The KFConsole is the world's first gaming PC with a built-in chicken chamber

Kfconsole (Image credit: KFC Gaming)

What you need to know

  • KFC Gaming announced the KFConsole, a gaming PC that can heat chicken.
  • The PC is made by Cooler Master and features high-end gaming specs.
  • The chicken-heating PC is VR-ready and gets up to 240FPS.

When KFC Gaming teased the KFConsole this June, most of us thought it was a joke on the backs of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. To be completely honest, it almost feels like it's still an elaborate joke, but there is a product listing now for the unique gaming PC.

KFC worked with Cooler Master to create the KFConsole, a gaming PC with a built-in chicken chamber. There's no price listing or buy option for the KFConsole at this point, but you can check it out in all of its chicken-heating and gaming glory.

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The chicken chamber, and the fact that it's branded with KFC, are the headline features of the KFConsole, but it actually has very respectable specs for gaming. The KFConsole is powered by the Intel Nuc 9 Extreme Computer Element and features PCIe NVMe storage in the form of the Seagate BarraCuda 1TB SSD.

According to its product listing, the KFConsole is VR-ready, supports ray tracing, and gets up to 240FPS.

The gaming PC's chicken chamber takes the airflow and heat generated by the system to keep chicken hot and crispy. To clarify, it's a chicken chamber for heating up chicken that's already been cooked. Even the most powerful gaming PCs shouldn't put out enough heat to actually cook raw chicken, let alone fry it.

Some balk at the idea of a chicken-heating gaming PC ever taking off, but as KFC Gaming points out on Twitter, "It's not meant to take off, we built it with a Chicken Chamber not wings."

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  • Something you never thought you'd ever need, until someone made one!
  • Yeah, you only thought you'd never need it before. Now you know you'll never need it.
  • I'd have that on my desk... Minus the chicken warmer... That's just a good shape.
  • I'd imagine that Cooler Master has a similar case available. I hope they didn't spend the time to design a case just for the KFConsole.
  • The kind of publicity it's generating, KFC can afford to pay for a custom hand-crafter everything.
    It would still be cheaper than a superbowl ad and it's generating more buzz.
  • Wooooow, reading this, I thought it was a joke. Real or not, it still is. WHHHHYYYYY?! I hope that thing has one hell of a cooling system. lmbo
  • It's not meant to be cool, it's meant to keep your chicken warm while you game lmfao.
  • Some things are needs. Some things are just wants.
    This thing is neither.
  • I want it, and I'm not even a gamer.
  • That's exactly why.
  • Now all we need are chicken grease resistant gaming peripherals!
  • I'll wait for the hands on video from Daniel Rubino
  • Finger-licking good, I'm sure.
  • I have officially entered another dimension and I'm pretty sure that it is too late to turn back. Sooooo..... What else is weird in this dimension? Please tell me that beef jerky still exists.
  • y e s p l e a s e
    g i v e m e 6 9 4 2 0
  • Well, sillyness aside, if it's a PC why the hell do they call it a "console"?
  • Marketing, so they can call it KFConsole, so use the C twice, see how clever they are? KFCPC doesn't have same cleverness.
  • KFC is playing chess. You are playing Snake.