel, it definitely feels like an eternity. I wonder if Microsoft goes with annual updates to it's software (like iOS7 to 8) then their plan is to have a flagship to show off the new software, every year like Apple/iphones and Google/Nexus.
  • The top 3 smart phones in the world are; to sum it up. 1. Andriod 2. Apple 3. Microsoft Here in Canada, it's Andriod, Apple, Blackberry, but Blackberry users don't count with >1.0% worldwide.