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Lamphead, a dark adventure for Windows Phone is today's myAppFree Deal

The Windows Phone Store is packed full of endless runner games, and Lamphead is one of the more unique offerings on its shelves. You have to guide your hero through an endless path filled with dangers with only the light on his helmet to warn him of pending peril.

You need to collect battery charges as you navigate the dark path or run the risk of your light growing dim, making it almost impossible to see the dangers that lie ahead.

Lamphead typically runs $2.99 but over the next twenty-four hours, through the myAppFree promotion, you can pick up the Windows Phone game free. Lamphead is a fun game to pass the time with and with the help of myAppFree, you can save a little along the way, too.

Lamphead isn't a very complicated Windows Phone game. The main menu is straightforward with options to visit the game's various social networks, access the game's settings, visit the game's store and jump into gameplay. You can also view your current mission goals and online ranking from the main menu as well.


Settings are minimal with the option to mute the sound effect and music. Your gaming store is where you spend coins earned during gameplay and has options to pick up new character costumes/skins, upgrade your character's shoes for better performance, buy more lives and pick up some additional coins via in-app purchase.

Gameplay shares Lamphead's simple design. Your character begins racing down a two-sided path: an upright side and an upside-down side. As he approaches a danger, just tap the screen to have him swivel between the two sides to avoid the deathly object.


Your hero's path is illuminated by his helmet lamp. You begin the game with a fully charged battery that really doesn't last too terribly long. As the batteries run dry, the light weakens and the dangers become harder to see. Collecting battery packs on the path keep the light fully charged. Otherwise, things can get dicey quickly.


The ultimate goal is to race your hero as far as possible. Lamphead does have a series of goal-oriented missions to give the game a little depth. These missions include goals such as traveling a certain distance, switch orientations a number of times and avoid a set number of obstacles.

Coins are awarded based on your gaming performance and can be spent in the gaming store or used to revive your hero when he is cut in half by a buzzsaw.

Overall, Lamphead is a wonderfully animated, challenging Windows Phone game to spend a little time with. The game is normally priced at $2.99 and through the myAppFree promotion, you can pick it up free over the next twenty-four hours. It's a great game and a nice opportunity to save a little along the way.

Please note that it may take some time before the deal is live in the Windows Store due to time zone differences. At the time of posting, the deal is live in the U.S. market.

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  • It still shows as $2.99... Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10 Mobile
  • This is one of those shady apps that are supposedly having an entry fee, yet they offer in-app purchases for in-game Coins to get anything done. This one is especially weird since it has two versions, both are "free⁺ " with a superscript plus-sign (so not really free at all). The first one, simply called "Lamphead" is being advertised as a temporary free via MyAppFree. It lists IAPs up to €49,69 for a lousy sum of 4500 coins! The other app from this dev, called "Lamphead: Out the Darkness" is also "free⁺" and asks only €1,39 for the same 4500 Coins. Uhm, what? I get the impression that MyAppFree is nowadays being abused for shady monetizing schemes and scam apps. The desktop app, for example, is still advertising an app called "Left 4 Dead 2.1" with stolen artwork from Valve's title. This is copyright infringement at best, but more likely actual piracy. That Microsoft desperately approves anything that is being dumped on the Store is one thing, but isn't MyAppFree supposedly having some sort of quality control as well?
  • Yeah. Somehow I agree.
  • Or maybe myappfree will receive something with their sales.. That's why they let it happens.. I saw both lamphead games there(store), both free and as u said, one having higher price than another..
  • IAP are by their nature optional. You don't have to buy them. I never do and I don't think anyone will be prepared to pay 38 quid for that package.
  • Yeah and those games with IAP are never conceived so that you actually need to buy some in order to progress at a reasonnable rate or spend a LOT of time doing pointless actions in order to farm the game currency. Yeah, never.
  • I had played this game long before. It was free at that time. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I got this for free a long ago.
  • The thing here is, whenever I try to open anything even from myappfree it doesn't open my store, it open edge browser and get stuck there making impossible to mw to download..