Keeping the villagers at bay with King's Guard TD for Windows 10 PC and Mobile

King's Guard TD is a fast-paced tower defense game that is available for both Windows 10 PC and Mobile. The game has angry villagers rising up against the King and it is your job to defend the castle.

While there are plenty of tower defense games available in the Store, King's Guard hopes to catch your eye with three campaigns and a broad range of enemies to battle. It also stands out from other tower defense games in that your enemy will approach your stronghold from multiple directions. This will require you to manage your defenses more carefully to avoid weak points for the villagers to exploit.

Gameplay is challenging, we have no major complaints on the graphics, and overall King's Guard TD is an entertaining title to have tucked away in your gaming library to pass the time with.

King's Guard TD's primary menu is minimal, with just two options: jump into gameplay and view your in-gaming achievements. Gameplay with King's Guard spans three campaigns and three difficulty levels. The campaigns are progressively unlocked, contain several levels of play and include:

  • Call of Dragnor: A winter environment
  • Dark Revenge: A forest environment
  • Dragon Awakening: A mountain environment

The level of difficulties includes normal, hard and impossible.

Gameplay follows suit with a typical tower defense game. You defend the main castle entrance and begin each level with a small amount of gold that is used to finance your defensive towers. King's Guard TD will allow you to put towers into play before starting the attack. Your tower choices are located in the lower left corner of the display and your placement options will be highlighted in yellow.

King's Guard TD

Once you have a few towers in place, tap the Start button and the angry villagers will lay siege on the castle. If a villager reaches your castle gate, you lose a life. If your life counter (located in the upper-left corner of the screen) hits zero, the villagers breach the castle gates and you lose.

There are six types of towers available that range from archers to stone throwers. Each tower can be upgraded to increase the damage inflicted on the enemy and the rate of fire. Just tap on the tower to pull up its statistics and you will find an upgrade option with the associated cost.

King's Guard TD

As you eliminate the enemy, you will earn gold and as you complete an attack wave, you will earn bonus gold. Gold will not carry over from level to level, so there is no need to be frugal. Your enemy will approach the castle gates from multiple directions, requiring you to aggressively upgrade your towers and place new ones to tighten up your defensive lines. Otherwise, the villagers will quickly overrun your defenses and ransack your castle.

Along with villagers, you will also find bats, ravens, eagles and dragons join in on the fight. Some will move at a snail's pace making them easy targets and others will move swiftly, making them harder to eliminate. Attacks will come in waves and a progress bar will sit in the upper right corner of the display where you can monitor the attack's duration. The last wave of each level is more epic than the other waves and often include boss enemies to defeat.

The pace of gameplay does have a little pep and you do need to stay on your toes to make sure the villagers don't sneak in from an overlooked path. You can move around the battlefield by touch and King's Guard TD does allow you to zoom in slightly to get a better picture of the battle. Graphic quality was good, but I would have liked to have seen a little more detail in the towers and weapon's fire. You will see the enemy fall, but the shots that were fired are so small that you will not see that aspect of the attack.

At the end of the battle, you will earn loot, including bonus items and crystals that you can use to buy power-ups. You can access the game's store from the level map of each campaign and choose any power-ups you own to equip during the battle.

Defending your castle from those pesky villagers

After playing King's Guard TD over the past few days, the game comes across as a solid tower defense game to spend a little time with. Available for both Windows 10 PC and Mobile, the free game offers decent graphics, a nice range of towers and challenging gameplay.

The multiple paths for attack that the angry villagers can take adds to the challenge and is a nice attention getter. Some tower defense games you can set your defenses and let the game run itself while you grab a snack. King's Guard TD doesn't fall into that category — if your attention strays too long, the enemy will find a safe route to overtake your castle.

There are 50 levels of play, spread across three campaigns, and each level involves multiple attack waves. Needless to say, there is a good bit of gaming involved with King's Guard TD. Overall, I found King's Guard TD to be an enjoyable addition to the tower defense genre of Windows 10 games.

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King's Guard TD

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