Langeroo Adventures, a suite of educational games for kids, is now available on Windows 10 for PC and Mobile. Launching as a companion to the Langeroo Online suite of web-based games, Langeroo Adventures is built with a series of fun games to help kids learn English as a first, or even second, language.

The game takes place on an island chocked full of animals that each have a challenge for kids to complete. The variety of mini-games run the gamut from spelling and spelling challenges to the alphabet and numbers. In all, developer Chaos Created explains that Langeroo Adventures covers nearly five-hundred words to learn, each with a sound and image, split up across 26 topics.

The game looks like a solid bit of fun for tots, complete with a colorful aesthetic and sound effects that should draw them in. At launch, two mini-games are included for free, but you'll have to pay for the other three that are currently available. More games are planned to be coming soon, and Chaos Created says there are even plans for more languages to be added in the future.

For now, you can grab Langeroo Adventures for free on the Windows Store to check it out.

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