Knock-Knock creeps in for your Windows and Windows Phone devices

If you don't like scary movies, this game is probably not for you. Knock-Knock ( started from Kickstarter, and then made its way to desktop and mobile devices. You play as an insomniac Lodger that basically needs to survive until the sun comes out. I have to admit that I've turned off my phone several times while playing this game.

Take a look at the official trailer to give you a good idea of what to expect.


  • A game of survival and troubling madness.
  • Hide from the invading creatures.
  • Fix the lights and keep the cabin rooms repaired to ward off evil.
  • Survive the night with your sanity intact.
  • Solve the mystery of the Lodgers nightmare.

When you jump into Knock-Knock, it's very unclear what the goal is. It seems that is part of the game, to figure out what to do.

The main character is an insomniac inside random houses every night. Or it could be the same house, but his minds are tricking him to make it look like a different house every night. It is unclear.

To move around the house, you can hold the right side of the screen to go right, or hold the left screen to go left. Since the rooms are dark, it only makes sense to turn on the light so you can see where you're going. To do this, you swipe up on the screen. The character then takes a few seconds to fix or replace a bulb. After that, another swipe simply turns on or off the light.

There are ladders in some rooms. To go up or down the rooms, you have to swipe or down on the ladders. It gets frustrating, because the game sometimes think you want to turn on/off the light instead of climbing up or down a ladder. This is even more frustrating in situations when it is important to keep the lights on.

Why is it important to keep the lights on? There are strange things roaming the house that likes the dark. If they touch you, the clock goes backwards or makes you start the level over again. Don't let them touch you.

There's a clock on the top left corner to show your progress. Certain rooms have clocks that speed up the time when tapped on. I tried staying in one room to wait until the morning, but that plan does not really work. The light bulb might burn out randomly and then that scary thing suddenly appears in the same room.

Before you start playing Knock-Knock, it is recommended to put on the headphones. It definitely adds more creepiness into the game. There are random voices and noises from the house that made me stop playing the game altogether. Visually, I have no complaints. I love the darkness and the use of lighting throughout the game.

Knock-Knock is available at both the Windows and Windows Phone Store for $4.49. You can purchase it once, but play it on your Windows Phone and Windows PCs or tablets. Despite the confusion and frustration of playing this game, it kept me on my toes and lured me to keep playing. We think you'll feel the same. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

  • Yes, a horror game. Nice! Looks pretty cool.
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  • Am I they only person who thinks the dude looks like Gaara from Naruto?
  • Not just you.. I was thinking the same..
  • He's even an insomniac just like him too. Maybe it's the Ichibi knocking on his door. :P
  • Looks great.. But the price is a bit high imo
  • Wasn't this game on IOS in 2012?
  • Does anyone know it is possible to switch the language to German?
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  • You means 235 Indian Rupee? Apps in your country all get 15%off?
  • Looks good. And another Universal app/game.
  • Universal is great, but as others said the price is too high and the lack of trial makes it, ultimately, a relatively expensive gamble.
  • the price is more horror than the game itself!!!
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  • F***ing paid..
  • Someone has to get paid for their efforts...
  • People don't work for free.
  • What do you call volunteering then? Free work.
  • Volunteering and professional work are similar,but developers generally make games for a living. Not for the benefit of people who are too cheap to, or simply unable to due to regional difficulties, pay for games and apps. You wouldn't walk into a store and expect them to give you free food or clothing. People simply deserve to be paid for their work.
  • Too expensive to be called a pass time game
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  • Hmm, this seems to be insta-buy to me.
  • looks great but expensive :(
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  • It just came out. Reviews will pour in.
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  • Cool, but please increase the text size!!!!!!
    Or give us an option.
  • The so-called voice the character use is annoying. Otherwise a interesting game. Works fine on my 1520.
  • Looks too cool and creepy to pass up... I'm buying in on the ground floor.
  • BTW... It's pretty darn cool if you like "fantastique" or suspense style stuff. It has a quality feel and some very nice touches. Atmosphere by the ton. It's not a game so much as an experience. I'm digging it. Very immersive. Headphones a must. Playing it late at night helps too.
  • Have this on steam. Gets repetitive the second or third night. Still, quote a good game for short sessions of gaming. This is going on my 1520.
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  • No Xbox live :(
  • $4.49 @ MYR 16.49... for a horror game? At least make a trial. Seriously. And it's a 201mb game :(
  • Buying this game to support indie developer because, if we dont, then who will?
  • Make a discount please like Rp20.000?or make it free for 24 hour? i like horror movie and horror game, but Rp44.500 is quite expensive
  • I'm constantly amazed by the sorts of people who say that an app looks amazing and then say they won't buy it because it costs about the same as a Big Mac. Have none of you any idea how many man hours goes into something like this?
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  • It should have trial.... Acedia indie horror is also scary. Y
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