Keeping tabs on your routes with myTrekData for Windows Phone 8

myTrekData is a handy app for Windows Phone 8 that will let you plot out a route for running, bicycling, walking or any other distance activity and then track your progress on that route.

myTrekData will also provide you the weather forecasts and daylight parameters for your route.  In the short time we have had to try myTrekData, it comes across as a useful Windows Phone 8 app to help you keep track of all your treks, be it for a run, a bike ride, or a hike.

myTrekData Main Pages

myTrekData is laid out fairly straightforward with main pages that include:

  • Location Page that plots your current location as well as the ability to view a set address or set of coordinates on the map
  • Routes Page to let you create and view all your saved routes
  • Tracking Page to track your movements and save them
  • Daylight Page that forecasts the daylight parameters (sunrise, solar noon, etc.)
  • Weather Page that provides a seven-day forecast for your location
  • About Page that will list all the developer information

Creating a route is simple.  From the Routes Page all you need to do is tap the “new” button at the bottom of the page and place push-pins along the map view to indicate your starting point, any turns and your ending point.  Route distance and elevation is displayed above the map view along with the longitude/latitude of the pins as they are placed.  When all is set, tap the “save” button and your route is added to your Routes Page listing.

myTrekData Route Creation

Tracking will not only chart your route but also your elevation changes and elapsed time.  Tracks can be saved for future reference.

The only drawback that I can see offhand with myTrekData is the inability to track your movement based on a pre-existing route.  If that ability exists, it wasn’t apparent.  Still, overall, myTrekData is a nifty Windows Phone 8 app that can be useful for charting your afternoon jogs, weekend hikes or a bicycle outing.

There is a free trial version available for myTrekData with the full version currently running $1.99.  It is available for Windows Phone 8 and you can pick up your copy of myTrekData here in the Windows Phone Store.

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George Ponder

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