Latest ProShot update has additional Lumia resolution options and more

ProShot, the impressive and very popular Windows Phone camera app, already got a pretty massive update a couple of weeks ago but today it received yet another upgrade, with a number of new features.

The new 5.1 version of the app has the following additions, improvements and bug fixes listed in its change log:

  • Added support for HTC 8XT devices
  • added more resolution options for Lumia 1020, 1520, ICON, and 930 devices (without needing dual capture)
  • added finer control to contrast / saturation sliders
  • increased max zoom to 7X
  • UI tweaks
  • improved UX when switching resolutions and aspect ratios, menu no longer closes
  • fixed HDR bug on Lumia 1020 and Samsung devices
  • improved stability and exposure compensation control on Samsung devices
  • improved some translations
  • a lot of other bug fixes

You can download the new version of ProShot for $1.99 right now in the Windows Phone Store.

QR: ProShot

John Callaham
  • I prefer the Nokia camera app
  • +925
  • +720, I hope it will be better with cyan
  • That's great, do you have anything to say on topic?
  • I should prolly sign Hit-Boy cause I got all the hits, boy.
  • how is that off topic?
  • +920 but still in Beta !
  • Are you saying that because you've used ProShot or just feel like being off topic?
  • The topic is the software... ergo... not off topic...
  • One of the best apps.
  • and has the worst UI (imo)
  • agreed th UI leaves much to be desired, the app is quite good though..
  • Nokia camera beta nothing else! Its pointless k rant done! :)
  • If you pour your heart and soul into an app, and only charge a pittance for it, I hope no one takes the time to say something like this about your hard work.
  • What are the new resolutions? I cant download it right now. Are they higher than before?
  • They are the same as before, (8, 10, 12MP) on the Lumia 1020, except that now you don't need to do dual capture (10+38MP for example) to access them.  I'm still at the testing stage for even higher resolutions, although I can say the difference between 12MP and 14MP on the Lumia 1020 is almost negligible, and surprisingly enough, the resolution increase from 14MP to 41MP isn't that great either (I think the 1020's full resolution capabilities are limited by optics). At any rate, a 12MP timelapse could offer some interesting zoom possibilities ;)
  • I just wanted to say thanks for such a great app. I've had the HTC 8X until today - picked up the 1020 with camera grip cheap. I always get comments on how good and clear my photos are, and can't wait to put the app to use on the 1020. I'm going to a bunch of gigs and concerts over the next few weeks - would love some setting suggestions. I have a pretty good idea, but always good to get another opinion.
  • For concerts, I usually just keep the settings on auto and let the camera do its thing. I'll first take a test shot of the stage to see if the camera is over-exposing, and adjust the exposure compensation dial accordingly. The constantly shifting brightness conditions of a concert sometimes makes choosing specific settings difficult, but if I were close enough to the stage to capture the performers, I'd probably choose a shutter speed around 1/60. This will allow the performers expressions to be captured, while still getting a little bit of that motion blur of their movments, which will really make the photo shine. If I'm shooting dancers, on the other hand (hip hop, bboy, etc.), I usually stick with a shutter speed of 1/160. Their bodies are moving faster than musicians and you need to up the shutter speed to capture that without too much blur (but keeping just a little). I'm no expert photographer, but these are just the settings I like to use. If anything, I'm most meticulous about how I capture motion in my photography, so I'm always playing with shutter speed. Hope some of this helps! Edit: don't forget about burst mode! It's not high res, but it'd be great for when you're close to the stage. You may just capture that "perfect" moment.
  • Great, thanks for the tips :)
  • Will this ever get opened with the shutter button?
  • I'm trying to get us there: And not just for ProShot. I think every camera app deserves this function :) 
  • Threw 3 of my votes on it.
  • Voted
  • Love your app!. Use to only use Nokia camera Beta but after sticking with ProShot long enough to get use to it it is my favorite. Its faster to shoot, faster recovery to re-shoot, faster and easier to change settings on the fly (for me anyway) and I am generally more satisfied with my shots. I only wish I had faster access to shoot video, but I don't switch that much. Once it can be the default from button press I will be a happy camper with it.
  • I didn't notice any different resolutions on my 1520
  • The higher resolutions can now be accessed without dual capture (like 8+20MP). The highest resultion ProShot goes on the 1520 is 8MP, but I'm working on making it go higher :)
  • Awesome!
  • Can we have a shutter UI? Like iOS? So cool #iPhoneEnvy
  • You mean image stacking?   ...maybe ;)
  • If this opens with camera button, this will be my default camera app...
  • Go into phone settings, and then camera and pictures by swiping one time. There is an option to select default camera app.
  • ProShot isn't an option. It's really the only flaw.
  • Which doesn't work on anything other than Nokia devices ;-)
  • All it needs is DNG support and I'm 100% sold. Microsoft and the Nokia team need to learn from this app. Even the animations are awesome. Plus a field guide!
  • Yes, dng support would ne awesome... I send an email for the dev and he explained why the app doesn't have the raw support. Nokia doesn't released the API for raw.
  • Is there a limitation in the API regarding dng and full resolution support?
  • Yeah, Nokia hasn't made the API public. I've actually been asking Microsoft to add this to their camera API since December 2012. I got pretty high up in the email chain, and spoke with some big people on the WP team, but then the trail went cold :/
  • I see, that's unfortunate. Maybe special arrangements can be made for you, considering how highly regarded your app is. Thanks for responding so much in this thread!
  • This app keeps getting better and better. The only thing I need is to be able to set it as my default camera app. I like the new UI, I'd much easier to change settings on the fly.
  • I have actually fallen hard for this app since the big update! UI takes some getting use to, but it has so many features Nokia and others lack! The only thing it is missing is the Raw support but that is not the fault of the developer... People , if you have not tried it you should at least give it a couple day trial, you will not be dissappointed 
  • I'll give it a try and if I like it more than Nokia camera then I'll buy it ;)
  • Which is better .. Nokia camera or nokia camera beta .. ?? -proud owner of a LUMIA 925
  • Updated and messed with a few of the settings, crashed out, and now it won't open anymore. Ideas?  
  • Oh no! Please accept my apolgoies. Which device are you using?  I've worked really hard to eliminate these types of bugs. Did you get any error messages?
  • Thanks for the reply. Im using the 1020. Restarted the phone but the app still opens, blinks a few times, then crashes.
  • That is really strange...I have two 1020s and I've never seen that error. Is your camera roll empty, btw?  That's a bug I'm working on now. If nothing else works, trying re-installing the app and everything should go back to normal: I'm sorry for the error... I'll keep an eye out for it
  • Thanks again, reinstalled and now everything seems to be working fine.
  • Will the new night shot algorithms from the cyan update work with ProShot without an update or will it have to be updated to make use of them?
  • From my understanding, all of the algorithms are baked into the firmware, so ProShot will be enjoying all of the benefits without needing an update :)
  • Hey, Love the App. ive never really been into photography aside from taking random pics. then i got an iphone 5 and thought "Hey! this takes decent pics" then i got my new lumia 1020 and thought "holy fuck, this rocks" add to that the "Proshot" app and god damn you can take some sexy photos. my question is, do you guys edit your proshot photos on the phone at all? if so which app do you use? ive tried the nokia creative one and i hate the way its set-up and the UI etc. ESPECIALLY how when you open up the app and it shows "Latest" and its got random pictures on it none of which i just took with proshot unless i select "photos" in bottom left. i know its only one button to hit but it still bugs me. Question to developer is regarding storage of the photos after. i dont know if this is on your end or MS's but i find it frustrating how all my photos seem so spread out and not all nicely placed into one common folder when im done taking my shots. its hard to explain but just the way the photos are placed in different folders and all that, i actually think maybe its a nokia thing? second, can you change the DPI for photos? as in can i shoot at photo at 300 dpi instead of 72 or is that something i have to do in editing software? Where are my high res pictures? i know i have to plug my phone in and once i do i go to my phones location open up camera roll and theres still no high res pictures in there. only the normal ones and even those are hardly even a MB, let alone the 8mb shots im allowing for standard. All in all, great app! more than happy paying the $2 for it. i just wish things were a little cleaner and more organized with the phone and pictures in general.
  • Love the app when i can keep it from crashing on a lumia 830...