Last night's 170201-2341 Xbox Insider Build is making its way to the Beta ring

The new build is identical to the one that shipped yesterday for the Alpha ring testers, bringing various fixes, and a couple of new features for the achievement tracker and the automatic updater.

The most interesting notes from tonight's 170201-2341 Beta build are as follows:

  • You can now enable automatic updates independently from your console's power mode (Instant-On or Energy-saving). To enable automatic updates, navigate to the new updates interface in Settings > System > Updates. Consoles in Energy-saving Mode will download any available updates at shut down. For consoles in Instant-On mode, the experience remains the same.
  • You can now control the transparency level and number of achievements in the achievement tracker.
  • Resolved an issue which caused Cortana to fail to select a profile for sign-in.

The build will ship at 6 PM PST as usual. For the full list of fixes, features, as known issues with this build, hit the link below.

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Jez Corden
Managing Editor

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  • Have they announced when any of these builds may reach the other two rings? Those rings are still on the old interface, correct?
  • That's right, not sure about those, but it shouldn't be long. They haven't said anything yet.
  • Hey Jez, qq, how can i tell what ring I'm on? Haven't received new build for a while so I'm guessing not Alpha or even Beta possibly. Thanks in advance.
  • Go to the Xbox Insider Hub app and then go to Insider Content (I think, not at my Xbox right now) and i'tll tell you what previews you can join. Mine is bugged atm, stuck at (Pending) in the Beta ring, so I can't even check which screen it is to swap.
  • Thanks Jez.... Think mine is bugged too atm. I checked there when the rings were announced but all i saw was pending. I'll keep checking.
  • Mine had said pending for awhile and this morning was the first time it showed "Manage" instead. I clicked there and it gave me the option to choose between preview rings 3 or 4, or i could disenroll. but i had been checking that regularly and it said pending for a really long time.
  • Thanks for that info... I'll check mine later and see what i get.
  • I have to wonder. Do they do the weird fonts on purpose?
  • Yeah, those are really annoying and seem like a pretty obvious thing to spot and fix :/
  • Two reasons: identify parts that have not been translated in your language yet, and potentially identify screenshots taken from an Insider build (not sure for that one). This is not a font issue, it's a metalanguage, sort of. Still looking like English or it would be unusable ^_^
  • I got an update sometime last night on alpha ;)
  • It's funny because somehow I got shifted to the Alpha ring for being an active Xbox Insider, and I had no idea what it was until just last week. Turns out I'm now an elitist and coveted after Alpha user, and I didn't even know it! I'm awesome! Haha ;)
  • Achievement doesn't unlock offline hope this new update fix it
  • Achievement doesn't unlock offline hope this new update fix it
  • Im looking forward to testing out the new update section and the "You can now control the transparency level and number of achievements in the achievement tracker." was already there in the last BETA build.
  • I haven't gotten a preview update since last year... Hate the new program.
  • How do we know which ring we are in?
  • That video does not impress me as fast. If my phone took that long to redraw icons every time I scrolled, I would return it.
  • Hey guys, I recently ordered an Xbox 🎮 and I'm currently waiting until it reaches Jamaica. Any tips for me as a first time Xbox user?
  • Get GOLD and download all the free games every month. Worth every penny just for that.
  • How much is Gold? And does it cover the fee for playing multiplayer?
  • Fees depend on your country (as usual) and are "officially" around 60$ per year (60€ in Europe... And probably much more in Australia), but you can get gold cheaper on ebay or Amazon (around 45$ without digging too far). I also did pay only 1€ each for the last two months thanks to special offers, and you'll get 14 days free with your Xbox anyway.
    That being said, welcome to the awesome world of pure entertainment with the best console ever ;-)
  • Oh and yeah, it covers multiplayer.
    By the way, free games are frequently really good games (Tomb Raider, Sleeping Dogs, The Crew...), not to compare with what the "others" do offer...
  • Ok thanks. Can't wait for it to get here, but I'll definitely check that out.
  • Mine is incoming as of 11:26 AM EDT
  • Anyone besides me stuck at 82% during the update? If it stays this way for too long I might have to reset my system.