Kodi makes its Xbox One return, following Microsoft Store removal

Kodi on Xbox
Kodi on Xbox (Image credit: Windows Central)

In final days of 2017, Kodi, an increasingly popular open-source media player, made its debut on Microsoft's Xbox One console. Following quick growth on other platforms, the app surfaced in an Alpha state, packing its flagship features cherished by cord-cutters and media enthusiasts.

Despite its official launch, earlier this week we reported that Kodi's Xbox One listing had disappeared from the Microsoft Store. Sourcing an issue which resulted in the listing's disappearance, the team announced its plans to deliver fix relatively soon.

Kodi is now available on Xbox One consoles once again, allowing those without the application to install it on their consoles. In the process, an automatic update has been released for existing installs with various fixes. Like the previous version release last year, Kodi 18 Leia is offered on the console in Alpha form.

For now, Kodi can be downloaded on your Xbox One by searching "Kodi" on the Microsoft Store, or via the store link below.

See Kodi at Microsoft Store (opens in new tab)

Matt Brown

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  • Hope i can navigate with my harmony remote now. i know i know it's an alpha. I can be patient :)
  • Does this let you record OTA with the TV tuner? Ill have to remember to install it later when I get home.
  • I haven't found an PVR add-on that works yet.
  • The MythTV PVR addon worked for me when I tried it a couple weeks ago.  It would occasionally lag, but was otherwise fine. As for Kodi using the Xbox TV tuner, highly unlikely.  Kodi isn't a DVR.  It can act as a frontend for other DVRs, but does not itself have tuner and other functionality built in (though ... I suppose someone could maybe write an add-on?).
  • Thanks for the info. Microsoft really dropped the ball on that feature. It wouldn't be an issue if MS didn't sell the tuner and sell us on a feature that never really came to be. A 30 minute buffer is better than nothing, but could have been much better.
  • Ok may sound like a daft question but I can't work out how to map my nas to kodi on the Xbox one. My android box has down it but it dose not seem to be in the same settings on the Xbox one
  • Unless there's a new update, this release only supports NFS shares.  There's a very high chance you're currently using SMB shares on your NAS, which means the Xbox release can't see them yet.  It's alpha software, so expect limitations.
  • Are right that will be what it is. I'll have to have a look to see if my nas supports that thanks for the reply.
  • Great
  • Nice that it's there. Hopefully we will see more from it.