Large demand for HTC Windows Phones witnessed in Philippines

HTC Philippines held a sale on December 18th to launch the company's new Windows Phone hardware. Both the HTC 8X and HTC 8S were stocked at the HTC Concept Store in SM North Edsa where an enticing deal was on offer. The first 128 consumers who queued to purchase either smartphone received a considerable discount.

The HTC 8X and 8S were priced at discounted levels of Php 19,988 ($487) and Php 9,988 ($243) respectively, instead of the usual Php 26,500 ($645) and Php 14,600 ($353). headed over to the store in order to take full advantage of the special offer, as did a number of consumers evident from photos captured by the team. Demand was fairly high for the Windows Phones.

According to the website's report, a sizeable queue (see above photo) began accumulating as early as 10am. It would be a full two hour wait before the store would begin selling the discounted units at 12am. Luckily they arrived in time to be one of 128 consumers and were able to make use of the launch deal.

HTC Philippines Line

If the discount wasn't enough for early wakers, HTC also bundled a branded jacket to further incentivise the purchase of their Windows Phones. It's good to see HTC pouring in the effort to engage consumers with exciting deals to push units out the doors of stores. We've reviewed both the HTC 8X and 8S and found both Windows Phones to be well worth the price tags, so to hear about discounts makes one slightly jealous.

With the Samsung ATIV S hitting markets and both HTC and Nokia kicking off planned marketing campaigns, Microsoft's Windows Phone brand awareness will jump up from where the platform was this time last year. Hardware is unique enough to attract interest from potential customers, which is an advantage that matches the loaded operating system.

We've witnessed Windows Phone 8 hardware selling out, particularly the Lumia 920. Be sure to let us know of any more deals that have popped up in other markets.

Source:; thanks, jedi12, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Also doing quite well in Taiwan. The black and yellow are almost non-existant in terms of stock. People are still waiting for their phones as of today. But I mean that could just be the low-stock but good to see demends everywhere
  • Good to see. 
  • This is what they should be doing everywhere. Also they should make those discounts permanent.
    The bill of materials for 8x would be around $220 (iphone5 bom is $207 including manufacturing). $220 + $30 (windows phone license and R&D costs for HTC) + $50 (retailer margin). Total $300. Ofcourse there may be some discrepencies in this estimation.
    If they sell it at those discounts $499, they are still making some $150 to $200 per phone. Its better to sell a 5 million at $200 profit per phone than selling 1 million at $300 profit per phone.
    Come on Microsoft!!! Make a deal with HTC and Nokia and sell these phones at good prices in countries like india, china and europe where there are no carrier intereference will be there. Its now or never.
  • 2 hour wait will bring the time to noon...12:00 pm
  • LOL I noticed that, too.
  • It's funny how many people think 12am means noon and 12pm is midnight... A local company was doing a promotion that "ends at 12pm" each day, but they meant midnight i.e. 12am
  • Yes! More and more people wanting Windows 8 Phone. That's the way it's meant to be.
  • im jealous..cant get a new phone now coz im saving for a surface rt....can you guys cover surface also? like how many apps are there now..stuff like that would be great!
  • That was covered man :-)
  • I suggest you to check these two websites. and
    First one will list good windows apps. Second one will give the total count of apps.
  • thanks!
  • Actually

    Has a total count also. Just scroll down to the bottom...
  • good to know we have more than one OEM pushing windows phone to consumers
  • Yes.  We have two. Exactly two. Hurrah!
  • HTC is cheaper than Nokia and is more in line with the average Filipino's budget, hence. If they released the low range Lumias here they would sell too I'm sure.
  • Yeah the 620 will destroy all comers in the developing markets.
  • So they're in trouble living in a round world without corners ;)
  • Worth the wait! Bye the way I was there as early as 6am ;)
  • Nice meeting you Jey :)
  • *by
  • What was it like Jey?
  • Cool. The more the merrier for WP.
  • online store kimstore was unofficially selling the lumia 920 and it sold out within 12 hours of availability. 
  • I called T-Mobile yesterday and they told me that HTC 8x is on backorder...
  • We will save our moolahs for the Lumia phones because they are built to last. It turns me off when I heard the audio capture of the 8x on its camera. Not worth a penny... Lumia 620 will be another hit once launched in the Philippines
  • That's a massive discount! Can't wait how the Philippines will react to the launch of the Lumia line.
  • Lumia 920 will be OFFICIALLY launching here in the Philippines by January 2013...
  • Damn! I should start paying attention to Nokia's gimmicks this coming Jan 2013. They might do something like this. o_O
  • I was #18.
  • First time I've heard of huge demand for HTC Windows phones because in Malaysia, I have yet to see retailers stock the 8X or 8S. Neither have I seen anyone sporting either devices.
  • I think for us Filipinos the biggest thing about WP8 is the ability to keep Wifi alive as not all users have data plans and rely solely on WiFi. I was planning on getting the 8S but will wait instead for Lumia line as they have advantage when it comes to exclusive apps.
  • Same here, patiently waiting for the 620
  • We need the 920 NOW.