KLIM Chroma review: An RGB keyboard better for the office than gamers

The KLIM Lightning is one of the best budget gaming keyboards you can buy. It has excellent build quality, great feeling semi-mechanical keys, subtle RGB lighting and a lengthy warranty. The Chroma, despite being a term more familiar to buyers of another brand, isn't, sadly, the same.

It's entirely membrane, which is usually a turn-off for gamers. And while I can't really say that PC gamers on a budget should buy this keyboard, it still has a place.

What you'll like about the KLIM Chroma

Regardless of where you use the Chroma, one of its best features is its water resistance. Sure, you won't be computing in the shower, but it's comforting to know that should you spill a cup of coffee over your desk, you'll be able to finish your work after. There are small holes on the bottom of the keyboard that drain away excess liquid.

The Chroma, like most gaming-targeted keyboards, also has a healthy dose of backlighting. You get a full RGB setup with a number of profiles, and it looks really nice. The colors are vibrant without being overpowering and it's not too bright, either. Best of all for lighting fans is that there's no companion software required, everything is plug and play and operated from the keyboard.

Where non-gamers will enjoy the Chroma is with the near-silent membrane keys. With a response time of 2ms, the Chroma is nimble enough to keep up with fast typers without making a racket. It also has anti-ghosting built in, and the keys are rated for a whopping 20 million clicks.

And, like all KLIM products, the Chroma is covered by a five-year warranty should anything go wrong. Not bad for a $30 keyboard.

What you'll dislike about the KLIM Chroma

The Chroma has plenty of good features, but it's far from a truly great keyboard, even at this price point. For starters, it feels pretty flimsy, and it is very light. That's not a bad thing on its own, but the plastic doesn't feel incredibly tough and there's a fair amount of flex to back it up. Heavy typers beware.

However, if you're in Europe, specifically looking for a QWERTY layout, you'll be out of luck, since currently KLIM only offers layouts from mainland European locations such as France, Italy and Germany.

The cable is also pretty cheap feeling, too. Unlike the nice braided cable you get on some other keyboards, this is a tangled mess if you're not careful. It's a small detail, but one worth highlighting.

The biggest problem with the Chroma, though, is that it's marketed as a gaming keyboard. Gamers shouldn't buy this, really, not since KLIM already sells an incredible keyboard, the Lightning, for the same price. For normal PC use and offices, this is a nice keyboard. For gamers, get the Lightning.

Should you buy the KLIM Chroma?

In its own right, the KLIM Chroma is a decent keyboard. If you're looking for something a little different to the bland, boring looking keyboards you'll find in most offices, it's perfect. The RGB isn't overpowering, the keys are quiet and responsive and it'll survive the inevitable coffee spill.

But for who it's marketed at, gamers, it's not the one to get. The KLIM Lightning is a phenomenal keyboard for gamers at the same price, and with semi-mechanical keys it's the one to go for.

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Richard Devine
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