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Windows Phone continues to show slow (but steady) sales growth in Europe at 9.2%

Kantar Worldpanel has released their latest smartphone sales numbers for the month August 2014. The report mostly focuses on the continued growth of the iPhone, especially the 5C in the UK, but the Windows Phone numbers are still thought provoking as well.

Kantar juxtaposes the numbers for August 2014 with the ones from August 2013, giving a sense of where things are going. In some cases, Windows Phone sees a decrease e.g. in Germany (6.9 percent, a -1.6 percent change) and France (9.9 percent, a -0.1 percent change). However, in comparing the Kantar sales data from last month, Germany increased slightly (0.8 percent), as did France (1.2 percent).

Looking at the bigger picture, Windows Phone has 9.2 percent sales across the European big five (UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain). These numbers compare favorably to one year ago when it was just 8.5 percent (0.7 percent change). Likewise, comparing it to last month's sales, which was also just 8.5 percent and we can see continue, albeit weak growth for Microsoft.

United States approaching 5% for Windows Phone

In the US, the picture remains the same. For August 2014, Kantar reports a 4.7 percent sales rate, increasing by 0.8 percent from 2013. Likewise for July's numbers, which had Windows Phone pegged at 3.9 percent, giving Microsoft a slight 0.8 percent bump from last month.


The good news for Microsoft and the Windows Phone ecosystem is that sales are rebounding slightly across all the major markets from last month's sales numbers, save China and Australia, which saw slight declines. The results are similar for year-over-year, where numbers are up slightly.

The bad news should be obvious. While these gains are positive, and the hemorrhaging has evidently stopped, Microsoft is only holding steady while the iPhone and Android go back and forth for new customers. There is still no explosive growth across the board, although Microsoft is having success in Italy, which saw 14.4 percent sales in August 2014, up 3.7 percent year-over-year.

The numbers still show that Windows Phone has yet to hit any critical mass. Alternatively, we are at least not seeing a steady shift in downward sales, akin to BlackBerry. In other words, despite the cold reception by Western media to Windows Phone in reviews and coverage, the OS is still growing in the face of considerable opposition. Things are far from bleak.

In the end though, those Windows Phone numbers need to start going up significantly. With the iPhone 6 dominating headlines lately September's number are not likely to be pretty for Redmond, despite the recent push for the HTC One for Windows and Lumia 635.

Microsoft is certainly in an odd state right now. Their rumored flagship phone codenamed 'McLaren' was set to shake things up in mobile with its 3D Touch system, but much like the Surface Mini, it was cancelled at the last minute. As a result, Microsoft does not have a big Windows Phone flagship story to sell to the media. Instead, the HTC One for Windows is their Plan B, although this has yet to materialize on other carriers besides Verizon.

Bits like Lumia Cyan and Cortana are keeping Microsoft in the news, but their real story is with Windows 10, which seeks to unify the Windows OS across the desktop, tablets, servers and phones. The flipside to this looming threat to Microsoft's competition is that Windows 10 does not ship until mid-2015, which is an eternity in the tech world.

For the next few months, the best Microsoft can hope for is continued slow growth and a holding on to sales before their big unification achievement. Facing Apple's latest hardware, as well as the always-aggressive Samsung, is going to be difficult, especially in the US. White-label phones from BLU, Cherry Mobile, and XOLO may continue to help them in emerging markets, though it remains to be seen what impact, if any, they will have for market share.

Source: Kantar Worldpanel

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Such a shame. Been four years.
  • What could you expect?
    MS always screw things up...
    I mean they're really slow!
    Hope W10 will shake things up a bit...
  • We hoped that with Mango, Tango, Apollo/Blue.
    "Hoping™ since 2010" - © All WP users since 2010.
  • Hey, don't diss Mango! :P lol
  • A bit at least...
  • Well 730/830 has hit the shelves in many countries nd is currently doing later when the report comes we will see a significant rise in WP share since market for budget friendly is more than flagship devices (e.g 520) plus hope so that McLaren may be killed from headlines but development is still dere fingers crossed ✌
  • I am looking forward to the 830, but if the U.S. price is anything above $300 (off the MS Store), then I'm not buying. The Nexus 5 is $299 and spec wise is a much better phone across the board, less the camera. The Nokia 635, at $99 on the MS store, is a great phone. As such, the 830 is not worth anything more than 3x the 635. It's just not. MS made a huge mistake by branding it an affordable flagship. Rather, it should have been dubbed a high-end affordable phone and ignored the flagship moniker. @ 1 GB of RAM and a very mid-range processor, it's no where near a flagship, affordable or otherwise.
  • The Camera on the nexus 5 isn't nearly as good as the 830 or maybe even the 730. Also, android requires much higher specs to run smooth, opposed to Windows Phone.
  • High end androids are faster than high end WPs.  No joke.  Look at comparisons on YouTube. HTC One windows 's m8 Android.  Lumia 930 's nexus 5. Android is faster with the right specs.  Moto G 's Lumia 630.
  • That is not true. All the tests between HTC One Windows vs. HTC One Android shows the former outperforming the latter, particularly on battery life. Android has always been a poorly coded junk OS--it's gotten better, but it's still crap.
  • Benchmarks don't mean the phone performs just as fast in real life.  Check a real life test.  The Android phone is actually faster while the HTC for windows is always resuming................. 
  • My family has compared them in real life. The Windows Phone version runs circles around the Android version, especially in battery life.
  • i dont get your comment, my 930 8.1 windows phone is buttersmoothm and super fast, my android phone is alot slower and chuncky, my iphone is at the same smoothness and speed of my 930 so iphone 6 vs 930 interesting and most android phones not all of them, from my opinion, forget it not worth comparing, it just isnt.
  • I'm pretty sure that I already said that about the camera. Lowering the specs because your OS requires about 10-15% less resourses than the dominant smartphone OS is no reason to overcharge people. Again, $0.01 more than $300 is too much. Jesus, they say that the new iPhone 6 only costs about $211 to $230 to make, so the 830 has to be no more than $150. I'd say 100% profit is more than enough.
  • When you can get a top spec Android phone for $300-$400 or the best budget phone for $180, the spec argument becomes moot.
  • I picked up my orange nokia 830 yesterday for about £300 witch is roughly about $480 converted yikes bound to be alot less surely
  • Here, my country, all smartphones priced like they are priced in the global market. Except Nexus lines. When Nexus 4 launched last year, it was priced at IDR 5M, approx USD 500 using that time's rate. USD 200 bump is definitely not a tax bump since other phones didn't have that kind of bump. The only logical thinking is Nexus prices in US is either Google is subsidize US market OR Google treat US residence with special pricing.
  • Then you're not buying it because it's going to cost $450
  • LOL @ rockstarzzz!!!
  • I've been happy with WP since Mango and don't care if the market share grows or not, as long as I keep getting sweet devices every 2 years. If I don't see a successor to the 1020 by this time next year I will be disappointed, but for now I'm happy.
  • You are more patient that most.  If I don't see Lumia 1030 by early Spring next year, I would be deeply disappointed.
  • Exactly that! I couldn't care less about market share as long as the apps would be present and new devices would show up in shelves. The problem is it isn't happening...
  • How will apps will be present if developers think it's useless to make app when only small amout of users use it. Effort vs income always become developer's factor when deciding to support minority platforms. Specially platform that need to rewrite the codes all over again. Unless if the code itself is already HTML5 based. So, marketshare always important for everyone, albeit indirectly.
  • It is almost on par with iOS in most other countries and I don't see devs giving up on Apple.  On top of that if (big if) Windowes 10 codes the same across devices, MS will probably have more apps available then either of them in a VERY short amount of time.  Especially when legacy business/healthcare/education applications upgrade to newer vesions by their respective publishers/developers.  My fear is that the app store will be so damn crowded in 3 years time it will be painfully hard to just scroll through new apps available.....
  • exactly, every version of WP ( combined with MS strategy) dissapoints and we hope that next version will do it.
  • That will change with windows 10 if everything goes how I see it going and Microsoft gets alot of windows 7 and XP to upgrade to windows 10 then the combine the store and os into one well guess what that just made windows 10 the number 1 in PC market share and number 2 in mobile market share almost overnight now give developers the ability to write one code and use it on all devices is a storm no developer will be able to turn down not even google themselves
  • Well OS feature party has only happened with 8.1. Don't forget even basic features like separate volume control were missing. I can't imagine going back to old IE anymore. Think about it. I think people tried WP 8.0/7.x and then were left thinking its not a mature OS and they were right. Apps didn't help either. MS has its work cut out for it going forward.
  • Good analysis on where the OS stands right now. Perceived immaturity hurts sales. And lack of apps... BlackBerry was in the same position when BlackBerry 10.0 launched, 10.2.1 made it usable (~Win 8.1), now with the unique new flagship and 10.3 with improved Android app runtime and Amazon Appstore preloaded, this version is where it's at... For Windows Phone I hope, 10 will be so good that we see some shift in the mobile landscape, competition is good for us consumers... iOS has the opposite problem, it's mature to the point of being over-ripe. Apple is (as admitted by Steve Jobs) in the innovator's dilemma, needs new ideas to continue to be perceived as innovative... Android is like Windows on the PC, the de-facto standard or the one with the biggest market share. I'm all for a more varied mobile landscape. The survival of BlackBerry and Windows Phone as valid mobile OS choices certainly help... Just an opinion... :-) Posted via the WPC App for Android from BlackBerry Z10!
  • It's so funny to see ms fans hope for something hard to come by on the mobile. I mean you all know why it doesn't pick up in market share.
  • I am a MS fan but I am not stupid I know we are the little dog in mobile right now but if history has taught me anything and if you pay attention to the past you should know MS has a way of sticking with something even if losing money and MS keep going and going and going until it succeeds yes WP hasn't had the spectacular growth android had when it first came out but lets face it its a different mobile arena today then it was then and yes MS was late to the game but what alot of people don't realize is MS dont have to be number 1 market share wise of even 2 when people think of mobile and Microsoft they think WP but people don't realize MS gots there hands on almost every aspect of mobile hell they make over 2 billion a year on android and OS they don't even own they provide apple and IOS with search and power Siri just like they do with Cortana and when windows 10 comes out they will finally unify there OS across device with screens of all sizes with one store if yall cant understand what the implications of this is you just can't read between the lines can you
  • Dude, first of all I have a hard time reading your sentence since you didn't put any punctuations. Second, I'm talking about market share. You're telling me about being Microsoft being successful in its own way on mobile. That's two completely different things.
  • You ever think there might be a reason MS has released a flagship yet. Maybe and this is just a guess. But I think I am right. That there next flagship phone will introduce the world to windows 10. I mean kinda makes since given that its almost 2015. And that's when windows 10 is supposed to be released oh and by the they way HTC one is and excellent flagship WP phone. Just like it was for android. Oh and dont worry about market share once MS combines the os they will also have a combined market share and universal apps so every developer working on windows 10 will have apps on phone tablet and PC so I think we will see windows phone maketshare go up even though it will just be windows 10 it will bring with it the leverage of MS's PC market share to pump apps into the phone. Read between the lines and look at the big picture the next ten years not the next few months that's what Microsoft is doing looking long term
  • You do make a point about the unification of mobile and desktop with windows 10. Ultimately, the question is will windows 10 allow windows phones to gain a larger share of mobile? That will depend on whether users are relatively satisfied as opposed to other OS. As of now, my opinion for windows 10 is reserved since it hasn't come out. It is good to be hopeful. But it is also good to be a realist at the same time. You don't want to sound like you're protecting something that doesn't have a really great idea.
  • Windows 10 will automatically increases windows phone market share cuz after windows 10 there will be only one is between all forum factors phones included so one is one market share no matter for phone tablet and PC
  • You sure are hopeful for something that IDC and Gartner wouldn't be quick to jump on board. You may see the market as one after windows 10, but people still see mobile as mobile and desktop as desktop. What makes sense in the statistics is what is comparable, not what is defined by corporations. The stats won't make sense if I compare Android and Ios devices with Windows 10 PCs (they are apples and oranges). It makes sense if I compare Android and Ios devices with Windows 10 Mobile devices, How about we combine all the linux devices in the world, all the mac devices in the world, and all the windows devices in the world. Mac will have the smallest share, followed by windows, then linux (since linux is literally in all embedded devices and servers). Does that make sense as a mobile comparison?
  • It would if Io and moc os were being unifided but there not neither is Linux but there are android phone tablet PC and even game consoles and watches using android and when they add up market share for android they count the phone tablets pcs and game console watches to give android as a whole a market share so if they do that for android what would be so diffent about doing that for windows 10 nothing the same oh yeah they also count in ipdas and ipods with iPhone for IOS market share so there you go it don't matter what windows runs on people are just going to see the members not rather it mobile or not
  • Android tablet pcs are tablets that run a mobile os. They aren't desktop replacements.
  • It don't matter it still counts towards androids market share that's my point eventhoufh a majority of windows 10 users will be PC users it will still increase market share for windows 10 across the board just like android tablet and pcs and watches increase there market share add in universal apps and its a win win for developers
  • Android tablets are replacements for android phones. That's why statisticians count them into the same market share. Windows phones aren't replacements for windows PCs. That's why statisticians don't count them into the same market share.
  • As a Android user I would say that Windows phone is evolving at a good pace in the app store anyway but the requirement for me to switch if I was going to is... Is there tune in radio Posted from my Samsung galaxy S5
  • Yes there is.
  • W10 is for the long term.  I just want to see them to push their phones more aggressively to all carriers everywhere.  It is a pity that we still see L930 in US except Verizon.
  • Microsoft is its own worst enemy. The commenters on these message boards have been telling Microsoft what we want for several years now, and they have yet to listen.  Where's the 920 replacement with removable back and battery, and expandable storage? Microsoft seems focused on giving us the phones they want us to have, instead of the phones that the market keeps telling them that people want.  All they have to do is look to the Android phones to see the features that people want.  This isn't rocket science.
  • "The commenters on these message boards have been telling Microsoft what we want for several years now,"   Sorry, but you're almost funny..
  • I don't understand why you're saying that. A customer goes into a store and sees a Nokia flagship and about 10 Android flagships. He really likes the looks of the Nokia... but all of the Android phones have removable battery and expandable storage... oh, plus 10x more apps. Which phone do you think they'll choose? Apparently, 75% are choosing the phones with more options. The phones that don't weigh half of a pound.
  • You seem to forget that Microsoft is not the only manufacturer of WP. None of then are making the device you claim everyone wants and all of them want to sell phones. The conclusion I draw is that what you think everyone wants is inaccurate. Get the 830 and quit your griping. I want a phone with a keyboard, but realized that it wasn't coming and have moved on.
  • "Get the 830 and quit your griping." It's that marketing strategy that is killing Windows Phone. Weren't we at 4.7% market share two years ago? Basically, the platforms market share in the US hasn't budged... and, globally, it's shrunken. But, sure, you're right, Microsoft should stay the course. lol
  • "Get the 830 and quit your griping" isn't my marketing strategy, genius. I'm telling you to get the 830 and quit griping. I don't have a marketing strategy for a company I don't work for. I'm their customer and so are you. The things you mentioned everyone wants in a phone is close to what the 830 offers. I have yet to have a phone that fulfilled 100% of my wants and needs so get the closest match. For you that would be the 830.
  • Didn't you realize at his first comment that he was talking as a market strategist and not merely a customer? You brought him down to a mere customer and said "this is what this is, deal with it". I guess only companies have the right to criticize their own strategy...oh wait, they never do.
  • Yeah, I shot down is "strategy" earlier. You fools need to understand that there is money involved and budgets to adhere to. Microsoft could make 900 different phones. It does not make financial sense to do so. They make the phones they think the most people will buy based on their budgetary constraints. They do market analysis with real data, not what this cat thinks everyone wants. It should be obvious to everyone that hardware is not what's keeping WP from gaining more market share.
  • They don't need to make 900 phones. They just need to give us the basic options that. customers want--expandable storage, replaceable battery, etc. You're just being stubborn--just like Nokia/Microsoft--and you see the results. In case you haven't noticed, the best-selling Windows & Android phones have the features I mentioned. Hm, do you really think it's a coincidence?
  • You claimed before that no Windows phone had the features you mentioned and now you're saying the best selling Windows phones have the features you mentioned. You're talking in circles and making shit up, and then using sarcasm as if you have a clue. People that use sarcasm almost always are freaking dumb and you are no exception.
  • Kik I'm a little bit sorry to say that, but I think the logic of your arguments is broken and you're rushing to wrong conclusions.
    The demand for a removable battery is typically voiced by geeks (if you find that term insulting, think "poweruser") and (wrongfully) generalized onto the majority of customers.
    Although the demand is so popular on the internet, I have never ever once observed a customer in a store telling a sales representative: "Oh, I like that phone, but I can't buy it, because it has no option to remove the battery."
    You couldn't explain why the iPhone or phones like the HTC One and Sonys Z-line sell in spades, if customers in general were as a obsessed with removable batteries as "the internet".
    You're right, that with Samsung a market leader in the shape of a manufacturer that offers removable batteries has risen to the number one spot, but I don't think you can relegate their success to removable batteries. Samsung is market leader against the vocal claims of the poor manufacturing quality of their devices, but their success rests on their enormous marketing budget.
    And claiming that the bestselling Windows Phones (Lumia 520, 630) have removable batteries, isn't an argument for removable batteries either. To compare high-end device (Lumia Icon/930) sales to entry-level device (Lumia 520) sales, is simply no fair contest, because you can't expect a phone that costs ten times as much (Lumia Icon/930 $500) to sell as much units as a cheaper phone class (Lumia 520 $50).
  • Agree. Main reason I refuse to buy another WP is the lack of expandable storage. Not the OS or it's lack of apps.
  • You mean the reason you won't buy another Nokia. WP doesn't begin and end with Nokia,
  • MS has been making phone with a removable battery and sdcard support for years you know what makes your argument kind of silly is apples iPhone has neither a removable battery or sdcard support but its still a big success oh and by they way does android ice cream sandwich have the ability to move apps to SD card out of the box I was messing with one the other day and it gave me no option to but damn was that some ugly UI
  • I don't want to choose the phone that's "closest" to what I want. I want to buy the phone that is "exactly" what I want. And, sadly... when it comes to specs and options, it's usually an Android phone. And such is the case for 75% of the market. The 830 is close... but, c'mon, a 1MP camera on the front... when there's a 10MP on the back? That makes no sense to me. At least give me the standard 2MP. And there in lies my point--for too many of us, it always feels like a compromise when we buy a Windows Phone. For example, I own a 925. I bought it for myself last Christmas because my contract was up and there wasn't a new flagship on AT&T. The problem is... it doesn't have enough disk space for my music... and there's no expansion slot. So what do I have to do? I have to remove some playlists and/or remove apps. WHY should I have to do that in 2014?!? That's my freakin' point. If I didn't love WP so much, I would've just chosen any 10 Android flagships that had exactly what I wanted. And THAT is why Windows Phone is stuck below 5%.
  • You have proven my point. The phone you want that has the specs and options is an Android phone, which is not the OS you want. Therefore, the perfect phone for you does not exist. Go with what's closest and quit the GD griping! If perfection is only what's good enough for you then you will be constantly disappointed. I'm not saying that's good, just that it's life.
  • What I want is a flagship Windows Phone with expandable storage and removable battery... and is not a phablet like the 1520. It's pretty simple really. I don't understand why it's so difficult for you to understand. But keep carrying Microsoft's water for them. It's been working out real well--under 5% market share after four years. *sigh*
  • You're beyond retarded. The world does not revolve around your needs. That's the part that *you* don't understand. If Microsoft or any of the OEMs thought they could sell such a device they would offer one. The fact that they don't offer one is an indication that they don't feel the market for such a device is strong enough. This will be my final attempt to get through that thick skull of yours.
  • Almost every Windows Phone released by an OEM has exactly what I want. In fact, even the lower-end Windows Phone made by Microsoft have the things that I want (oh... and look, they're selling well). Also, those Android phones that are selling by the BILLION--they do too. The only phones that don't have what I want are the WINDOWS flagship phones--the 920, 925, and 930--and, clearly, not enough people are buying them. All I'm asking for is the SAME features that just about every phone manufacturer already gives us! The only one that doesn't is Apple... and they don't need to... but Microsoft surely DOES need to. I'm not the only one asking for this. But, go ahead, keep compromising. Most consumers will not... because they don't have to. And it won't be long before Windows Phone fans like myself give up as well. We've been asking Microsoft for a flagship Lumia with expandable storage and removable battery for two years and still haven't got it. And the 830 isn't it, so... whatever.
  • Get you fact right. 5xx and 7xx lines are selling like a hot cakes is not because of the existence of removable battery. They selling well because they are cheap. Removable storage is a must since they only offer 8GB. Even if it has 16GB and no removeable storage, they will still selling well because they ARE cheap.
  • Well guess what apples macos has been around for 20 years and just now reached 4.7 % market share so 4.7% matketshare ain't bad in four years and it will keep getting better
  • The only way market share will increase in the U.S. is if they give them away at McDonalds. Microsoft is a dinosaur in the Mobile industry. The same can be said of Nokia prior to the Microsoft sale. Nokia had one option for survival, and that was Android. But instead they hitched their wagon to an outdated Microsoft ecosystem.
  • The article these comments are attached to clearly state that Windows Phone sales are increasing globally.
  • Have you had a look at the Passport? :-) Sure, different OS. I wish there was a device like that with WP... Posted via the WPC App for Android from BlackBerry Z10!
  • @ lippidp You mentioned the keyword, keyboard.... Posted via the WPC App for Android from BlackBerry Z10!
  • 8.1 brings WP on par with the other two feature wise. All the features that everyone was crying about for 2 years MS has brought them. No excuse for WP to put along side the other two. A lot of the problem still unknowledgeable sales staff in the stores and not releasing a flagship on all 4 US carriers at once. What exactly are the options are you talking about anyway?
  • You do realize that the "looks" and the ruggedness (the Lumia 920 has been dropped from a balloon miles high in the sky) of Nokia/Microsoft phones are a consequence of the unibody design; this would not be possible with a removable battery, which usually results in a removable backplate. But the ruggedness of the phones is one of their iconic attributes.
  • Apple makes the choices for their customers, seems they're making trainloads of profit just riding the hype...
  • Apple is the exception. Besides, if you haven't noticed, that model is failing. Apple is LOSING market share, especially in the global market. The US is keeping them propped up. Microsoft's problem is not Apple, it's Google/Android.
  • No I haven't noticed Apple is failing. But I'm not sure I want MS to follow Androids model, I'm big on security and Android open platform is probably its greatest strength, growth wise.
  • Agree with you 100%. It's pathetic that a company spends a large amount of money to buy Nokia with no apparent plan in place to improve their market share. Does Satya Nadella not try to understand what WE the consumers expect from MS?? Sad!
  • When MS bought Nokia, they bought the whole Nokia management also.  So they have the same old mindset still.  What Satya Nadella needs to do is to overhaul the top management team.  I hope the future WP product design should work closely with users and listen their feedbacks before finalizing the specs.  Their product portfolio should be greatly simplified.  Most important of all is to eliminate the carrier exclusivity for good.
  • It seems like that Nadella is changing Microsoft's plans, so Nokia might be an after thought now. With Belmar they were a device and service company, thus Nokia acquisition, with Nadella they are cloud first, mobile first, so no resources on Nokia division nor Windows Phone.
  • They got a plan they made it very clear Oct 30 that plan is windows 10 and a thing called universal apps so yes they do got a plan a very brilliant plan if you ask me one that will combine there enormous PC market share with there mobile market share ingenuous.
  • Totally agree with you
  • On the brightside, Windows Phone users may have more interesting jobs than either iOS or Android users...
  • The only shame is that MS couldn't pull their vision together in the time frame they had hoped(with the launch of windows 8). They have been working really hard to pull the ecosystem together and windows 10 is the product of that ideal. Two years late? Who cares, are you telling me you've hated you WP experience? I haven't and the percentage(lack there of) of people adopting the platform has little to do with marketing and devices as it does with the reluctance of US consumers willing to make a significant change in the services they've already grown accustom to using. MS is all in, windows for PC, tablet and mobile is not going anywhere, so buckle up for the ride or just give up and move on. I haven't been Hoping, I've been enjoying, and I'm happy to be part of an exclusive crowd that sees how much better our OS really is, and if the sheep dont follow, thats their loss, not mine!
  • I admit freely, that I think Android offers a better experience for users (OS-features, apps).
    The problem is, that I don't trust Google a fraction of an inch, so I don't want to live in their "world".
  • You must like the program not responding force close or wait message and the constant lag and the ugly UI even the Firefox os has better UI then android well have fun with that what you going to do wait or force close
  • I haven't hated the WP-experience as whole (largely thanks to Nokia hw), but parts of it for sure.
  • Know what's funnier it took 4 year to reach 4.7% mobile market share in the states but it took 20 years for apple to gain the same market share in the PC game for there imacs
  • Bad news indeed. The worrying part is the decline in Germany. Germans are quite open-minded to technology and the fact they don't dig wp is a bad sign. Something is wrong. MS should go to Germany and order some marketing studies as to why they don't buy it. Of the EU5 Germany is probably the most balanced market and with considerable purchasing power so probably something is wrong with the product. Of course I hope that someone at MS is actually reading users feedback on this website and try to learn something from it. Over the last at least half a year a lot of users' comments hit the nail so let's hope they see it and react. After all these years the platform still seem to have openess issues. The lack of a file manager doesn't help. The design improved and looks great to me but customization is still limited. Extend the functionality of status bar. Make WP be able to play video files like any other platform, not ask for some renaming of extensions or whatever. Let people organize their photos into albums and whatnot. Do some viewing manager for photos online on onedrive like google did with picassa and do a nice web interface to it. Including an app. It is very important for people to be able to see in a browser on a pc their online albums saved in the cloud. Try to focus on most important issues and have an attitude like "Now or Never". You need to focus and move faster.
  • Been no massive growth as there hasn't been a high end phone release. 930:was already out of date tech wise when it was released in Europe. Many people including myself would not upgrade to the 930.
  • Exactly. They'll announce a phone... and then release it three months later... on one carrier. By the time it comes out, it's already dated and all the "buzz" has faded because there have been 10 new Android phones released with better specs. These carrier exclusives need to end. It's holding the platform back. Couldn't they just give each carrier an exclusive color (Verizon gets a red phone, T-Mobile gets pink, AT&T gets cyan, etc.). That would still be cost effective and a draw... without crippling the platform.
  • Lumia 830 though is different, right? Announced Sept 4 in Berlin and starting this week, it is on sale in many countries, with more this month. I noticed that difference.
  • iPhone 6 announced september 9 and released september 19. Microsoft branded Lumias have to do better, 2 weeks tops. The carrier limitations in the US dont help marketshare either..
  • The 630, 730 & 830 should all help. But where is the flagship that a lot of us keep asking for? What about us who are willing to buy a premium Windows Phone but don't have one to buy? That's the problem. Some will buy the lower-specced phones mentioned above... and a lot of us will skip another holiday season (which is not good for the platform).
  • Why didn't they release "McLaren" without 3Dtouch?
    Having no flagship at all for the holiday season, is really just non-sense.
  • 930, 1520, and One M8 are the flagships. Surprised you couldn't figure that out yourself.
  • What about its specification was out of date? The only thing I saw was Snapdragon 800 instead of 801 and that really is no big deal. We still are only on 801; 805 has been used on the Note 4 and now the Nexus 6 both Phablets. Big whoop about no SD card your used to it. The battery life is better than its competitors and camera too.
  • Interesting, slow but there is growth nonetheless. I'm sure once 10 is public and a free upgrade for W7 and current phones 520-1520. The share can only increase, even exponentially as no other OS can enjoy such unity. Android is a plaything with little unity. Windows is becoming quite the adversary, and people should be wary.
  • With Windows 10, they will just talk about Windows. So market share of Windows will rocket to 93% (90% Windows + 3% Phone) - they will then claim we have billions of users overnight for developers to target their apps. Still no one will make a decent enough app for WP.
  • All Windows 10 metro apps will inherently run and scale for Phone. That means win win
  • Nice math ¬¬
  • Even using your math, Windows would only account for about 15% market share... when you include all iOS & Android devices, so...
  • You cant. They don't run same OS. iPhone OS is different to OS X. So Apple has split desktop and mobile. Android desktop share is 0.0002%. So when you put Windows 10 OS users together, it automatically is the biggest OS by market share, mind share and revenue.
  • There are tons of great apps on WP, so quit smoking whatever it is you're... smoking.
  • No there aren't.
  • I found a handful, most of the apps on WP are just ad banners with one other useless function.
  • Let's do this !
  • Yes there will be a bunch of great apps you just said it there called universal apps that means developers on PC will make apps that work on all device with on code so it will be the same and if developers wann succed on PC they have to make good apps witch in return will come to windows 10 cuz with like you said 93% market share it give me alot more leverage
  • Funny enough Unity3D support for WP / WinRT isn't as complete as for the dominant platforms. :)
  • Wait Lumia 730 going to add some sales to wp.
  • What about India? Windows phone seems to be popular here..
  • yeah i think its koz of Nokia brand name is still on the phone... lets see what happens next when Nokia Name will be getting rid off from the phones after end of the year of 2014
  • No need...
    Nokia ceased to be the top OEM in India since MS took ownership...
    It's not even on the top 5 anymore!
  • Yep WP is popular here since we Indians love budget plus features . Android is lagdroid and aalmost every1 cant get iPhones etc. WP is a gr8 balnce of smoothness and budget friendliness.! Its a hit here ;)
  • its losing marketshare in India.
  • Yup, due to those xiaomi nd moto phones.. Moreover, no OEM is promoting Windows phone in India properly.. Even Nokia..nd Nokia releases their phones very late.. See 930 fr example..
  • Don't see how it is losing market share. The only OS losing market share is Apple iOS going below 5%. Apple were so desperate to regain market share that they decided to sell iPhone 4 with ios7 for 24k INR/600 USD thinking they can make us fools but the market said all. Likewise, Motorola and Xiaomi is giving Nokia and Microsoft a tough time in India.
  • Apple never cares abt marketshare, its all abt margins for them, when the "dumped" iphone4 for 24k many ppl bought it, it helped them clear their stock and still a decent amount of phones were sold its all win win for them
  • After 2014.. When they drop Nokia's Name, things will get so much tougher for MSFT.. I just hope they do well in the booming Indian market.. I was using htc's device before..was running 7.8..I recently bought 1520 just to keep A Nokia forever.. Its a legacy brand here..
  • Can you pls explain how dropping the ' Nokia' name make things tougher for Microsoft? It will make the same kind of phones later, right?
  • The name 'NOKIA' has a brand value dude...
    Would you buy a new mysterious phone which just looks like the previous phones?
  • I would.. If it offers everything same that Nokia did.. It's just a change in name..
  • How many ppl visting a normal multibrand store recognize a lumia or Microsoft, those ppl recognize Nokia as a strong brand still.
  • nope... most people remembered Nokia for their 3310
    when it comes to smartphone, I don't think Nokia has that much of a brand power
  • Alright, that's a good point.. I expected that..
  • I think it's early to say the haemorrhage has stopped. Actually I think it barely started in Europe at least. Let the Nokia brand disappear from the phones and you'll see what happens... Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Agreed
  • + NOKIA Lumia 1020
  • You have the z3?
  • Z3 Compact Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Good choice. If I was going abroad I would get it out the z3. They might become available in the USA, skinny had an event next week here.
  • Yes the Z3 is going to TMobile and Sprint I think. And they may also announce something for Verizon and about direct sales on their site. Let us see. I'm quite happy with the Z3C. The battery life is stellar. I'm getting 2 days of battery easily with normal use. And the hardware is gorgeous. If they produced a Windows Phone version of it, I'd get it definitely. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Sony makes great hardware, I had the Sony Ericsson P1 and I loved it.
  • Nothing will change, Lumia is a well established brand on its own nowadays. People know that Lumia=Nokia. Everybody already know that MS bought Nokia, every newspaper and tv talked about it. Reviewers on every site and blog are already saying "these are probably the last lumias with Nokia name on it". I'm the first to don't trust the average user when it comes to choice, but thinking that without a NAME on the phone everybody will stop buying it, it's an insult to the people's intelligence. Just tell me where all this passionate Nokia crusaders were when Samsung took the crown. I say they already have proven how much loyalty they had to the brand.
  • 1 - Microsoft didn't buy Nokia. All this time and people are still repeating that lie. They bought a division, nothing else. 2 - No, Lumia is not a well established brand. Few people say "that Lumia". They almost always say "that Nokia". 3 - Nokia fans are what even have Windows Phone a chance. We bought the phones because they were Nokia, not because they were WP. Samsung took the Crown for a few reasons one of them being the fact that Nokia bet on the wrong OS. 4 - Yes, people but into the brand, nothing else. No one buys an iPhone because of its specs or hardware. They buy because "it's an iPhone". Same with the Galaxy Note line. Same with the Nokia phones. 5 - yes, the 930 was the last real Nokia phone. The 730/735/830 até the last Nokia branded phones (though they're not Nokia). Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • 1) I know that MS didn't buy the whole Nokia, you don't need to remind me that as I am a map reporter for Here Maps, I was only simplifying my point. That division is the only "Nokia" people care(d) about. 2) Here in Italy it's the opposite, everybody call them Lumia. Nobody use the brand name, only "iPhone", "Galaxy", "Lumia" exist. I don't think we are the exception, given that every site I read on the internet uses this same convention. All that said, anecdotes means nothing. 3) Speak for yourself, I never had two phones of the same brand in a row. I chose a Lumia because of the OS, and because Nokia was the brand that gave me the best out of it. If in the future some other brand would offer a better value for WP (I doubt), I will happily switch to it. Morever, you say all this folishness about "We Nokia fans" from an Android phone... THE IRONY! What do you have, a flashed N9, a Nokia X? You don't seem to put your money where your mouth is. 4) Only Apple has a real fidelized user base (for now), because they are deeply entrenched in their ecosystem. No one else has this privilege. Samsung profits are falling quarter after quarter and many advanced users don't like their phones anymore. Android users can choose whatever OEM they want. "Nokia fans" already betrayed their beloved brand many years ago, yourseld included. 5) You're right, maybe 630/730/830 aren't designed by Nokia anymore. But you see... People are liking and buying them. Reviewers write good things about them. Why people should stop buying them? Because of a name? Because without that name it's not a Nokia indestructible phone anymore? What they will buy instead? A Samsung? A Motorola?  Answer these questions, since you know what "Nokia fans" think...
  • 1 - Simplification is the enemy of accuracy. Microsoft didn't buy Nokia, Nokia is still a company, ergo, Microsoft phones aren't Nokias. That division wasn't what people cared about. What that division did, that's what people cared about. Guess what? Other divisions of Nokia can do the same thing as Nokia holds all the patents necessary.   2 - I don't think Italians are the exception. I think you are. Even though some people may refer to the phones as "Lumia", try ask a random one "why" they bought it. If it was because it was "a Lumia" or if it was because it was a Nokia.   3 - Irony? I don't think so. I AM a Nokia fan. Therefore I support Nokia. And in case you haven't noticed, Nokia is now working on Android, not WP. I bought myself an Android because that's where Nokia is now. My current Android phone is more "Nokia" than the Lumia 830. You know why? Because I'm alpha testing Nokia products on Android and therefore I'm getting direct support from Nokia on the software side. I, on my Android, am supporting and helping the teams at Nokia to rebuild the company Eflop f*cked up. And the day Nokia releases a phone again, I'll be in the front row to buy it, as I was until 25th of April 2014.
    (By the way, I still have a Nokia 920, 930 and 1020 with me. Except I now use them for gamingm, media consumption and photos respectively. Just FYI)   4 - You're quite wrong. Actual studies have been made regarding this (Google them). Apple fans are indeed very loyal, loyalty which is only matched by Nokia fans. You arrived here on May 2014. You say you never had two phones in a row from the same OEM. I've had nothing but Nokia phones for 15 years (up until 30th September 2014 which is when I got my Android phone, at which time Nokia was no longer producing phones). You give lessons on loyalty to no one, kid, let alone to me.   5 - "People are liking them and buying them". Are they? Do you have the sales reports on phones that were made available in some markets this week? You must be Harry Potter! Also, yes, only Nokia can build "indestructible Nokia phones". What will people buy? Whatever they want. But let me tell you, hardware-wise, I'd take a Motorola-build phone over a Samsung or a Microsoft build phone. And I'm not even a fan of Motorola. But I know they have experience in the field. They've been at it for a long time. Samsung builds the phones cheaply. Which is why the Galaxy hardware sucks. Microsoft? Microsoft isn't a hardware company. It's not their area of expertise. And it won't be half the ex-Nokia D&S division that will make them the last Coke in the desert, that's for sure.
  • Wow, you are alpha-testing Nokia android phones! We have a scoop here! Maybe you should provide some controlled leak, or rumor, to AndroidCentral, so everybody can prepare their bodies for the 1 january 2016, when Nokia will be able to sell smartphones again. I take my hat off to you, DJCBS. You will be remembered as the hero who made Nokia rise from his ashes. I won't waste your time anymore, I'm sure you are very busy right now with this secret project. Best wishes! Only one more thing... You said that you are loyal to Nokia and that the future of Nokia is Android... You said also that Nokia isn't producing phones anymore and the actual Lumias are not Nokia... So the question is... What are you doing here at WPC?
  • "Wow, you are alpha-testing Nokia android phones" Perhaps learn how to read properly? Or get a dictionary? Products ≠ phones. Currently Nokia is working on a few Android-related projects. Two of them, which are public knowledge, are the Z Launcher and HERE for Android. But there are other things under wraps under the codename "Project Crystal" (this as also leaked).
    No. I am not alpha-testing Nokia Android phones. And if I were, I'd be smart enough to NOT say it here. Or at Android Central. Or anywhere on the web. I'd be smart enough to know that it would be better if Nokia could surprise everyone instead of having a product leaked everywhere months before it arrives.   As for your last question, again, learn how to read. Or did you skip over this part? "By the way, I still have a Nokia 920, 930 and 1020 with me. Except I now use them for gaming, media consumption and photos respectively."
  • Coming from the Android fan boy
  • What the hell happened to iOS in Japan????
  • I guess Sony happened... Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Can't be. Didn't they project they would lose $1.6 billion this quarter from just their phone division alone? I'd think double digit growth in a saturated market would suggest something else.
  • I believe those numbers where mainly because of the lack of sales for their mid-range phones in Europe. Hence their decision to refocus only in high end. It's the Z series that's taken a lot of iPhone sales. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • I have never seen an advert from Microsoft, whereas Samsung has ads and commercials all over the place. THIS is a real reason why WP doesn't grow quickly
  • I see WP advertisements everyday on TV.
  • Not really, no.
  • I see more WP adverts on TV than I see samsung or apple adverts.  So don't tell us "not really, no." when you don't live in our areas!  We know better than you because WE LIVE HERE.
  • Cool. If you live in U.S. But not anywhere else in the world. Android and IOS are leaders in my country
  • But that doesn't seem to help the US. If other countries had commercials, yeah,I could see there might be bigger growth. But you guys are already outpacing us anyways and we *do* have commercials. Which is what sucks.
    I think Steve Jobs has won the form over function war and ingrained it into Americans it's better to have nice looking tech over functional tech.
    Not that iPhones aren't functional, but they continued to sell even when they were behind WP8. Of course, the iOS8 has remedied that and they are back in front IMO. Now WP has some catching up to do.
  • And they are proud of the Inbuilt office app. Office comes for android too what's the difference?
    They need to focus upon their ads.
    They never talk about the pureview technology, I never ever in my life saw an ad praising the Puremotion HD+ display. Good advertising is must.
  • Same. Primetime, major networks I see plenty of ads in the US. I say that and I don't even have cable (watch it at the gym).
  • Thought you worked out at the gym.
  • I do. Weights for 60, then cardio for 25. It's during the cardio bit I watch TV (not really, I just see it on the monitors).
  • You don't lift heavy weights I take it
  • Why no cable?
  • Oh snap. Keep growing, WP!
  • I suppose we should be happy that it's growing at least... even if it is slow :(
  • You don't look happy:-/
  • lol :D  
  • Microsoft is not sticking to the basics. There is no brightness slider for Windows phones(Except for the New Lumias).
    In The dialler app we cannot move the cursor in between no.s once dialled.
    Mail app is getting outdated.
    Store search is very poor. You need to write the exact name of the app to get it. You have to check manually for updates in the store. They should work upon these basic things first. These are the smaller things that need to be fixed. Who the hell will buy a WindowsPhone if he can not even adjust the brightness according to his eyes or he can't handle his mails better or he has to work too hard to even search for an app.
  • These things you point out are not the reaons for poor sales. Windows Phone 8.1 has always done automatic Store updates, not sure what you are talking about.
  • Okay! Automatic Updates. What if someone has limited data? Why can't it simply show me the updates on the same day they were released and not automatically update them.
  • Let's establish a few points, vivekelectron 1. Automatic updates.  There is an option in store settings to only automatically update when connected to WiFi.  You asked "What if someone has limited data?" and there's your answer.  With the option enabled, updates are automatic over WiFi, but on cellular you are asked if you want to update instead.  2. The store checks for updates periodically; NOT the moment the update is released.  This saves battery life, because every time the store checks for an update it's like doing a sync.  The phone will check the store from time to time; if updates are available they will show up on your store live tile, in the store itself, and as a notification (assuming you have store notifications enabled) and therefore the user has the manual choice what apps to install or not to install.  Why do you think WP has such great battery life compared to its competition?  It's because of little things like this. 3. "Why can't it simply show me the updates on the same day they were released and not automatically update them." -  It already can?  Simply turn off automatic updates.  What, you actually think the phone doesn't check for updates automatically?  It does.  You can manually force an update check, but this is not necessary.  Automatic updates means updates download without user saying yes, it doesn't mean the store won't check for updates.  That behaviour is default. I scratch my head and wonder to myself if you even use a WP, and if so, why you didn't take the time to figure out the simple basics of how the OS and store works rather than coming here to complain about problems that don't even exist?
  • Okay Okay leave the store for now you are right about the battery saving techniques and there may be a problem with my internet connection. But what about other things. They need to be addressed.
  • Bla bla bla, Windows is for people who know, don't try to be something you are not. lol
  • Most Windows Phones have an ambient light sensor that will adjust the brightness for you. Windows Phone 8.1 automatically updates apps by default (though you can turn it off if you prefer). Your complaints sound like a Lumia 635 user who somehow downgraded to 8.0 (it comes with 8.1 out of the box).
  • Ambient light sensor adjusts the light well on my Lumia 820. But at the night the Screen looks so bright that if I look in the screen for a minute, my eyes start watering as I have set the Light theme on my phone.
    And yes I know about automatic updating but it automatically updates the apps in the background. I want that if an update is available a notification should pop up that an Update is available for these installed apps.
  • Mass and Daniel please try to read more carefully the comment before posting your replies. He didn't complain about Updating Apps but about searching for (new) Apps he may want to add to his handset.
  • "You have to check manually for updates in the store."
    Those are his exact words. Am I missing something?
  • Dee_Jay is missing something, as near as I can tell. The person commented on both discoverability and how updates are handled.
  • Yes! I commented on both. And my very simple question again. Why cant the store just show me all the updates and let me choose them whether to install them or not. Just show me the updates available so that I don't have to go to the store settings and press the manually check for updates button.
  • "Store search is very poor" were his exact words prior to commenting on Updates. But I understand now that you ignored this comment instead choosing to focus on Update comment. All's well Daniel. Thanks
  • "... check manually for updates in the store." "... can not even adjust the brightness ..." "... work too hard to even search for an app ..." "... dialler app we cannot move the cursor in between no.s once dialled ..."   None of these are real issues.  What version of Windows Phone are you using?       
  • Okay let me elaborate!
    For ex. You have to dial 256782929 on the dialler and by mistake you have dialled 257782829 now you realise that you have dialled the 3rd no. wrong you now have to delete all the no.s to reach the 3rd that is 7 and then delete it and then write the correct one.
    You cant go to the 3rd no. By simply moving a cursor.
    About automatic updating:
    Yes! the store automatically updates the apps. But cant it just show me the updates available the moment they are available. Sometimes the store shows the app updates available after two days the update was released.
    It can simply show me the updates available so that I can update the apps in the order I want.
    Ambient light sensor adjusts the light. But what about when it is dark. Put a light theme on the phone and use the phone in the dark.
  • Amen.  There's no linear brightness slider. Hell, you can't even scrub a voice mail. 
  • something wrong with your phone mate, mine checks for updates frequently enough that I get them on the day of release.  My brightness sensor is fine, even in a dark room, it's so accurate I don't get eye strain and I never have to use a manual brightness setting.  If I do, I can adjust it via the pull-down centre. Perhaps you're right about the search algorithms needing improvement. Can't say I've ever had a problem with the dialler, aside from the fact it lacks T9 which is a bit naff.  Apart from that if I type the number wrong it's easy enough to just delete up to where I made a mistake and do it again.  It may be a big issue for you but for 99% of us it's either not a concern at all, or at best a minor nitpick, yet you're treating it like a huge oversight.
  • Its easy to delete the no. back. I never said that its difficult. But there can be a cursor which can go directly to the position you want.
    I once copied a no. And pasted in the dialler but I forgot to put the country code before it now I had to delete the whole then put the country code and then paste the no. It took 3secs but its was annoying. Everyone compares WPs with Iphones when it comes to sales or market share etc but why anyone don't compare It in terms of usability. If you'll not provide an OS that is hell easy to use, it will create problems for people like me.
    Everyone here is saying that I have got stupid complaints. Well yes these are stupid but I am talking about better usability.
  • About the store.
    Search for an app and do a slight spelling mistake in the name of the app. Look at the results. The store will not correct the slight spelling mistake. Ex. Search for "MyTube" app
    Search my tube(put a space between my and tube)
    It won't show mytube.
    Now search mytube without space, now it will appear.
  • I totally agree with you..Microsoft needs to fix the basic things..After 3yrs they introduced a crappy looking action center, then no data toggle in quick settings, no background download, multitasking is very poor( resuming is there on high end phones also) etc
  • Yes! Take another example, when you tap on Bluetooth in the action centre it just turns off/the Bluetooth but if you tap on WiFi when it is connected, it doesn't turn it off instead it opens the WiFi settings but in the case of Bluetooth we have to open settings and then change Bluetooth settings because tapping on Bluetooth in the action centre simply turns it off/on
  • Vivekelectron.. Or whatever your name is.. Stop bashing for something you don't know.. Try putting whstsapp instead of whatsapp and tell me the result... Another thing.. Tapping on wifi doesnt make sense to turn it off.. It sends me to wifi app is more intelligent just to check whether I need to turn it off or may be connect to a diff network.. Explains 3 of ur bundle of senseless bashing items.. App store works simply good..brightness adjustment is there.. I doubt you have used wp ever...
  • Well then why don't tapping the Bluetooth take me to Bluetooth settings so that I can chose whether to turn it off or connect it to another device?
    And about the store: I said that it doesn't happen with every app. That's why I gave you the mytube example.
  • Agree. That's really annoying. Why doesn't it work like Bing... where it anticipates what you're looking for?!?
  • Lol. You need to learn the basics first!
  • I'm with you guy. People here learned to live without these things, but these are the basic on a phone. They are the same people that don't understand why Android users get angry when they try WP. They try to edit the dialing and don't have a cursor, they just say: "come on, we are in 2014 and an Asha form 5 years ago can do it". When I complain about the mail app can't attach an file in a response, people tell me to look for a third party app. I don't want an Android phone. I mean, WP8 was the SO that you didn't need apps (didn't need Facebook, twitter, qr scanner...). Before we could say that Android needed an third app to everything, for this their store was huge. About the brightness, it's something that I can't believe: Phones without a sensor can adjust manually, phones with the sensor can't change to"manual mode". Come on, give me freedom to do the things. Wi-Fi can turn on automatically near favorite places, but not every favorite place have Wi-Fi, why I can't choose? Already wrote these on user voice, but they just don't care about little things that disturb us (look at the no data button on the action center, shame)
  • Um, every windows phone running 8.1 features manual brightness controls.  If you're going to rant about (the lack of) a feature that, actually, DOES exist, then you just look like an idiot.
  • We are not talking about low, medium and high. We are talking about 0-100%!
  • Have you ever used your phone at night in the lowest possible brightness? How did you feel?
  • Another thing. When you turn off the wifi it gives you the options 1 hr 4hr 1 day Fav places or manually. They could have allowed us to set the timer there. Like an alarm clock. No everyone returns home after 4hrs or 1 day
  • What about India? Any growth?
  • No numbers reported for India, so no idea.
  • Probably the numbers will be in double digits.
  • Probably...
  • So glad I'm a Windows user. Windows is the future.
  • Unfortunately, the people who think like you are few..
    And among the few, most are in WPC.
    Not saying that its bad but we need more guys as such...
  • True. I'm a Microsoft fan for a reason. And the reason is, I believe in Microsoft and I think the work that they're doing to perfect computing is nothing short astounding.
  • I know a lot of people who like Windows. However that doesn't mean they automatically like Windows Phone. And most of them don't. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • +1 im with him. I live in a country where windows phones are rare. And i sometimes feel im the only one in this world that has a windows phone i usually advise my friends and family about this phone.. They say bla bla bla they dont even want to hear man. But i actually made about 5 people turn into using windows phone :) that good! :)
  • That's good dude, and here i am struggling to shift people.
  • In my case, Windows is in the front and center of my life. I am a Windows developer myself and I serve my small community in anyway I could.  I've probably conviced more people to try Windows phones than I could count.
  • I also live in a country where almost no one uses WP. And I know exactly how you feel. I have turned 1 person so far. And there's only one shop selling WP8 here, even that they don't keep it in stock unless someone wants one.
  • Yeah the feeling is that im like suffering in a peer pressure problem all my friends play with their android/ios phone with certain games i search the windows phone store and dont find it thats the feeling thati desire the apps on android but i still advise windows phone though :/
  • I corupted 7 people to WP :)
  • Oh the world isn't over, with proper support market share will come. Besides if Apple can make it with less than 10 percent, so can others
  • In early 2015... Microsoft..... "Here comes the boom!" -Nelly Furtado
  • No "What do you think" question? You're slipping.
  • I'm happy for it. It's not a great way to end an article, IMO.
  • @SeraphX2, your comment quality is slipping. You can do better.
  • ... And he strikes back! ...
  • Where did you learn to be so sarcastic and snappy with your answers ? I'm trying to work on being more like that in a fun way ;-) Give me some tips lol
  • lol, I've always been an insufferable smartass, started in elementary school ;) However, most people know I don't mean it out of anger, so it has worked out for me. As far as tips, just watch a lot of comedians I guess (I'm a poor teacher).
  • :P
  • I don't understand why Kantar regularly profiles Australia, but rarely profiles Canada which is a bigger country. I think 14.4% in Italy (ahead of the iPhone) is hitting critical mass. Anyone on the ground in Italy who can tell us what's being done right there?
  • Yeah, I have no idea how they operate. Clearly they have resources in some countries, but not others. Not sure why they do not for some.
  • I'm Italian. We are a wise people. Lol
  • 520 has been a major hit here, hope 630 won't disappoint. People with poor android phones looking for a replacement often try budget Lumia phones, and my cyan 720 always draws quite a lot of attention due to its design and color. I thins smoothness and design are the features that push wp here.
  • I think their doing good because is not that easy to beat down Android or iOs, first because we have to accept that WP is limited on apps and some features, regardless how great cameras they have. I'm proud of WP and I really really really like it, but if they delayed too much on apps I'll move to iOS now that they have big phones.
  • Don't wait bro move !
  • I'm a windows phone lover, and this is the way I catch haters!!! lol WP forever. I got every thing I need and an awesome imaging phone on my Lumia Icon. lol again...
  • Hmm so from the perspective of someone who talks about moving from WP to a different platform... (not that I intend to) You can choose overpriced Apple product, or much more affordable but more powerful Android product.  
    It's not exactly a rocket-science decision.  Do you want branded shoes, or shoes which are just as comfy but don't cost the world?
  • So you like the iBend iPhone? :P
  • Need a real flagship that has all the features.
  • Still... You can't get a flagship with all the apps...
  • But you can get a flagship with all the apps you need (well, depending on the person, I guess). The reality is that Android has 2 million apps, and most people probably have 10 apps on their phones--almost all of them free (except for the hot games). I can't remember the exact figures, but most people don't use more than a handful of apps on a monthly basis... so, for those people, Windows Phone would work. For those who need/want to have the latest, hottest apps, then... no, Windows Phone isn't for them (yet). Still, I'm not saying that the app gap isn't a problem for Windows Phone. Surely it is. It's just easier for the salespeople in stores to sell "more apps" then to tell the story of why a customer doesn't really need all of those apps.
  • I agree. I use all three OS's and have downloaded exactly the same apps on all three. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Yup. They could release a flagship that is designed for Windows 10, but release it with WP8.1. That way they get something for the holiday season and people won't feel burned by the purchase.
  • Haha. Remember those IDC-predictions that told us, Windows Phone will surpass iOS by 2015 and how everybody laughed about them?
    All of a sudden Windows Phone is in a striking position to iOS in some markets, but nobody would have expected it would be iOS' weakness against Android, that brings this prediction in contact with reality ^.^
  • Windows Phone already beats the iPhone in like 20 markets. The issue is those are smaller markets with emerging economies, and not the 'big 5' in Europe or the US. Still, your point stands that Apple is vulnerable (see the drop in the US last month).
  • The US is still Apple's stronghold. Americans love the iPhone (for whatever reason)... though I don't think it's quite as "cool" as it was a few years ago.  According to the article below, Windows Phone users are younger... which could mean that it might become the next "cool" phone to own (since it's not the same phone that their parents and grandparents use). I guess we'll see. My job gave me an iPhone 5S for work. It seems so small to me (and I have small hands). It's difficult to type/text on, and I don't find it any more intuitive than Windows Phone (maybe less so).
  • The fact is that most businesses are strongest in their own markets. Apple is a US business and so is stronger in the US. Nokia is a european company and so is stronger in europe. Even Samsung has a higher market share in its own country than anywhere else. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Yeah, you're right. Windows Phone has surpassed iOS in some markets already, and at least one of them, Italy, is certainly one of considerable importance.
    But since my comments tend to become VERY long, I adhered to the broader picture (EU5).
    I just couldn't get over the fact, that in 2011 no one believed Windows Phone could ever come close to iOS, because back then it was no contest (iOS around 16-18% and Windows Phone ~ 3-4%), but now iOS' flailing marketshare made the "impossible" somewhat imaginable.
    And by the way, Windows Phone surpassing iOS by 2014 already, wouldn't fit the narrative, would it? ;-)
  • The way, Microsoft/Nokia trickle products out is a serious let down. Apple announce a phone, and in a week it's available worldwide, Nokia announce a phone, and you might be able to buy it in a few weeks if you live in a capital city, who knows. UK still hasn't got Cortana (properly) it's just so disjointed, been saying this for years, even got through to Elop couple of years back, and got a reply from him, saying things on that front were going to change. They haven't. I say this as a Massive 20+ years Nokia fan.
  • You've been complaining about Cortana for years?
  • Cortana was an example.
  • This is what happens when you're late to market. Carriers don't want to bend over backwards to release your product because there's nothing jn it for them. They already sell boatloads of Apples and Samsungs. I am really surprised anyone sells WP at all, actually. Count your blessings!
  • UK  does have cortana. It came preloaded  on the 730 and 830. It also arrived as a free update on the 930.
  • It's not available across the board. It's being rolled out with the denim update, so its anyone's guess when they'll get it. Which is my point, ok I'll get it in the end, but Microsoft are sooo slow at getting things out.
  • Microsoft has no compelling story to tell consumers why they should buy a WP. Half baked Cortana isn't it. When they do have one, along with proper advertising and prompt release of hardware and software updates things might change. They also have to tackle the issue of their own apps being better on other platforms. There are many ways the WP situation can be improved but Microsoft seems oblivious to most of them even the most basic, letting people know the platform even exists.
  • "Microsoft has no compelling story to tell consumers why they should buy a WP. "
    This is partially true and is the issue when all smartphones basically do the same things. It then comes down to mindshare and user preference. What about Windows 10? Do you think Microsoft has a unique story to tell there?
  • Windows 10, IMO, will be the Windows Ecosystem 'savior'. I just wish it would come out sooner than after BUILD.
  • This is what was said about Windows 8 as well.
  • True, although you have to admit, the story for Windows 10 (unified OS, one Store) is a hell of a lot more compelling than just a new desktop OS.
  • I will admit it when they deliver it. I've been hearing this crap from Microsoft for over 10 years I think. The whole 3 screens thing. If it comes then yes it will be good.
  • That's true.   The only thing that makes me optimistic right now is that they hold an ace in the hole with their dominating desktop presence in both consumer and business, and, that they are the only ones that can truly pull off a unified OS and Store.   To me, MSFT is the only player who can develop a truly integrated environment right now for: -  all platforms (desktop, tablet, phone)
    - both primary UI's (mouse/keyboard, touch) That's a HUGE ace and they've not been able to use it because they haven't been able to find a way to build a winning hand.   I like Nadella.  I think he gets it in a way Balmer never did.   Windows 10 and MSFT's vision of it is the right direction in my opinion.  But execution is everything, so let's see what they do in the next 12 months with that vision, and how it turns out.    If they can create this "one windows" that meets everyone's needs, then they have the strong hand they need to compete.  With that, they can use their ace in the hole and turn this all around very fast. 
  • Only if MS can integrate our current WP8 hardware into the Windows 10 equation. Because if they try to force us to go out and buy a whole phone each time they get a "brilliant" new idea for an Operating System, they will lose more users than they might have ever considered possible, including yours truly.
  • Personally I think you're expectations are too high.  We buy a product for what it offers TODAY, not what future versions offer.   I understand software is easily delivered to us for the features that are software based.  But often times the software is dependent on the hardware ad that cant be replaced over the internet.   Progress marches forward.  You want the latest then we need to go buy the latest.   Having said that, I do not agree wth what MSFT did to their W7 users when the canceled Skype.   That's different.  I think they have somewhat of an obligation to keep supporting a product they sell for a reasonable amount of time.   1 1/2 years is not reasonable to me.
  • I think if Microsoft have released the preview for wp & tablets on same day that of windows 10 things might have changed as its windows one and it should come across all devices at same time
  • all smartphones do the samething but still other companies advertize it, features as double tap to wake, such a minor feature is also given ad space by LG for G2, we should add double tapto wake, glance etc. In India I see more ads of Nokia X, X2 then WP, also high end lumias are only advertised as having gr8 cameras, as if they cant do anything else.
  • About 25% of Windows Phones sold are high-end flagships. Flagships attract people to a platform. It leads customers into stores with an intention to buy a particular phone, even if they decide on something else. My point is that Microsoft is falling down in the flagship department. The 920 is almost two years old. It has never been on all major carriers... and its supposed replacement, the 930, is only on one carrier in the US--a carrier that has never really pushed Windows Phone... and, even though it is the largest carrier in the US, it is third in Windows Phone ownership. But even if the 930 was on all three carriers, that wouldn't be enough... because it's competing with a multitude of Android flagships that offer more options (besides more apps)--expandable storage, removable battery, etc. So when a customer goes into a store, they see either the 920, 925 or 930 from Microsoft... none of which have the latest specs and all of which lack the options that customers apparently want... because 75% of the time, they leave with an Android. That's not the whole story, but I'm convinced it's a big part of it.
  • Having the right shiny for the purpose and hence for the sale, is always critical and I have some of the same concerns you have about Nokia flagship offerings.  Not having Glance on the Icon/930 is a self delivered wound.  There's a long list of phones that called out for expandable memory including the 930/1020/925.  I like removable batteries as you do but I prioritize it lower than you may. There is no doubt in my mind that the acquisition of Nokia's Devices and Services division messed up what we might have hoped for a release schedule and what was left on the table at the beginning is just a weak bet with a flawed 930 backed up by an excellent yet large 1520.  It's great to see the HTC One step into the breach to fill in and while it is mighty tempting, I think I'll wait it out.  That is of course the problem. A lot of people leave the store with an Android or an iOS because they expect to find what they want in the ecosystem.  It's always been a question for us and this is what Windows 10 is going to help resolve. However when it comes down to buying hardware, there needs to be compelling hardware to buy and as for flagships, it's slim pickings and warmed over at that.   Doldrums at the top end, no doubt.  
  • It's not that bad, considering that WP success was suppose to be linked with W8 success. Since W8 is a marketing fail (marketing, not technical), situation could be much worse for WP, but it's not.
  • MS with its head up its ass and the minimal growth is proof to that. No aggressive approach to tempt people from their IOS or Android. In the 18 months I've been using WP, market share in Australia is stagnant. If people think that unification is gonna help improve sales they gonna be sorely disappointed.
    Concentrating on emerging/3rd world is the only strategy they can employ. They cant do anything about affluent markets so they might as well give up any form of advertising.
  • no, that's BS.  Most folk I talk to don't know anything about WP; many don't even know it exists.  This is a sign MORE marketing is needed, not LESS.  There's a difference between apathy and ignorance.
  • You can't market a 3rd rate smartphone platform. You can't honestly tell a consumer that WP is objectively better iOS/Android in all the dimensions that matter: * # apps & quality apps * other content(magazines, newspapers, books) * cutting edge hardware(Iphone, Galaxy S5, LG G3) * unique capabilities(TouchID, 120fps video capture, pen input, etc..)   You literally have to be in love with Microsoft to turn a blind eye to all that and say that Live Tiles trump everything.
  • In Australia what os do you use for you PC if it windows is that the majority cuz if it is when people upgrade to windows 10 even on PC it help out with the phone cuz windows 10 is for phone PC and table one OS one store one market share so everytime someone upgrades a PC a tablet or phone or buys a phone PC or tablet they are increasing windows 10 marketshare across. The board so yeah windows 10 will increase WP market share it just wont be called WP anymore just windows 10 and with universal apps all the apps work on all the devices from PC to tablets to phones
  • The reason they get no growth in oz is because they literally have zero advertising what so ever! I showed a mate the 1020 and he was blown away, had no idea there even was a windows phone os! He then went and bought one... Windows needs to hire an advertising firm for au, if they even care...
  • Could not agree more. They be failing miserably for quite some time. Pathetic. Good case study in how to fail at marketing.
  • In India people still think that wp doesn't support file transfer over bluetooth. Though i have convinced alot of them to buy wp and most of my friends own wp but i don't think marketing works this way
  • Yea i had a few with the bt thing too...
  • I so far converted 2 to WP :)
  • Yeah baby !!
  • Plus windows needs to prompt carriers to get all their phones not just one carrier.
  • Lumia 830 looks to be changing that slightly, right? I mean, even Bell and Sprint are rumored to get Lumias soon.
  • 930 isn't even on AT&T.... Not many want that Snapdragon 400
  • Besides you guys and tech geeks, who else knows what a Snapdragon 400 is though? Especially people who are the main target for the 830 (casual customers).
  • This is true. Also people care about the user experience, if the phone runs smooth and takes good pics that's the important thing. Also MS CAN advertise that it had a quad core processor, something that isn't in an iPhone. The phone likes good and its the right size, I may get but first I'm waiting for your review of the phone. Great article as always.
  • Thanks. Our 830 was supposed to come last week, but Microsoft had some, ahem, problems getting the right device. It should be here next week sometime, at which point you can expect some deep dives into benchmarks, camera, comparisons, etc. Same with the Lumia 735 ;)
  • Great I'm looking forward to it. You guys and the guys at pocketnow are the only unbiased reviewers I've seen when it comes to WP, actually phones in general.
  • Please tell us whether the last models with Denim on board have gotten rid of resuming screens. Also I believe lots of people wish to see comparison Snapdragon S4 vs Snapdragon 400 how the difference feels in reality (or not feels). Thanks, Daniel. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • It is Microsoft's responsibility to educate potential customers. They need to throw them some faux technolingo their way. Apple released a 64-bit mobile OS and people were talking about it for months. I can assure you that exactly none of them knows what it means, but Apple sold it as a feature. They're good at that. Microsoft is not.
  • True. Now Daniel if only MS could be persuaded to launch a True Flagship that turns heads, place it early in some MAJOR Action/Sci-Fi films, advertise the heck out of it prior to launch at All Major USA, Canadian & Euro Big Five Country's Carriers and do this within 6 months max, WP may yet catch on in a substantial way or gain 5-15% market share.
  • Cherry Mobile will change the fate of Microsoft!
  • hope is there they had a good advertisement
  • this is due bcoz nokia Microsoft acquisition ehich delayed and android ar that time markted well against wp.
  • Windows 10 will not do anything to help the situation with the phones, soon the dust will settle after the TP news has blown over (I work in IT and most people in my circles didn't know or care about the preview) and the RTM is still way in the future anyway. Making software is tough and cannot be rushed much... But Microsoft cranked out WP8.1 and brought the OS to an excellent competitive level. Why they are wasting time in bringing out decent high end phones is by now a mystery, and all the good of getting WP8.1 to market is slowly dwindling. I want WP to succeed as much as the next guy, but it seems Microsoft are their own worst enemy.
  • How do you figure it wont help windows phone yeah cuz the phone part is dead just windows 10 now with one market share so every app that comes out for windows 10 will work for phone and tablet and MS with 90% of the PC market share has ni problem attracting developer on the PC so now all those developers MS gots for PC will be developing not just for PC but tablet phone and Xbox that's what nobody os relishing some are but not you is that with a unified OS everytime someone buy a PC tablet or phone or upgrades a PC tablet or phone to windows 10 the are increasing the market share for windows 10 as a whole not just for PC but for phone tablet PC so yeah it will help cuz now a is that has like 4.7% market share will have alot lot lot lot more market share as Lon as MS stays focuses and gets alot of the windows 7 and XP and 8 -8.1 user to upgrade and since it will be free atleast for win 7 and up I think it will be a great day to be ms
  • The best thing that Windows Phone has going for it is the enthusiasm of the people who come these forums. Two years ago, Android and iPhone had all of the fanboys... but, now, the most enthusiastic fans are with Windows Phone. We are a small, but vocal and enthusiastic group. It's these fans that are keeping the platform afloat... but that enthusiasm can only last so long.
  • 3.1% market share is a fierce bunch of rebels!
  • This is true and the underdog mentality does help. Microsoft reads these articles, comments, and our forums on a regular basis. I've even heard Microsoft Stores use our site in the mornings for staff meetings (no joke).
  • so it possible thst can send message to Microsoft about demanded features and the features back again which were there like me tile.
  • They want more market share? Then they need to stop the darn carrier exclusives and have more flagship hardware in the US. This is not a third world market, people here can and do pay $600 for a new phone if it has the hardware and features they want. The most clever advertisement in the world won't do anything if people can't buy the phone they want on their carrier or if the hardware that is available isn't compelling.
  • Lumia 830 looks to be launching nearly everywhere within the same 4 week time frame, even on carriers typically unfriendly to Nokia like Bell. Do you think that is making progress or will matter?
  • Yes Daniel it is progress, but the 930 should have been available on more carriers, same for the 1520.
  • True, although I know some carriers (Canada) turned down the 1520, plus both phones are during the 'Nokia era'. To me, it looks like Microsoft is going to have an easier time to get their phones to market and on all carriers. The next few months will be telling.
  • I agree, for some reason Nokia never had a great relationship with US carriers. I would have loved to get a 930 on at&t....
  • Exactly... and why on Verizon?!? Yes, it's the largest carrier in the US... but it's 3rd or 4th for Windows Phone ownership, so it's pretty obvious they're ambivalent. But, regardless, I agree--the carrier exclusives are holding it back. Too often I think a potential WP customer sees a phone they like when a phone is launched on another carrier... but they decide to wait until it comes to their carrier. Well, as we all know, within a few months, the market and buzz have moved on to several other phones with better specs, etc. Honestly, with everything working against Windows Phone, it's amazing that it's gaining market share at all! Imagine if it was unleashed like Android and the iPhone...
  • Yes. The other problem is Verizon hasn't released the cyan update.....
  • What the need to realize is that software upgrade does not really generate upgrade. New hardware create new sale. For all the talk about windows 10 for phone, what people care about is the next flagship hardware. How many phones that Samsung release between android release, I can bet you not one. Release new hardware and work on your software in the meantime. It is a real shame that I am at the end of life cycle for the Lumia 920 and there is no viable choice. Please don't even mention the 830. This is not a flash ship phone for users like me.
  • Why does it Always sound like.. The next thing stuff Will be awesome? Had it with wp7 to 8, with 8 To cyan, now with 8.1 To 10... Just too bad, make stuff awesome now!
  • Totally agree
  • Had it from mango!
  • WP has bigger market share in Europe than in USA. Why? There is no advertising on WP in Europe, Cortana support only in UK, overall non-american support is worse - not even MSN for all European languages and so on. And still almost 10% market share in Europe. MS should support more languages (Cortana and MSN... as I said), spend some money on advertising here and a lot of people will buy a WP.
  • I can only assume that that means that Europeans are more reasonable people than North Americans. ;)
  • The Nokia brand helps over here too.
  • The Nokia brand played a big part. Microsoft should be concerned that once the brand goes away, how they'll get those same consumers to warm up to the Microsoft brand.
  • Here's a good article on what MSFT should stop doing to increase market share:
  • Good read. I find myself nodding in agreement somehow.
  • Am interested to know how WP fair in south east Asia markets too. No data available?
  • Me too. I think they should focus in SEA!
  • Pretty simple.  Until WP starts to bring more devices to the market like the WP M8 and on more than one carrier, they are not going to grow except fractions of a %.  You people need to stop making excuses for WP.  I had my $$$ ready to buy a new high end WP device on att earlier this year and nothing, seems like MSFT was so interested in the low end market.  So I purchased an iphone 6+ and Moto X 2 both unlocked at full price.  I just come to check on updates for my Lumia 925 which is not even worth enough to try and sell.  Sorry if this sounds harsh but just calling it like I see it.  
  • It's just time one will hold highest or balance score. One I wish is WP which more open for every developer to make money. Beside, Android OS sales rate has grown means only for all phone maker companies all over the world because Google don't make their own phone.
  • What are you talking about? There's a back button! hahaha
  • Who said anything to the contrary?
  • Growth for Microsoft is emerging markets with specific tailor-made apps.
  • They were doing well in India and then suddenly went into hiberntion, 720 was selling really well but they stopped pumping new stocks almost 6months back, those who had stocks keot selling it but availability was scarce and lumia 730 will be launching next week, what were they thinking? why such gap in between? no wonder their position as market leader(and their marketshare) was continuosly gng down
  • Is there any Future for WindowsPhone?.. i m literally crying because i love WP OS .. :'(   
  • I might be wrong, but MS needs to work fast. Fast updates. Fast deployment of devices. That's the one of the few ways to strengthen the numbers.
  • The main problem I see in the US is losing the AT&T 920 users next month when their contracts expire. Many people don't "wait till next year" and just get something new as soon as they're eligible to upgrade (plus many of those 920s were holiday gifts, and nobody's going to give their family members IOUs for holiday gifts). If the 1520 is too big for a customer, there is nothing on AT&T to upgrade to in Windows Phone at this time for the customer who always get the flagship device with every upgrade.
  • Good point. Hopefully some of them will at least give the 830 a try; but alas, as you said, it's not a flagship.
  • I'm waiting, since I don't have a need to upgrade immediately. However, I'm a person who always gets a flagship device. When I used BlackBerry, I used the Bold devices, and never looked at the Curve devices. The Lumia 900 and 920 were also flagship devices at the time.
  • Yeah, I'm the same way. I personally wouldn't buy an 830 as my daily driver. It's really unfortunate that they cancelled McLaren.
  • To be honest, I find these numbers more promising than anything. Reason being that Windows Phone still saw growth during a period where there haven't really been many headline-grabbing new phones launch. I was expecting numbers to plummet.
  • lmao Shut up, Meg.
  • Lol
  • They need to update the UI, get more better app support and better phones.
  • Microsoft needs to pull an apple stunt and pay all news outlets millions of dollars to hype their stuff.
  • Microsoft should release only one or two WP phone brand models with their own hardware like Apple does with iPhone.And that's it.They listen to customers needs but they can't do things so quick like people wants.Be patient:)
  • No way to spin it Daniel.  Android is crushing everyone, including Apple.   WP  market share grew 0.8% and Android grew 7.5% in the USA.  And that's typical around the world.  Thats almost a 10 to 1 growth rate over WP.  The only thing that makes me optimistic right now is that they hold an ace in the hole with their dominating desktop presence in both consumer and business.   To me, MSFT is the only player who can develop a truly integrated environment right now for: -  all platforms (desktop, tablet, phone)
    - both primary UI's (mouse/keyboard, touch) That's a HUGE ace and they've not been able to use it because they haven't been able to find a way to build a winning hand.   I like Nadella.  I think he gets it in a way Balmer never did.   Windows 10 and MSFT's vision of it is the right direction in my opinion.  But exection is everything, so let's see what they do in the next 12 months with that vision, and how it turns out.    If they can create this "one windows" that meets everyone's needs, then they have the strong hand they need to compete.  With that, they can use their ace in the hole and turn this all around very fast. 
  • I hate to be a Negative Nancy, and I'm not trolling, but I don't think that W10 is going to make any difference at all, in terms of consumers warming to Windows phones.
  • That's ok. I'm not a troll either but were have to call them like we see them. But I'm curious why you don't think developing a truly integrated OS would have no effect on the mobile side.
  • I can't wait till WP overtakes iOS
  • They need to make more phones like the 1520 and push advertising if they want those numbers to grow faster.
  • So the obvious consensus when you combine all of these comments IS "release a TRUE FLAGSHIP PHONE and market the heck out of it on all carriers!" 1030/mclaren/1530 they will all do the job if marketed and accessible!! WP should make take a poll of "the one thing ms needs to do to improve market share" with 4-5 categories. Could be interesting?
  • W10 really needs to take it to a new level then. 3 years ago my iPhone and Mac had better synergy than my Windows Phone and Windows PC do now. MS finally needs to take advantage of the massive install base of their desktop OS. And please please do something about Skype or just bring back MSN Messenger. All the components for greatness are there but noone bothers to put them together.
  • I believe the main reason Windows phone is not doing better is because they are not available. Many Lumia models are released by MS but most people can't get the model they want. WP 8.1 is a good OS but sometimes MS lack of attention to the little things can be very frustrating in the usability department. For example, if I want to adjust volume I can't do it from the screen. I FIRST have to press the hardware (phone) volume button. They could very easily have added a volume button in notification center like the settings button. Other examples include; missing voice to text translation button in the keyboard; barcode/text scan button in Cortana. The thing I am looking for in WP is refinement on the small usability issues so it is equal or better than iOS and Android.
  • The android began rising when google started to release v4. I don't see any problem for WP here at all since there are more rivals now. iOS is almost perfect for many but still expensive for many others. That is why the open source android exist in the market. But, I agree that MS needs more adverts to compete.
  • I'm done with WP.  Can't wait to get my 6+.   6 more weeks!
  • Goodbye. The sheep dip's on the left on your way out.
  • Bend it like Beckham! :P
  • WP is not doing well because MS does not care.  If they did their apps would show it.  They don't.
  • I can sense the foot steps of the time to come. I can see a big growth of the windows phones in times to come. So, android and iOS, be prepared for the assault!
  • after all these OS updates if Microsoft keeps the same strategy on apps nothing will be better in the future.... I don't care about the hardware or if the windows phone will have 4 or 8 cores cpu to run... my wifes old and cheap dual core android run every app much faster than my lumia 1020 and with much better graphics.. Microsoft needs to update the apps !!!! I don't think we need another version of windows with the same poor apps!!!
  • Whoop im included in that 9.2%
  • It seems to me that WPCentral writers have bought into the negative narratives about Windows phone by the western media and the public: App gap and all the crap. As far as many of us opting for Windows phone are concerned growth is growth and that's good enough for me even if some choose to see it as decline.
  • To some degree I agree with you.  This is not a game of winner take all.   So to that extent, growth of any kind is good.  In any market there is always more than one healthy supplier.   MSFT can be one of them with the WP offering.   But, there is this inconvenient necessity to make a profit :)    Shareholders are kind of funny about things like that.   And if they don't get their market share up significantly in the next couple few years, there will be pressure to pull the plug.   Not saying that's going to happen, but that's why anyone who likes their WP should care.   If this continues like this, it won't be around for the long run.
  • Every person here are happy or unhappy with Microsoft or you can say windows phone. I just want to say i was one of those people who adopt windows phone early. And still now i am using wp but i am happy with Microsoft. Because i like there strategy and each time they update OS with new major features instead of minor updates. People who argues are full of dumb ass and nothing they just know to criticize instead of supporting the OS...
  • IPhone 6 maybe the flavour of the month but how many additional new sales are Apple going to generate compared with existing users getting upgrades? Be interesting to see what percentage of 6's sold go to upgrading 4 and 5 users, as that won't be affecting their market share. They'll make a shit ton of cash from sales but might not expand their footprint.
  • The lowering of prices in the lower/older end may though. But the real competition is with Android anyway.
  • No product, no growth.
  • I always hate reading the comments in these articles. The majority are always so pessimistic and whiny. I personally think WP is great where it is. I don't believe there is just going to be some crazy rise in market share but instead a steady increase like we have now.
  • New bendy iPhones will likely put a dent to those share numbers in the coming months.
  • Ive been using WP os since January 2013 but honestly Im struggling to like it. Ive Xepria Z2 in hand & if I don't have tht phone, I mean only use Lumia 925, I can't do my work. The WP os needs lot of improvements in term of sharing capability as Android has & lots more. I still keep my Lumia 925 WP8.1.1 DP as I love the build & camera. Hopefully MS will really upgrade the OS as good as Android.
  • Sharing? It had NFC built in?
  • Wow 9.2 in Europe top 5?! Wasn't 10% always our aim? I think if WP hit 10% in a few markets it would be fine. As Rubino wrote in an article a little while ago we shouldn't be too concerned with market share but at least these numbers seem ok. Lets hope they hold. Gonna be releasing some Italian apps me thinks.
  • Ugh hate Android miss Windows phone but t mobile has a shitty selection Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • If they made the Nokia Lumia 1520 mini then we would of saw more of an increase in market share for the US. Other than that, WP OS is growing. Slowly but surely.
  • You mean the Lumia icon, that already exists and so does the 930, which is the 1520 just smaller
  • You really need to do a bit more research. The Lumia Icon/930 is NOT a mini-1520 as the latter has something called a micro-SD card slot which would have made the 930/Icon a must-have for many of us NOT wanting such a large (6") device. To my way of thinking, 4.5"-5" is the ideal maximum size for a mobile smartphone device.
  • Whatevs. I will forever support Windows for PC, tablet, phones till the end of time.
  • At least I have a windows phone and not an android
  • I'd be happy if MS just did some refreshing of the 1520 and 1020 with better screens, processors, WC, MicroSD, and a removable battery.
  • On TMo US and still waiting for my Cyan 8.1 update...this is becoming a problem for me...MSFT has to enforce rapid OS rollout with carriers!!!
  • We've been hoping that the windows phone market share will be around 10% since Mango. Lol. I doubt windows 10 will help much.
  • I miss @evleak, without him we have no clue what's next in wp. I've never owned a flagship phone, and i'm waiting for something innovative.
  • Can we just get rid of that decimal point?
  • It amazes me how people complain about apps and fault MS solely for the lack of them. MS isn't writing most of the apps. Could they do a better job supporting the dev community and promoting the platform? Yes, but most devs see that approach as bribery rather than consumer-driven benefit and turn it down. If you want to see more apps, better apps, and having more to offer, contact the app devs directly, make it known that they are missing a large number of users, and that WP users demand being included. Even MS switching to UserVoice to get public feedback is a huge change from the past of private betas and internal people handling bug/feature feedback (I spent part of my former MS career of 18 years doing that for them. The old days of Raid, Tomcat and such) to show how much interest is in the platform now. The catch is getting the people behind the decisions to realize WP is growing worldwide so they kind of look foolish not getting on board now over misconceptions and personal preference. Like the while Tinder vs. Rudy thing - how much of the lack of an official app is more Tinder being anti WP/MS rather than wanting to build their user base long term? We need to be making sure our voice is heard, and persistent to get these other apps onboard which will drive up the market share of the platform. I kind of wish now I had moved to the WP team rather than move to a MS-venture company. I would be pursuing devs and the big app devs to get the platform on equal app footing with the big ones. Like Ello and Cuddle, which are taking off now, but neither seem interested in WP, only iOS. Smh.
  • Not bovvered! Sales happen every second so there's no way any analysis is accurate! But the gap between ios and droid is just as worrying? Wtf would anyone buy a laggy os like this?
  • The sorry sorry for WP in Europe is that it is largely under pinned by kids parents buying them low end WP phone as their first service. This means that it is purchased on the parents perception, and in my own experience once their kid gets the choice for their second phone they often defect to another platform. Mainly for the apps, our they go to ios for the connectivity with their friends IM, facetime etc etc..
  • I bought my son a Lumia 735 as an update to his 625 in Carphone Warehouse 2 days ago, they had 3 in stock in each colour !
    NOT one staff was activity promoting them, all queries for new phones was pushed in the Android ecosystem.
  • I'll be with window's phone until the end. Would like to see market share increase more, folk I know are jumping on board (albeit very slowly) and in the pub no matter what new shiny phone is presented it's my tough as old boots 920 that folk are still impressed with, mainly for the camera....
    I like the whole WP thing but would like to see more Xbox live games as it feels like that has faded, yes there are drawbacks but that is the same issue with everything, nothing is perfect but Microsoft could be doing more.
  • windows phones lack marketing and special features compared to other phones. Windows phone may be unique in its own way but it's always behind other platforms in terms of features and apps.
  • They should release Cortana in Europe. Even if it is only in English. I'm Flemish, but can speak English.
    I don't understand why it isn't done yet. It's even frustrating reading about Cortana all the time without having it. Give people the choice to use it or not.
  • I don't need an exp. Storage..... I hav cloud................... I hav much battey life, the portable charger....... I don't need replaceable battery..... Installed 87 apps, doesn't slow down......... Dumb android-installed 30 apps got fucking slowed down.....
  • By end of 2015 I hope for at least 8% in us and around 15%in Europe
  • I've always said, Microsoft is competing like they want to lose. Their phones are good, but they say little about them and have very vision on where they going and what phones make the most sense. They've got 10 or 12 different phone and don't upgrade any of them.  Apple had one phone for years and kept upgrading it, now they have three, I believe they'll drop the Iphone 5c.  Microsoft should keep 1520, 920, 720, and the 535. Drop everything else and keep upgrading these phone and make sure there on every carrier possible. Also, get app count up 500,000 by year end and close to million by end of 2016.
  • Banking apps are more important than new hardware. Apple releases ONE DEVICE, and not necessarily annually. Get every major bank in the app store. /rant.
  • Hi, Nokias are sexy
  • It's really because of Nokia, we all love Nokia here in Europe
  • They've completely neglected the Japanese market. Go to Nokia Japan and they don't list any of the new phones. Go to windows phone Japan and they advertise Cortana - yet Cortana isn't being offered in Japanese and probably never will be. My phone is in Japanese so I can't use Cortana, yet Microsoft has Cortana advertising and help all in Japanese. The marketing is terrible in the US as well. People are saying they can't use a phone because T-Mobile doesn't have it. T-Mobile hardly offers any WP devices! Yet I'm using my Lumia 1320 on T-Mobile right now. The marketing is giving too many mixed messages.
  • If MSFT build outstanding, class leading, fast and beautify devices at all price points, momentum will continue to grow. "Me too" products will not help. To win android and apple users, MSFT has be noticeably better. Their is a serious lack of high end devices right now. These inspire and build the brand. Without the high end, the.mid tier devices lose some of their appeal.
  • Any data on Latin America??? I see a lot of WP going around. I think it's almost 15% at least in Argentina.
  • I found the article confusing. Its not clear whether the numbers discussed are sales growth or market share.   The story mentions sales growth but since some of the tables add to up 100% some of it at least is market share.  Not sure which numbers are sales growth and which numbers are market share since nothing is labled.
  • nice... keep on!
  • And then 10 comes out abandoning all of the 8 8.1 users just like 8 did to 7? Sure as hell hope not, but it probably will Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • waiting for a rue flaship... currently owns a 920 :) 930 is lame, 80 is just not quite there... maybe the 1020 successor with SD, glance, SD805 and a big battery? come on!!! i hope something good shows up at the begining of 2015! :)
  • All we can do, is show our Android and Iphone toting friends how much better our Lumia Cameras are, and show them how awesome WP 8.1.1 is compared to their boring static UI's.  If we can all convert a few people, it will really take off more.  Ive personally convinced 4 people to switch to WP - how many have you? 
  • In Europe the iPhone is too expensive and Android is too common so naturaly 1 out of 10 will opt for something "different". This is mostly due to the Nokia brand though...