Keep track of stock markets while mobile with the latest Markets & Me update

The popular and well-rated stock portfolio management app for Windows Phone has received a major update and is now on version 3. We've previously praised the work by the developer, who managed to create a beautiful experience for those who are interested in checking out the markets, or who have a heavy inventory full of stock. So what's new in this latest release?

If you'd like to know exactly what's new, there's a helpful tutorial when the new version of Markets & Me is launched. The user is quickly taken through the new features with some sample screenshots. But if you're more into comprehensive lists, here's a quick look at the changes in version 3:

  • user interface refresh (new design for the hub, etc.)
  • new live tile design and improvements (ability to alter what's displayed on the tiles)
  • market news is now available in the main section of the app (users can configure own sources)
  • support for out-of-hours quotes for selected markets
  • support for some technical details on quotes
  • persistent chart settings
  • ability to select countries and regions for market events
  • improved backup and restore functionality

Markets and Me App

There are also numerous bug fixes, other minor fixes and general performance improvements included in the update. It should be noted that version 3 also removes Google Sync support with the company removing its Finance API. Other than that, we're looking at a strong release for a superb Windows Phone app.

Do note that a follow-up update is being rolled out, which will address a data migration issue when upgrading to the latest version. The developer has informed us that said data is not lost and all will be well once this upcoming quick fix is available on the store. So fear not if all goes wrong when upgrading to version 3, a fix is well on the way.

You can download Markets & Me (as well as the ad-free version - $2.99, right-hand QR code) from the Windows Phone Store. 

QR: Markets and Me

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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