Killer Instinct reveals its final classic character, Eyedol

Eyedol is a hulking two-headed demon complete with a devastating club. In the trailer, Eyedol is seen being resurrected by Killer Instinct's resident sorcerer Kan-Ra, before beating the hapless summoner to a pulp.

Eyedol will become playable on July 22nd for Ultra and Supreme Edition and on July 29th for Combo Edition owners, completing the Season 3 roster.

Eyedol's look deviates from his original version from the first Killer Instinct game. Instead of sporting two heads as in the previous games, the new Eyedol's head is gruesomely ripped in two, with each half apparently achieving a separate consciousness, judging by the bickering in the trailer. The trailer ends with a showdown between Gargos and Eyedol which is a match-up Killer Instinct fans have been clamoring for since the 90s.

For those of you who aren't content with Eyedol's new look, Killer Instinct's official Twitter account offered a glimpse at his retro costume, which more closely matches his style from previous games.


With the release of Eyedol later this month, Iron Galaxy will have re-imagined every character from the classic games. Moving forward, the company will have to look to all-new characters such as Hisako and Aganos, or pick up more guest characters such as Halo's Arbiter and Gears of War's General RAAM. Microsoft sent out a survey a few weeks ago to ask Killer Instinct players what sorts of characters they would like to see next, including the likes of Joanna Dark from Perfect Dark, a Brute from Halo, and an agent from Crackdown.

At E3 2016, Microsoft revealed that Killer Instinct currently sports 7 million players across Windows 10 and Xbox One, and the game was one of the titles that pioneered Microsoft's "Play Anywhere" vision, with DLC and progression roaming between console and PC. The future of Killer Instinct looks bright.

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Who do you think should guest in Killer Instinct next? I still think Age of Empire's wololo priest would be killer...

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