Surprise! Leading media center solution Kodi has arrived on Xbox One

Kodi began life as Xbox Media Center (XBMC), owing its roots to the original Xbox console. It has evolved a great deal since then, becoming a favorite for cord-cutters and media enthusiasts everywhere.

Update December 29, 2017: Kodi appears to be rolling out on a region-by-region basis as of writing, with availability starting in Europe. Hopefully it'll hit more markets soon.

Update December 29, 2017: Kodi now seems to be available worldwide. Let the cord-cutting begin!

Kodi appeared on Xbox One today as part of what appears to be a soft-launch or alpha phase (thanks for the tip, Ross!), supporting what appears to be, a full raft of features from the Windows 10 Store version, including all those pesky add-ons everybody except the entertainment industry loves. It also means that Xbox potentially now has TV DVR finally, after being promised and then cancelled by Microsoft previously. A number of services can hook into Kodi for live TV and DVR features.

You can grab Kodi on the Xbox app store simply by searching for "Kodi" or by hitting the link below. For a full and comprehensive guide about what it is, how it works, and why you need it in your life, hit the links below. We'll take a more comprehensive look at Kodi on Xbox in the near future.

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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